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Beat Winter Allergies & Win Heaven Fresh HF719 Humidifier

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Beat Winter Allergies & Win Heaven Fresh HF719 Humidifier
By StressNoMore 1 January 2014 99 Views
If you suffer in summer with allergies you may think that winter is a time for respite from the sneezing and itchy eyes, but actually the colder days can be just as bad. Why? Well in winter we’re exposed to more airborne irritants in the home. In the chilly weather we tend to keep all doors and windows closed to keep the heat in, which means the air in our homes becomes stale and filled with nasty indoor pollutants. Pet hair, dust, mould and mildew can all cause allergic reactions in the same way that pollens do in spring and summer.Beat Winter Allergies Not only this, but air often becomes drier in winter and this can cause the mucous membranes in our eyes, nose and throats to dry out and become less effective barriers against airborne particles. This means we’re more likely to breathe in the allergens which cause us to sneeze and cough. If you experience symptoms that seem like the start of a cold – itchy throat, tickly nose and streaming eyes – which go on for more than a week, it’s likely that you’re suffering from winter allergies. Here are a few tips to help you beat the sneezes and snuffles:
  1. Keep your home clean from pollutants. Vacuum and dust more often to reduce dust and pet hair levels. If your allergies are very severe consider having laminate or wooden flooring rather than carpets which tend to cling onto dust and hair.
  2. Invest in an air purifier to remove pollutants from the air. We’ve got a brilliant range of air purifiers to suit any home or budget.
  3. Wash bedding more often and consider investing in allergy bedding which is designed to repel allergens such as pet hair and dust which tend to cling to bed sheets.
  4. If your symptoms become intense, take a shower if you’re able to. This will remove any irritants from your skin and hair and the hot steam will help to clear your sinuses. If you can’t shower, wash your hands regularly instead.
  5. Drink plenty of fluids to keep your body hydrated; this well help to combat dry eyes, nose and throat. Hot drinks such as tea will help to decongest sinuses too.
  6. Keep an eye on humidity levels. In the home humidity should be somewhere between 45% and 55%, but can drop to as low as 20% in winter. Invest in a humidifier like the Heaven Fresh HF719 below to avoid breathing dry, unhealthy air.
  7. Talk to your GP or pharmacist about medication. You may benefit from taking antihistamines or using nasal sprays or eye drops. If you want to avoid medicines, you could try using a saltwater solution to flush nasal congestion.
  8. Get out in the fresh air. There’s no better way to clear your airways than a bracing walk outside, so wrap up warm against the cold and get out the house. Even if it’s just for a quick walk around the block, it could help to blow away the allergies for a while.
We’re proud to be official suppliers of Heaven Fresh products, the leading brand of purifiers and humidifiers in the UK. To help one lucky winner to overcome indoor allergies this winter we’ve teamed up with Heaven Fresh to offer them a HF719 Ultrasonic Humidifier.Heaven Fresh HF719 Ultrasonic Humidifier This device analyses humidity levels and then uses ultrasonic technology to break up water particles into an ultra-fine mist which can be absorbed quickly into the air in order to raise humidity to the optimum level. It is the latest invention from Heaven Fresh and is perfect for any home which is prone to dry air during winter. There are 4 different ways to enter, and you can do all 4 to increase your chances of winning! GOOD LUCK! a Rafflecopter giveaway The Heaven Fresh HF719 Ultrasonic Humdifier retails at £89, but is available at the special introductory price of £59 throughout January.