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The Creepy Natural Skincare Ingredient You Won't Believe!

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The Creepy Natural Skincare Ingredient You Won't Believe!
By StressNoMore 20 October 2016 151 Views
At StressNoMore we’re always on the lookout for the latest innovations in natural skincare. Over the years we’ve championed natural ingredients like green tea, honey and rosehip oil, all with a great response. Now we’ve got a new innovation to show you, fresh from the skincare mecca that is Korea. Korean skincare is really trending at the moment as their brands are so great at blending new, exciting ingredients. Our latest discovery is certainly innovative - you'll be amazed at what it is!

snail secretion filtrate - a natural skincare ingredientAnd the magic ingredient is… snail secretion filtrate!

Yes, the ones you find in your garden! You may feel squeamish about the idea of letting a snail crawl all over your face. Luckily the Bio Essence Bio Energy skincare range filters it into a nourishing set of creams and cleansers.

But why???

Why on earth would you think slime is a good thing to put on your skin? Well, the story starts in Chile. Workers on a snail farm that had been set up to export snails to Europe for use in restaurants found that their hands were beautifully soft! Any cuts or injuries the workers had healed quickly, leaving almost no scarring. The owner’s son was studying medicine so he decided to find out why this was happening. It turns out that snail slime is incredibly hydrating. Think of how a snail is able to regrow its shell after it loses it. This is because the snail's slime is able to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and fibroblasts. The skincare enthusiasts among you will know that these are the key elements your body needs to repair and protect skin. This means that when snail slime is used on your skin it will reduce wrinkles, protect against aging and help to heal scars quickly and effectively. natural skincare from Bio EnergySnail secretion filtrate, or snail mucin, is hugely popular in Korea and Japan. Snail slime is also used in several Western skincare ranges not mentioned on the packaging so that you won’t get creeped out! However, the texture and feel of snail skincare is actually lovely and rich. The cream feels ultra-luxurious going on your skin and you will be amazed at how perfectly moisturised it leaves you!

Still feeling squeamish? Have a look at the beautiful Bio Energy natural skincare range

We stock the full range of Bio Essence Bio Energy products – featuring everything you need for a full natural skincare routine. The Bio Essence Bio Energy Snail Repair Foamy Cleanser will remove impurities and excess oil from your skin to reduce blemishes. Follow it up with Bio Essence Bio Energy Snail Repair Serum to tone and refine, then apply the Bio Essence Bio Energy Snail Repair & Smooth Cream for a moisturised and glowing finish! If you want a bit of extra pampering, the Bio Essence Bio Energy Snail Secretion Repair Mask will give your complexion an extra boost that’s a great way to prepare for a big night out.
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