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Seasonal Allergies- How to Combat Them

Seasonal Allergies- How to Combat Them
7 August 2017 293 view(s)

Seasonal Allergies- How to Combat Them

Ah spring, the birds are beginning to sing, there is beautiful pollen on the trees, the sky is turning blue. Everything seems just a bit better in the world but no sooner has spring arrived than your season allergies do too and in a flash the “ah” becomes “ah-choo”. Going outdoors between spring and autumn becomes more of a punishment rather than a pleasure. Below are some top tips on how you can reduce the effects of your allergies.

Know Your Triggers

In the spring it’s tree pollen, move on to summer and it is grass pollen in summer and then the weeds during autumn- if you know your triggers then you can be sure when you need to take preventative action. You should always check the pollen count before going out so you know what you need to do before you leave, check out the Met Office website for all the up to date levels. Instead of trying to combat the effects that the pollen it is better to take preventative measures to stop as much of the pollen getting to you as possible.

Clean Your Nose

One of the main ways pollen gets into your body is through your nose but our noses can, it gets trapped inside our nasal passage which can cause you constant irritation. If you use a saline solution it will cleanse the nasal passage relieving you from the effects of the pollen. Fridababy Nasal Spray will do the job you need, although designed from bunged up babies it is perfect for cleaning your nose.

Dust Mites and Mould Love Summer Too

Both mould and dust mites love the humidity and warmth that comes during the summer months, 21 degrees up and humidity above 50% is the perfect conditions for them to grow and multiply. A Hygrometer will allow you to monitor both the temperature and humidity so you can inhibit mould and dust mite growth. The ideal humidity is between 40% and 45%, to get to this level a dehumidifier is what you need, get one here. It’s bad enough when you have to deal with allergens from outside so don’t encourage more problems within your home.

Anti-Allergy Beddingchange bedding

The fibres inside your bedding acts like a trap for allergens and dust mites. This can lead to disturbed sleep which can make the effects seem a million times worse. Boo Living Bamboo bedding actively repels dust mites and is anti-allergy. Swapping your bedding can mean you wake up feeling fresh and ready to take on the day.

Remove Allergens from the Air

The best way to protect yourself from allergens is to completely remove them from the air around you, a HEPA filter pulls in the air in a room and traps the particles that are floating around and feeds fresh clean air back into the room. One FitAir air purifier can eliminate 99% of airborne pollutants in just 30 minutes and have the perfect purifiers for every room in the house and even have a clip on purifier that you can take wherever you need one fitair effieciency

Cute but Irritating

However much your big fluffy dog their fur can be extremely irritating, as well as been an allergen pet dander traps pollen making it twice the problem. Regularly grooming and bathing your pets will reduce the amount of dander that can trap other allergens. Pet Power Waterless Dog Shampoo is an easy alternative to having to fully bath your dog.

Wash Your Hair

You may want to wash your hair more regularly during the summer as like your pet, your hair also traps lots of pollen which can irritate

Wearing Sunglasses

It is really simple and easy to do but if you get red and irritated eyes because of pollen then putting on a pair of sunglasses puts a barrier over your eyes which limits the amount of pollen that can get into your eyes.

Wear a Face Mask

If you are out doing some gardening wear a face mask, like sunglasses it will for a barrier which will stop you breathing in as much pollen through your nose which causes you the irritation.

Exercise Early in the Morning or Late at Night

If you want to make the most of the weather and takeyour exercise outside then it is best to do it early in the morning or later in the evening as this is when the pollen count tends to be at its lowest.

Take Antihistamine

The most simple and obvious one yet but remember to take your medication, all the other tips are ways to reduce the allergens that surround you but none of them are perfect, antihistamine is your last line of defence to protect you. The summer months should be a time you can get out and enjoy the rare fine weather we get in this country, not a time you have to avoid leaving your home unless absolutely necessary. By following these easy tips you can hopefully make sure you have an enjoyable summer.