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Get rid of your Winter Blues by entering our competition to win 1 of 3 Beurer IL11 Infrared Lamps

Get rid of your Winter Blues by entering our competition to win 1 of 3 Beurer IL11 Infrared Lamps

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With autumn in full swing sometimes it can be a little sad to see the leaves dropping from the trees because you know there’s no hope of clinging onto the last of those glorious summer months. With the winter comes along a number of other things we don’t enjoy such as colds, flu and other common aches and pains such as muscle soreness and ailments can often seem worse. When you aren’t feeling your best; taking medication doesn’t always provide relief that is quick and effective and sometimes you may feel that taking medication that you can purchase over the counter is becoming pointless. Did you know that when we haven’t had enough infrared light, our bodies become tired and we can fall unwell? This is one of the reasons we often feel healthier and fuller of life in the summer. competition giveaway  

Winning a Beurer IL11 Infrared Lamp can help you through the winter

The Beurer IL11 can help by improving blood flow to help you get back on your feet. The Infrared lamp helps to open your capillaries by transferring infrared heat to where your pain is; the heat that gently penetrates your skin will help to encourage healthy blood flow and administer in the process of removing unwanted toxins from your body, naturally. This procedure will then encourage any tissue that is damaged to heal. The infrared light therapy is beneficial and effective in reducing tension or stiffness in your joints and supports their flexibility. A healthy blood circulation is required to make sure that your body receives the oxygen and the nutrients needed to promote a natural healing process. The Beurer IL11 infrared heat lamp helps you to avoid inflammation and reduces pain to any joints affected by providing a speedy recovery. Using your Infrared lamp is a fantastic alternative to medicinal pain relief. This competition will be running until Midnight Monday 12th - if you're feeling lucky, give it a whirl! Enter now and you could win yourself 1 of 3 Beurer IL11 Infrared Lamps worth £19.99! To have a chance at winning our competition to bag yourself an amazing Beurer IL11 Infrared Lamp, here’s what you have to do:


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5 October 2015
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