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Perfect Your Christmas Party Preparations with StressNoMore

Perfect Your Christmas Party Preparations with StressNoMore
Posted in: Beauty

The office Christmas party is the year’s best opportunity to get dressed up and feel great. Why not use this as an opportunity to permanently improve yourself? At StressNoMore we’ve got natural solutions for any woes you have about your figure, hair or skin. These are the three most influential parts of your appearance! We’ve got ideas fore last minute preparations that will wow. Then make those changes permanent for a beautiful new you in the New Year!

Slim and Shape Your Figure Instantly…

shapewear for christmas partyBingo wings, muffin tops and spare tyres – most of us have an area of our bodies we don’t like. If you’re in a panic because you can’t find an outfit, why not try some slimming underwear? The best shapewear both smooths and contours your body We’ve got a big selection from leading compression brands like Solidea. If it’s a waist shaper you’re after, try the Lanaform Starlette Slimming Belt. Invisible under clothing, it features panels over the stomach area to flatten your belly while it cinches your waist. An hourglass figure can be yours in seconds! Many women lose tone in their arms as they get older, leading to the dreaded ‘bingo wings’. If you’re self-conscious about the way your arms look even under long sleeves, then try some Solidea Silver Wave Slimming Sleeves. Their unique silver wave fabric doesn’t just keep your arms looking toned, it will massage your skin to reduce cellulite! Finally, to achieve that lovely pert behind that’s so sought after these days,  Lanaform Beauty Shape Slimming Shorts are a must!  Try one or all of these slimming garments to feel confident in any outfit. The Christmas party is your chance to pick a bold new style!

...Then Permanently Transform Fat and Cellulite

Almost every woman has at least some cellulite. The ‘orange peel’ effect is a result of the way that the female body stores fat. Even thin women have cellulite! However, there are things you can do to reduce its appearance. A cellulite massager such as the Lanaform Skin Mass Anti-Cellulite Massager will increase the circulation in your skin. This helps drain out excess fat deposits and water. Reducing bloating is one of the most instantly reliable ways to remove cellulite. Excess water will cause your cellulite to show more, as well as making your face and body look bigger. Jocca Electric Sauna Shorts help you sweat out fluid. Wear them while you get ready for the party for a slimmer look that will last all night! In the long term, microcurrent stimulation can help you to tone your muscles. The Tua Silver Dual Function Electrostimulator straps to any area of your body you’re concerned about. It will firm, smooth and strengthen by contracting your muscles for you. The perfect way to kick start a New Year exercise routine!

skincare for christmas partyUse Natural Skincare for Instant Glowing Results…

Glowing skin is easy to achieve with a bit of deep cleansing. The latest way to tackle oily or dry skin is a facial brush like the Beurer FC45 Facial Cleansing Brush. Every minute your skin sheds 30,000 dead cells. These clog up your pores and leave your face looking dull. By using a brush to cleanse you will end up with only new, fresh skin that’s naturally glowing and moisturised. Give yourself an extra boost with a facial sauna. By using steam, you can unblock pores and increase circulation. Use the Beurer FS50 Facial Sauna while you’re getting ready to go out to get a glowing, clear complexion. The steam gives you a refreshed feeling that will see you through to the early hours! 

...Then Permanently Relieve Skin Conditions and Aging

Natural skincare products can also make permanent changes to your complexion. If you have eczema, psoriasis or other dry skin conditions then Winter can be a total nightmare. Our favourite sensitive skincare range is Salcura. Products like the Salcura Omega Rich Face Moisturiser will protect your skin from the harshest of weather without making it irritated or greasy. The stress of Christmas can cause skin flare ups. Treat them with Salcura Bioskin Zeoderm, which is amazing at soothing and relieving severe symptoms. If aging is your issue, shore up your skin’s defences against wrinkles by drinking Rejuvenated Collagen Shots once a day. Topping up your body’s supply of collagen is the perfect way to naturally create plumper, firmer skin. Phytomone Pause Hydra Crème is one of our bestsellers and has won loads of beauty awards for its reinvigorating effect on menopausal skin. Use it as part of The Ultimate Pamper Night for Menopausal Skin.

hair removal for christmas partyInstantly Nourish and Thicken the Hair on Your Head….

Frizzy hair becomes more of a problem in the winter as heating dries it out. Try giving your hair a nourishing oil treatment to make it look extra smooth and soft. Just cover your hair in a few drops of Healing Natural Oils Argan Oil while it’s still damp to protect it from the drying effects of heat. If you end up in a rush to get ready then the Wellys Hair Dryer Hood Attachment lets you quickly dry your hair while you get on with applying your make up. It distributes the air evenly for a polished, salon-worthy finish. Thinning hair can affect your confidence, but there is a quick and easy way to boost the thickness of your hair. HairMax Hair Fibres cling to your existing hair to fill out any patchiness in a way that looks totally natural. It comes in eight different shades to match your colouring, so you can turn up to the party looking 10 years younger! If you’re after a more permanent effect, then read A Short Guide to Hair Loss Remedies or check out the next section…

...While Permanently Tackling Body Hair and Hair Loss

Permanent hair removal is expensive if you get it done at a spa or salon, but there are more and more at home options becoming available. The Beurer IPL7000 Handheld IPL is a permanent body and facial hair remover that works in only 3 treatments! It will save you a huge amount of money on waxing and razors and free you from any worries about those stray hairs that pop up unexpectedly! If a lack of hair is your problem then we’ve got loads of clinically proven solutions to pattern baldness. The Revivogen MD Scalp Therapy Set features an amazing formula with an 88% success rate. Just treat your scalp once a night to take your hairline back to its former glory! Try a high-tech solution with Theradome LH80 PRO Next Generation Hair Restoration Technology. It uses lasers to stimulate your follicles and create natural regrowth.


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1 December 2016
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