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Mother's Day Gift Inspiration: Create Your Own Home Spa

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Mother's Day Gift Inspiration: Create Your Own Home Spa
By StressNoMore 1 March 2013 103 Views
Spa days are a popular gift for Mother's Day; the perfect way for your mum to relax is to indulge in some gorgeous beauty treatments and feel cleansed and beautified. It's a treat that no mother would turn down, but sometimes it's better to give your mum a gift that's a little more personal. So why not create your own home spa? Not only will you and your mum get some quality time together, you can also invest in some gorgeous treatments and make home spa days a regular event. Style gurus Elle have teamed up with electronics manufacturer Beurer to create a range of home beauty gadgets and we just love them. We think you, and your mum, will love them too.Home spa Mother's day There's nothing more relaxing that a nice session in the sauna, and nothing better than warm steam to clear and hydrate your skin. Professional beauty salons often sit their clients in front of a facial sauna before beauty treatments to open pores and clear away dirt and grease to make the treatment more effective.  You can do the same and make your home spa a little more professional with Elle's Ionic Facial Sauna. The ionising technology in this Facial Sauna creates an extra fine mist which makes it easier for the water particles to penetrate deeply into the skin. Treat your mum to some sauna time and she'll have a fresh, dewy complexion and skin prepped and primed for an indulgent face-mask. Once you've prepared the skin you're ready get rid of any pesky blemishes with blue light therapy. If you think that sounds like a posh professional treatment you'd be right, but Elle have created the Pureo Skin Clear Pen which allows you to enjoy the benefits of blue light therapy at home. It kills bacteria, encourages healing and banishes blemishes within 24 hours, leaving behind perfectly smooth and clear skin. It's a perfect posh treatment for your mum, but also just a brilliant little gadget to keep on your dressing table or in your handbag to blitz blemishes whenever you see them. Once your mum's got beautiful skin it's time for a manicure. If there's one thing that can help anyone to feel glamorous its having gorgeously painted nails, but most mums will know that a manicure doesn't last five minutes when you're on the go and juggling kids and work. There is a solution; gel nail polishes are specially formulated to set under UV light and last for weeks without chipping or peeling. The UV Nail Dryer by Elle is a fantastic investment; it can set gels within 2 minutes when in UV mode, but it also has a powerful fan to dry traditional nail polishes too. Set up a nail bar at home and treat mum to a posh gel manicure that will last her weeks. So, you've got your home treatments sorted, all you need now is some champagne and a few scented candles and you'll be ready to open up an indulgent home spa in your own living room. It'll be a Mother's Day treat your mum won't forget, and you'll get to enjoy some new beauty gadgets too.

Beauty gadgets and treatments from Elle by Beurer