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Living Aids - Make Life Easier

Living Aids - Make Life Easier
1 January 2013 218 view(s)

Living Aids - Make Life Easier

StressNoMore is proud to present our new Living Aids department! We've hand-picked some great products which help to make life that little bit easier, particularly for those with limited mobility or on-going illnesses for whom everyday life is not as easy as it could be. The Outdoor Step is simple but so effective. People with arthritic knees or hips have difficulty taking large steps up, so this handy platform gives that much-needed boost. Similarly, we have the Bath Step, a slip resistant aid for stepping in and out of the bath or shower without worrying about falling.

A selection of products from our new Living Aids sectionSomething as simple as showering can be difficult when you're not completely mobile, particularly if you feel unsteady on your feet and are worried of slipping on the wet surface. The Swivel Shower Stool allows you to sit in the shower and turn 360 degrees so that you don't have to twist and strain your back. If you have limited movement in your shoulders and arms, perhaps as a result of frozen shoulder or a similar condition, you might find the Roll a Lotion Applicator handy; fill it with shower gel and the long handle allows you to wash your back, legs and feet with ease.

Another product for the bathroom is the Toilet Safety Support which allows you to sit down and get up from the toilet with ease, brilliant for anybody with knee problems. We also have the Re-Lax Toilet Stool, a simple but ingenious stool that helps to put your body in the natural squatting position, which helps to prevent haemorrhoids and constipation. Bad backs, arthritis and painful knees are all annoying little niggles that can make something as easy as putting your socks on so much harder; the Easy Pull-On Socks & Tights Device eliminates this problem. Equally handy is the Drying & Styling Stand, literally a helping hand when you're drying your hair or your nails. With limited mobility it can also be difficult to cook, so the Cool Touch Microwave Bowl allows you to enjoy hot meals without worrying about burns or spills. Obviously if it's a medical problem that makes living aids essential, you have to make sure to keep up with your treatment, whether that's physiotherapy or medication. Use the Daily Pill Organiser so that you remember to take your pills at the right time each day and carry them out and about with you wherever you go. If you're suffering from persistent aches and pains the Hot & Cold Therapy Vest provides welcome relief and comfort. We hope the living aids we have to offer give you a little helping hand around the home. Often it's the simplest things that offer the best solutions and make things that little bit more manageable.