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Have little leaks and aunt flow got your knickers in a twist?

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Have little leaks and aunt flow got your knickers in a twist?
By StressNoMore 21 July 2014 111 Views

Ever felt uncomfortable wearing a pad? Have you chosen big bloomers over your sexy smalls for fear of ruin? What if there was a way to be sexy, comfortable and protected with luxurious breathable cotton? That is exactly what the Dear Kate range offers, available at and with a 10% discount for a limited time only!

Ladies, we all understand how each other feel about the unspoken usual suspects: discharge, menstruation and those dribbly little leaks when we laugh or sneeze. Most of us will suit up with a pantiliner and uncomfortably continue with the day, but for some even this is not an option.

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The Dear Kate range offers unrivalled comfort with patent-pending fabric. It has wicking (layers of fabric) to give you freedom in your day while feeling dry. Stain releasing to enable you to keep your beautiful underwear beautiful, no matter what. And they are leak-resistant, so you can keep your eye on the ball and play the game without worry.

For the added personal touch, you can choose between full or mini protective lining. Mini lining is perfect for everyday and the ‘just-in-case’ moment. It covers the most high-risk part of your underwear, giving you confidence for the unknown. Full lining offers complete protection, from front to back. This is great for overnight protection, or ‘just-to-be-sure’ at your workout when it is that time of the month.

Made for women, by women; each of the Dear Kate range has been inspired by a female role model. When you are wearing your fantastic Dear Kate Ella Brief with Full Lining, you are wearing protection inspired by jazz queen Ella Fitzgerald. Dear Kate describes Ella as ‘one of the greatest vocalists of all time,’ admiring her ambition, fearlessness and incredible voice over a 58-year long career.


h-or-bAt StressNoMore you can get your favourite brief or hipster styles. You have a choice of wide sides, and full back coverage with the hipster, or sitting just below the belly button and full back coverage with the brief.

Do you have a regal size derriere and want the same level of protection? Dear Kate has got you covered with the Queen size. The same great style, protection and comfort for curvaceous ladies size 20 and above.

Want your own drawer of Dear Kates? Now is the perfect time with 10% off with code ‘KATE10’ until midnight on Monday, 28 July!

What is your favourite feature of Dear Kates? We would love to know in the comments below!

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