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The Dry January Challenge: 10 Startling Reasons You Should Stop Drinking Now

The Dry January Challenge: 10 Startling Reasons You Should Stop Drinking Now
19 December 2016 563 view(s)

The Dry January Challenge: 10 Startling Reasons You Should Stop Drinking Now

Dry January is Alcohol Concern’s yearly challenge to you – sober up for a month to see what giving up alcohol can do for you and your health. With advice on alcohol changing all the time it’s hard to tell whether it’s actually that bad for you. We’ve put together a list of the real facts on the benefits of not drinking that will convince you to give it a go for the month. Read on to see how staying sober could transform your looks, health and happiness!

10 Dry January Benefits

Weight Loss

People don’t tend to think about the calories in alcohol, but they really add up! Beer is generally the worst offender with a pint containing around 215; the same as a bag of crisps. Even the ‘light’ options add up, as a shot of vodka or gin has almost 100 calories in it. This means a night out can end up being the equivalent of 1 or 2 extra full meals; especially if you stop at the takeaway on the way home!

A Healthier Diet

You don’t need to do a full lifestyle overhaul to feel the health effects of sobriety. Drinking alcohol stops your body from fully absorbing the vitamins, minerals and nutrients from the food you’ve eaten that day. So even if you think you’ve ‘earned’ a few drinks by eating a salad for lunch, by drinking you are getting rid of any benefits from the healthy food you’ve eaten. Sobering up will help your body get what it need to stay healthy. superfood

Better Sleep

Contrary to what people believe about ‘night caps’, drinking has a negative effect on your sleep. After you’ve had a few you may find it easier to drift off, but the actual quality of your sleep is far lower. This is because alcohol disrupts your Slow Wave and REM sleep; the two most beneficial kinds. By kicking the booze you will wake up feeling truly rested each morning.

No More Hangovers

Speaking of feeling rested, how great would it feel to never have a hangover again? As we get older, our body loses its ability to process alcohol as quickly. This leads to hangovers that feel worse and worse as time goes on. Giving up booze, even for a short while, may make you re-evaluate whether a few hours of fun is really worth feeling dreadful for a whole day afterwards!

Clearer Thinking

Alcohol has a really bad effect on your memory and other brain functions – and not just while you’re drunk! Research has shown that a heavy night of drinking will make it difficult for you to think and process information properly for up to three days. Scary stuff! If you’ve ever struggled to remember what you got up to the night before you’ll know the effect of alcohol on your memory. Is there much point in having a big night out with your friends if you have no fond memories of it the next day?

immunityLess Illness

Drinking regularly effects your immune system and makes it much more difficult for your body to fight off colds and illness. Just one night of drinking will deplete your defences for several days afterwards. This is due to the effect it has on your ability to absorb vital vitamins and minerals; it also stops your body from producing as many white blood cells, which are the main way your body fights germs. Not good news in January when so many colds are going around! To stay fighting fit during the winter months it’s a good idea to cut down on alcohol.

Better Sex

Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and makes you feel more confident, so you may be confused at the idea that it could actually have a negative effect on your sex life. However, any men reading this may be familiar with alcohol’s tendency to cause erectile dysfunction. Not only that - as alcohol dulls the sensitivity of your nerve endings you will get less enjoyment from any frisky business and may both end up feeling disappointed!

Radiant Skin

Every woken up with a red, blotchy face the morning after a party? Alcohol causes the blood vessels in your face to dilate, which is what causes this redness; sometimes for days! This also causes puffiness as fluid from these vessels pools in parts of your face. You may also experience dryness and dullness from the dehydration, followed by breakouts as your skin tries to rebalance itself by producing too much oil. Just a few days off the sauce will have people wondering what work you’ve had done! SAD

A Happier Mood

Contrary to the initial fun effects of alcohol, it’s actually a depressant. Heavy drinking interrupts the neurotransmitters in your brain and lowers your levels of serotonin – the hormone that makes you happy. This is the same thing that causes clinical depression! This can cause a vicious cycle as you reach for a drink to try and cheer yourself up. Giving up drink often comes with a huge reduction in mood swings and a brighter outlook on life.

Less Long Term Risks

Giving up alcohol for a month can decrease the fat in your liver by up to 15%, massively reducing your risk of liver cancer and helping you feel healthier and more alert. It will also lower your blood pressure, reducing your risk of heart disease and strokes. Alcohol is a factor in over 60 different medical conditions. Illness, injuries and conditions caused by alcohol are responsible for over a million hospital admissions a year. Cut down to invest in your future!

blessed herbsMaximise the benefits of Dry January with a 5-day detox!

With all these amazing positive effects, you’re probably already convinced of what leading a no alcohol life for Dry January can do for you. But how can you make sure your body is getting as much as possible from all your hard work? A cleanse is the perfect way to kick start your body’s transformation from sluggish and unhealthy to bright and shiny! The Blessed Herbs Revive 5-Day Natural Cleanse is the ideal way to make sure that your organs are ready for a fresh start. There’s no fasting needed; you eat normally and let the natural supplements included flush out toxins from your liver and digestive system. This will make you ready to truly feel the fantastic physical and mental effects of sobriety!