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End Your Caffeine Crash - The Benefits of Energy Boosting Guarana

End Your Caffeine Crash - The Benefits of Energy Boosting Guarana
26 November 2012 706 view(s)

End Your Caffeine Crash - The Benefits of Energy Boosting Guarana

Swap your coffee fix for a Guarana fix and enjoy a longer lasting energy boost.

Many of us turn to a cup of coffee to keep us going through the day when our energy levels start to drop, but we could be doing ourselves more harm than good. Go for Guarana instead!

What's Wrong With Coffee?

Caffeine crash from drinking coffee

The caffeine hit from coffee is fast acting but short lasting so we get a quick energy boost then slump again, making us feel even more lethargic than before and prone to headaches. What's more, coffee is a diuretic, meaning that it makes our bodies want to expel more water than it has taken in and makes us want to go to the bathroom.

Frequent urination is already a symptom of a weak pelvic floor, and since we're all doing our best to keep those pelvic floor muscles strong, we don't want to be dashing to the loo all the time as a result of our coffee addiction! But there is an alternative to coffee; Guarana capsules.

What Is Guarana?

Guarana, known as the 'Food of the Gods', has long been used to increase vitality. Not only does it have 3-7% caffeine content compared to just 1-2% in coffee, it also releases the stimulating component far slower and over a longer period of time. This means you don't get that awful caffeine crash and your mind and body stays alert for up to five hours.

Guarana is a natural energy booster

You'll find Guarana in most energy drinks due to its high caffeine content, but just like coffee these energy boost drinks aren't very good for your bladder as they make you need to urinate often. Plus, they often have very high sugar content which is bad news for your teeth and waistline.

Guarana capsules are a great way to get a long-lasting energy boost without the side effect of frequent urination. There's also evidence to suggest that Guarana has other health benefits as well as being an energy booster. It has been known to reduce the symptoms of inflammatory intestinal disorders and help stop diarrhoea. It is said to have pain-relieving qualities and can help soothe menstrual cramps and headaches. Plus, it has long been used to help increase stamina and pleasure in the bedroom.

So why not try giving up your coffee and let your body, mind and bladder feel the benefit!

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