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Help Your Spring Garden Bloom Better with these 5 Gardening Tips

Help Your Spring Garden Bloom Better with these 5 Gardening Tips
6 March 2017 290 view(s)

Help Your Spring Garden Bloom Better with these 5 Gardening Tips

Transitioning from a winter garden to a spring garden is simple with our gardening advice. Find out how to create perfect plants for the new season with our spring gardening tips!

intimate flora1 Get a head start on weeds

As the weather starts thawing off you’ll notice the first signs of weeds. It’s important to stay on top of these pesky plants while avoiding compacting the soil. The best way to do this is to wait until the ground has dried out a bit. If you need to walk on your lawn to weed, place planks on top of it to avoid placing too much pressure on wet ground. To avoid having to kneel on muddy grass, use the Ideaworks No Bend Weed Remover. It makes it easy to remove weeds without bending or struggling, making way for new spring plants.

2 Do a bit of first aid

Check for damage from winter winds by repairing any broken stakes and retying any tree ties. Have a good look at your tress, removing damaged branches. It’s also a good idea to take a look at your fences and gates – try to get all those little jobs you’ve been putting off done so that you can focus on your plants when they start blooming!

3 Clean your garden furniture

If you’ve left your garden furniture out over the winter, then it’s probably looking a little worse for wear. Snow, frost, ice and rain will leave it looking mucky and uninviting. Get ready for those Spring garden parties by giving all your chairs and tables a good scrub! To properly clean plastic garden furniture, try Garden Genie Garden Furniture Cleaner. Just spray it on and it will remove mud, grass stains and bird poo, leaving your chairs looking good as new.

4 Get your seeds in order

You can have a lot of fun planning for the year ahead – why not draw up a plan and have a go at landscaping? Sort out which plants you want where and take a trip to the garden centre to buy this summer’s bulbs and seeds. Some plants that need a longer season need to be sown now; get started with gladioli, lilies, potatoes and asparagus this month. copd symptoms

5 Don’t forget paths and patios!

Damp winter weather leaves paths looking dull, uneven and mossy. This will seriously impair the look of your garden – even with this most beautiful flowers and plants, if your paths are looking grubby it will spoil the effect! By applying Garden Genie Path & Patio Cleaner you can remove moss, algae and dirt with no scrubbing needed. It will also provide year-round protection against regrowth!

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