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Discover the Benefits of a CoQ10 Supplement

Discover the Benefits of a CoQ10 Supplement
17 May 2013 413 view(s)

Discover the Benefits of a CoQ10 Supplement

Many of us take vitamins and supplements to give our bodies a little boost and keep illness at bay, but sometimes you can feel a little lost as you try to discover which pills are the most beneficial. Nobody wants to wake up and take a cocktail or pills, which is why nutritional supplement Coq10 is often the most popular option because it has fantastic effects on all parts of the body.

CoQ10, short for Coenzyme Q10, has been known to help reduce the symptoms of high cholesterol, diabetes and gum disease. It is said to help keep kidney failure, Parkinson's and heart attacks at bay. The chemical already exists within the body in each and every cell since it assists in the production of energy which keeps the cells active and makes organs function. Essentially, CoQ10 is responsible for our organs functioning properly, and the more that there is present in the body, the more efficient and healthy our organs become.

Clinical studies onto the effects of CoQ10 on people with congestive heart failure found that those who took the drug experienced a significant reduction in symptoms compared to those given a placebo. This is because it increases energy production in the heart in order to increase the strength of the order so that blood was pumped around the body more efficiently.

Bio-Quinone Q10

Similar studies found that CoQ10 helped to normalise blood pressure and glycemic control in diabetics, reduce symptoms in Parkinson's sufferers and help to strengthen painful gums and teeth. There is also evidence to suggest that CoQ10 is a valuable supplement for men and women who take statins to reduce blood pressure. Statins tend to drain cells of naturally occurring CoQ10, leaving the user feeling weary, tired and prone to illness. By taking a supplement you can top up on your CoQ10 levels and keep feeling energetic and healthy.

If you're looking to buy CoQ10 supplements but feel unsure about which brand is best, we'd highly recommend the BioActive and Bio-Quinone range from Pharma Nord, a leading international manufacturer of high quality vitamins and supplements that is even recommended by This Morning's resident practitioner Dr Chris Steel. He says “I've taken Bio-Quinone Q10 for years. It is vital for energy production and, as you get older, it becomes very important to top it up if you want to feel younger and keep active longer.”

So, if you're feeling sluggish and think you need a supplement to pep you up, try CoQ10 and inject a little energy into your body.