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  • A Guide to Drug-Free Pain Relief

    Pain- it’s a fact of life. It can strike at anytime and anywhere on the body, sometimes it’s a short, sharp burst that is gone within a couple of minutes, but it can also last for days, week or even years. There is little that can be done to stop pain ever occurring but there is a lot we can do to manage it so that your quality of life doesn’t have to suffer. Continue reading

  • Need help to relieve back pain?

    A sore and stiff back will affect just about everyone as some point in our lives, in fact the number is as high as 8 out of 10 people. Your back holds your whole body up right and only really ever gets a rest when you lay down, all this work it gets through eventually takes its toll on your back. Many people just accept that they will be a victim of back pain for the rest of their life so accept medication as their only option. However medications can have nasty side effects on your health so relying on them isn’t a reccomended, but what else can you do? Continue reading

  • The Health Benefits of Yoga

    Thinking of trying yoga? This form of exercise has grown more and more popular over the last couple of decades. It originated in India over 5000 years ago as a form of spiritual practise, but has become popular in modern Western culture due to its many health benefits. If you’d like to give it a go but aren’t sure how to get started then read our guide! Continue reading

  • Get a Happier, Healthier Body! Your Guide to The Franklin Method

    Does something feel not quite right with your body, no matter what you try? Even with a healthy, active lifestyle many of us suffer from aches, pains, poor posture and stress. The Franklin Method is a unique way of thinking about your body that transforms how you move, think and feel. We want to bring this Swiss way of living to the UK!

    Continue reading

  • The Unexpected Health Benefits of Good Posture

    We’re all guilty of slouching every so often, but did you know it doesn’t just cause back pain? There are a whole host of physical and mental symptoms that can be traced back to poor posture. From high blood pressure and constipation to depression! We’ve put together some tips on how you can improve your posture and be healthier, happier and more attractive!

    Continue reading

  • Are You Damaging Your Back? - Dangerously Common Back Pain Myths Debunked

    Back pain is a huge problem – it’s the leading cause of disability worldwide. Around 8 out of 10 people in the UK suffer from it at some point. This causes over 4 million days off work taken per year! Despite how common it is, there are still a lot of myths about the causes and cures of back pain. These misconceptions lead to a lot of unnecessary pain! To support Back Care Awareness Week we wanted to share the most common misunderstandings to help you avoid back pain.

    Continue reading

  • Carers - Are You At Risk of Back Pain?

    This year’s Back Care Awareness week aims to highlight how back pain affects carers. Britain has over 7 million carers who look after loved ones for free, saving the NHS £119 billion a year! Caring for someone who is ill or infirm puts a huge strain on you, mentally and physically. This includes a much higher risk of back pain than the general population. Many of our best customers are carers for someone they love. If this is you we’d like to celebrate Back Care Awareness by giving you some tips on how to care for yourself as well as others.

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