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  • Is Your Dog Scared of Fireworks Night? Tips for Peaceful Pets on Bonfire Night

    November 5th is a date that’s dreaded by many pet owners. While other people are outside enjoying the fireworks you end up desperately trying to comfort distressed pets. It’s gotten worse in recent years as fireworks get set off for a week around Bonfire Night! We’ve compiled some advice on how to keep your dog or cat happy during Fireworks Night. Including how to use aromatherapy to calm you both down!

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  • Help our friends at Oakwood Dog Rescue

    Oakwood Dog Rescue was set up by Gill Williams; founder of Oakwood Canine Services in 2009, initially to support clients who could no longer take care of their dogs for whatever reason. The not for profit organisation has since grown, and now rescues dogs from across the UK. Based in Hull on Sutton Fields, near Kingswood. Gill is now assisted by a great team who day in day out, work tirelessly to take in, assess and re-home as many dogs as possible. Continue reading

  • The multi-functional uses of cooling gel pads – you need them in your life!

    The wonderful answer to the discomfort of overheating

    cooling gel pads sizesThe feeling of being too hot in bed is one of those uncomfortable feelings we all know and hate. A bad night’s sleep always spoils the day ahead as you struggle to stay awake. But the solution is simple! The beauty of the cooling gel pads is that you can use them for almost anything! Continue reading

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