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Does an ab toning belt really work? Win one with us and see for yourself!

Does an ab toning belt really work? Win one with us and see for yourself!
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Does an ab toning belt really work? Win one with us and see for yourself!

We're giving away TWO Beurer EM35 Ab Toning Belts to two lucky competition winners along with all the advie you need on getting in shape in this blog! Because you’re reading this blog, torso beurerI believe that you want to know if an ab toning belt really works to help you get in better shape, add definition and sculpt your body. Maybe you’re thinking of purchasing an abdominal toning belt because you have an important upcoming event that you need to look a million dollars for or you just think that it’s time to kick your body into shape. But the real question is do ab belts really work? If you’re thinking that using just an ab toning belt will give you killer abs for your summer holiday, well – you’re wrong. Unfortunately, using only an EMS device will not give you the abdominal definition you want to achieve. It’s disappointing, we know. The practice of an EMS device is that it should be used alongside a healthy fitness and nutrition plan. We can tell you that eating a Cornish pasty from the local bakers for your lunch every day and using the Beurer EM35 every night afterwards will simply and most definitely not sculpt your body. ‘How do they work?’ We hear you ask; EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation; EMS devices cause your muscles to contract, giving targeted muscles a workout without... well... moving a muscle. EMS devices have been used for years as a way to rehabilitate muscles that are weak due to injuries or after surgery, making muscles that are fragile stronger by sending electrical currents to the muscles.beurer em 35 So, what’s the secret behind achieving a strong healthy core and how can you get abs to die for? If you’re a bit wobbly around the tummy region, the real challenge is that layer of fat that lies directly under the skin. The only way that your muscle structure can be seen is to get rid of the body fat through a healthy, nutritious diet and exercising regularly. But using an ab toning belt can help alongside your diet and exercise on those days when you can’t go to the gym. Using it regularly for 30 minutes will help you reach your goal, but not on its own.

We know that it can be difficult to give all the attention your body needs when you have a busy lifestyle; but if you’re motivated and dedicated you can improve the effectiveness

Here are a few tips for you to grab some killer abs!

First and foremost, do not – I repeat – do not give up! Motivation and consistency are key to exercising and achieving your fitness targets. You will not see results after an hour session at the gym and then using the ab toning belt for half an hour – so don’t lose hope! If you keep going and pushing yourself, you WILL reach your goal. Before you exercise, eat something that is light and healthy; avoid anything that is typically greasy so that means no Maccie D’s before your work out – try protein filled foods such as chicken (that’s not fried – but it can still be finger lickin’ good) and vegetables that help develop your muscles without storing pesky fat. Eating a banana before a work out can be really beneficial as this slowly releases energy, helping you go on for longer. ab toning belt As I said before, the way to get real definition and sculpt your body is to get rid of the fat underneath that layer of skin – cardio exercises such as running and cycling burn calories and fat quickly. Swimming is a fabulous exercise to work each and every muscle in your body as well as burning fat. You’ve heard it before –walk more! Instead of jumping in the car to go to the shop a couple of streets away – walk! Walking for 20 minutes every day can be really effective in losing weight. Avoid committing ‘carb-icide’ during the day, you need carbohydrates to release energy, if you are desk-bound, avoid eating meals that are filled with carbs due to you not needing the energy to sit down. It’s also good to note to not eat too much before going to bed – sleeping on a very full stomach will not help you achieve killer abs, you do not need a lot of energy to go to sleep! Also, do not snack, as much as we love dunking a biscuit into our brews, this will hinder reaching your target – if you should get peckish during the day, eat fruit, nuts or just drink some water; water will help by filling your stomach and stop you thinking about munching on a huge bag of crisps! So that’s it – if you are wanting an ab toning belt, be aware that using an ab toning belt solely on its own will not give you an athlete’s torso, BUT it will aid and support muscle development. The trick is to exercise regularly, consume a diet that is low in fat and calories and use your ab toning belt. Try it for 6-8 weeks and send us your feedback. Enter now and you could win your very own EM35 Ab Toning belt - hello abs! We have 2 Beurer EM35 Ab Toning Belts to give away! To have a chance of winning here’s what you have to do:
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19 January 2015