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StressNoMore's Father's Day Gift Ideas

StressNoMore's Father's Day Gift Ideas
18 June 2015 221 view(s)

StressNoMore's Father's Day Gift Ideas

If you’re like me; Mother’s Day is a piece of cake to find presents for; flowers, chocolates, bath gifts etc. But when it comes to Father’s Day, I am stumped – every year! There’s only a certain amount of socks you can give to the old man every year! So I’ve collated a few Father’s Day gift ideas that are perfect for your Pops – if you’re struggling to find one that is! Here are some of my personal favourites: First and foremost; if your dad is like mine - sitting on his royal throne is something he does daily! Either reading a book or playing Tetris on his phone whilst sat on his throne, it’s a hobby. However, it is not so pleasant for us.

So why don’t you introduce him to Poo-Pourri and give him a bottle of the Royal Flush; the before-you-go toilet spray creates a protective barrier of essential oils so when he’s finished doing his business on his royal throne, as soon as he flushes the toilet – there’s no nasty odours! When the chain is pulled the barrier fills the air with a delightful fragrance. It’s a blend of eucalyptus and spearmint; a more preferred masculine scent to leave behind!

93095 Whilst we’re discussing bathroom issues; you must’ve heard that sitting down on the toilet to go for a number 2 actually causes more harm to your body. Our bodies were anatomically designed for us to squat for perfect poop elimination - honest! There’s a bunch of scientific evidence to prove it. So why not this Father’s Day give him a Squatty Potty; so at least he can enjoy his bathroom hobby healthily! 92308 Okay – so this may only apply to my old man. But if your dad is a terrible trumper (yep we’re on farts now!) then, these pants may be a life saver; for you and the family. Shreddies Flatulence Filtering Underwear – yes they are a thing- look like regular boxer shorts, but they have a secret weapon (no it’s not James Bond), it’s activated carbon filtering. So when Dad lets one rip, these pants will neutralise the odour and voila – no smells!

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There’s so much more too! Why not think outside the box! You love your father, so why not take more interest in looking after his health! Did you know that heart disease and high blood pressure is more common in men than women? We have a vast range of heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors and test kits to ensure your Dad is fighting fit. The weather is getting brighter and sunnier; is the old man outside in the garden tending to his flowers but forever complaining about pests such as snails, rodents or the next door neighbour’s cat leaving a gift for him every morning? Yep – we’ve got the perfect Father’s Day gifts for him if that’s the case! Say goodbye to snails with our Bug Tools and good riddance to the cat with the help of US Patrol!

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Does Dad often hold a lot of BBQ’s in summer but is often left at the BBQ missing out on all the fun and sports? Give him a Well Done Social Grill, so he can put his feet up and up to 6 people can give him a helping hand and cook their own food to their liking – he won’t have to worry about overcooking anyone’s steak anymore! 10034

No more stressing over Father's Day EVER again! And there's so much more!

To those who are new, old and those who are no longer with us: we will always love you no matter what.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.