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Are You Ready for the Bonfire Night Burglary Spree?

Are You Ready for the Bonfire Night Burglary Spree?
28 October 2016 357 view(s)

Are You Ready for the Bonfire Night Burglary Spree?

A leading insurance company has found that thefts go up by 22% on Bonfire Night! Burglaries are much more common in winter as criminals take advantage of the longer nights. 40% of them happen between 5 and 11pm. While you’re enjoying the fireworks your stuff could be getting stolen. You don’t have to feel helpless! We’ve got some advice on keeping your home secure to prevent this from happening to you.

bonfire night burglarSecure doors and windows

20% of burglaries happen because the intruder gets in through an unsecured door or window. Are you totally sure that your house is burglar-proofed? Consider doing a check this week to see if you could force your way in. For extra reassurance while you’re home, you can install a US Patrol Alarm Security Bar on your door. This heavy gauge steel bar makes it impossible to open your door from the outside even if the locks break. When it’s moved it will make a loud alarm noise to alert you and deter intruders. It’s also useful in hotel rooms or halls of residence, putting your mind at ease when sleeping in unfamiliar places.

Install an alarm and use it, even when you’re at home

How many of us have an alarm system that no longer works, or a dummy alarm that’s not connected to anything? Career criminals are wise to this kind of thing! They will be able to spot that your house isn’t actually secure. This means that dummy alarms often have the opposite effect to the one intended! We offer a range of affordable but effective house alarms. If it’s price that’s put you off all these years you can finally do the right thing to protect your home. An alarm system prevents 6 out of 10 attempted burglaries so it's well worth it!

Don’t forget to keep yourself safe outside

Bonfire Night isn’t the only reason to venture out in autumn. If you're a keen dog walker or runner the cold and darkness won’t stop you! When you’re out with a dog, try this Pet Parade LED Retractable Dog Lead with Light to light your way and avoid trips and hazards. Even if you stick to familiar routes it’s important to take extra care when you’re in the dark. It makes you so much more vulnerable to attackers and accidents! A simple way to feel more secure is to carry a personal alarm. The Safe+ Personal Alarm Clip attaches to your clothing, making it easy to carry and activate. An alarm alerts anyone nearby to the fact that you need help. More importantly, it startles potential attackers and scares them away. This alarm clip is designed so that you can throw part of it away to make it impossible for other people to silence.

Keep lights on while you’re out

As a company that loves the environment we don’t want to encourage you to light your home up like Blackpool illuminations while you’re out! But leaving a couple of lights on can make potential intruders think that someone’s home. Just leave your living room light on before you head off to Bonfire Night celebrations and burglars will think you’re having a night in instead. Outdoor lighting is also a good way to make sure that you and your neighbours know immediately if someone is hanging around uninvited. Consider this Ideaworks Set of 3 LED Motion Sensor Lights to put the spotlight on anyone who’s trying to sneak up on you. Or even take the opportunity to get an Ideaworks Set of 3 Hanging Solar LED Lights that will both increase visibility and make your garden look beautiful all year.