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TENS and EMS technology can get a little complicated; you need TENS for pain relief and EMS for muscle rehabilitation. Then there's Biofeedback which measures the strength of muscles so you can see your progress. If you're a little confused about which TENS machine to go for or what kind of electrodes you need, browse the blogs here for more information.

  • A Guide to Drug-Free Pain Relief

    Pain- it’s a fact of life. It can strike at anytime and anywhere on the body, sometimes it’s a short, sharp burst that is gone within a couple of minutes, but it can also last for days, week or even years. There is little that can be done to stop pain ever occurring but there is a lot we can do to manage it so that your quality of life doesn’t have to suffer. Continue reading

  • TENS, IFC and EMS – What’s the Difference?

    Here at StressNoMore, we are often asked about the differences between TENS, IFC and EMS electrotherapy units. We have compiled the essential information to differentiate between the three forms of therapy and choose the best device for you: Continue reading

  • Top 3 TENS Machines for Mums-to-be!

    7/10 mums using a labour TENS machine said it helped reduced the pain of giving birth, according to a survey by Which? UK recently. More than a third of these mums owned their own labour TENS machine, and with availability of labour TENS machines in hospitals going down, we at StressNoMore are sharing our Top 3 TENS machines for mums-to-be! Continue reading

  • TENS Electrodes - What is right for me?

    TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is used by doctors and physiotherapists to help with pain, or the units can be bought for treatment at home. They work by producing a small current of electricity which goes through the skin and interrupts pain signals travelling to the brain, via electrodes attached to the skin.

    Continue reading

  • TENS vs EMS - Which Is Right For You?

    TENS Machines (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators) and EMS machines (Electronic Muscle Stimulators) are technically the same, they are both Electrotherapy devices - so there's no wonder we're all confused!  But there is a difference… this being the nerves in your body which are stimulated during treatment and the effect this has on your body;

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