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Here you'll find information and advice on men's health problems including erectile dysfunction, male pattern baldness, Peyronie's disease and prostate disorders.

  • Men's Health Week 2017- A Health Crisis

    Men’s health week is a charity campaign that runs 12-18 June with the aim of increasing awareness and knowledge of the pressing health issues that men are facing today. 1 in 5 men die before the age of 65 and die on average 6 years before women worldwide. Continue reading

  • The Hard Facts About Erectile Dysfunction

    Are you one of the 40% of men who has trouble getting or maintaining an erection? Yes, 40%! This problem is really common but it’s such a taboo to discuss it that many men suffer in silence.  There are a lot of reasons why you could be suffering from erectile dysfunction. Fortunately there are also a lot of solutions you can try. If your confidence and relationships are being affected by ED you don’t need to put up with it! We’ve got some ideas you can try to get your mojo back…
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  • Painful Penis? Get Help for Prostatitis this Movember!

    Penis pain! I bet just reading that made you wince. But if you’ve been suffering from pelvic pain then you’re used to wincing! This Movember we're highlighting prostate health. A lot of men don't know about their prostates and so end up putting up with painful and embarrassing symptoms. If you have pain in your penis, pelvis, buttocks or lower back then you may be suffering from prostatitis. Read our guide to find out how to relieve this agonising condition.

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  • The Weird Truth About Winter & Male Incontinence

    Have you ever coughed or sneezed and suddenly felt that horrifying wet feeling in your pants? Stress incontinence is very common, particularly for women as it can be caused by childbirth and menopause. Male incontinence can be caused by something surprising – the changes in the seasons! This is because cold weather has a negative effect on your pelvic floor. Don't worry; we’ve got the info on how to avoid this!

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  • Movember and the health crisis facing all men

    The start of November marks the start of the month-long campaign of Movember. It is a charity awareness campaign that was set up in 2003, with just 30 participants growing a moustache. The aim of Movember is to raise awareness and combat a variety of health issues that affect men and giving them the chance to live happier, healthier and longer lives. In the 13 years since its creation Movember has grown into a global charity with over 5 million participants and has raised a staggering £443 million and funds 1200+ projects in 21 countries. Movember’s overall aim is to reduce the number of men dying too early by 25% by the time we reach 2030. Here at Kegel8 we are also passionate about solving the health issues that can affect all men which is why this year we are helping to do our bit to see change.

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  • How I lost 10 stone in 10 months

    At StressNoMore we love to inspire our readers as well as help and educate them to live a happier healthier life. This week we are talking to our guest poster Personal Trainer and Gym Manager Jason Diprose about his own transformation story, from heavy weight teenager to fitness fanatic and personal trainer, Jason has had regular radio slots on Minster FM and Viking FM helping the nation to combat obesity and has also appeared on Look North. Continue reading

  • Tackling hair loss, head on! With every Theradome or iGrow purchase, get a free 45 day intensive hair treatment by Nutrigrow.

    Doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, hair loss is no joke and is definitely not something people embrace; whether it’s due to stress, hormones or therapy hair loss can be incredibly distressing. When we first notice that our hair is thinning, we automatically take more notice in what condition our hair is in; some women spend hundreds of pounds on hair extensions and weaves which can actually cause further damage to hair follicles.

    This week here at StressNoMore, we want to tackle hair loss head on and help you regain your confidence. With every Theradome or iGrow purchase you will receive a Nutrigrow 45 day intensive treatment to help you maintain those luscious locks and silky smooth hair. Continue reading

  • StressNoMore's Father's Day Gift Ideas

    If you’re like me; Mother’s Day is a piece of cake to find presents for; flowers, chocolates, bath gifts etc. But when it comes to Father’s Day, I am stumped – every year! There’s only a certain amount of socks you can give to the old man every year! So I’ve collated a few Father’s Day gift ideas that are perfect for your Pops – if you’re struggling to find one that is! Here are some of my personal favourites: Continue reading

  • Kegels for men?! Yep they aren't just for women! Private Gym featured in The Sunday Times

    Kegels, pelvic floor muscles, prolapse – most of these terms are often associated with women after childbirth. But that couldn’t be more wrong! Each and every one of us has pelvic floor muscles that we must exercise, twice, every single day. Believe it or not, out there are Kegels for men; and it is called Private Gym. Continue reading

  • Are you looking for more ways to find relief from Arthritis? StressNoMore can help you with that...

    The worrying issue about arthritis is that anyone at any age can develop it; we tend to associate arthritis with the elderly but it can strike in your twenties or thirties – even in children! If you suffer with joint pain and you are frequently tender and stiff; this shouldn’t be ignored. But there are many other symptoms such as inflamed joints and restricted movement. Living with arthritis is not easy; it can become a real struggle in your life, this is why you need to find an effective relief from arthritis so you can continue with your day to day life. Continue reading

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