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Are You Dreading Going Back to Work? You'll Love These Commuting Comforts

Are You Dreading Going Back to Work? You'll Love These Commuting Comforts
19 December 2016 340 view(s)

Are You Dreading Going Back to Work? You'll Love These Commuting Comforts

Well, that’s it! With Christmas over and done with, many of us are due back at work already. It can be a big comedown to go back to your job after all that nice, cosy time at home. If you are one of the 57% of UK citizens who drives to work every day then you’re probably not looking forward to battling through the roads again. We’ve got some great ideas for how you can make your commute easier, more comfortable; even fun!

Avoid unnecessary stress when setting off

newsletterIt’s happened to all of us – you’re right on time leaving the house, you step out the door read to start your day – and are greeted by a windshield covered in thick ice! Having to desperately scrape away at your windows is not a great start to the morning. A common quick fix to this problem is to pour the contents of your kettle over the windshield. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty terrible idea! Pouring hot water onto your car’s windows can potentially cause them to crack due to the sudden change in temperature. A much better idea is the Ideaworks Portable Auto Heater/Defroster. This clever gadget uses hot air to defrost windows in a way that’s fast but non-damaging. It can even be used inside your car as an extra heater. Perfect for those mornings when your car’s heating system just isn’t doing the job fast enough!

Be a mindful motorist

The stress of driving to work can quite often be all in our heads. Yes, the traffic is annoying, but what’s really bothering you? A lot of people find it difficult to avoid focusing on their problems during ‘down time’. Sitting there at the beginning and end of your day dwelling on your problems while you battle with road rage is never going to be any fun! We suggest trying a little mindfulness. We’re not suggesting you close your eyes and drift off while driving! But by doing a few simple breathing exercises you can keep calm and start your day with a fresh slate instead of a head full of worries. Try focusing on the sounds and sights around you, focusing on the present instead of what’s in your head. SAD

Perfect your posture to avoid back pain

Driving to work can be terrible for your back. It’s easy to end up slouching first thing in the morning when you’re tired. Unfortunately, this can set you up for a whole day of bad posture, leaving you in pain by 5pm! Most car seats don’t support your lower back properly; a key part of proper sitting posture. You can change this with the IMAK Back Cushion Orthopaedic Lumbar Support. It can be easily fastened to your car seat to provide lumbar support that’s tailored to your body. Another great way to avoid straining your back when driving is to use a Genius Ideas Swivel Car Seat Cushion. It helps you to get in and out without risking injury; great for cars with a low-down design.

Ditch your car for the train or a bike

If you’ve always driven to work you’re probably feeling pretty sceptical at the idea that switching to public transport is a positive move. However, studies have found that commuters that travel by train or bus are actually less stressed than drivers! This is because most of the stresses are taken out of your hands. You’re no longer the one responsible for getting there on time! Not having to drive means you can spend your commute  time reading or watching movies instead of staring at a road. This is probably not that inviting in January, but if you’re only a short distance from work it’s worth considering walking or cycling. Even in cold weather it will reduce your stress levels, make you healthier and break up your day far more than going from sitting at a desk to sitting in a car.

Drive in comfort with aromatherapy and massage!

Wish your car was a little more luxurious? If you’re not quite able to afford that BMW yet there are some simple ways you can turn that old banger into a bangin’ ride! To feel like you’re being chauffeured on your daily commute, even if you’re the one driving, why not treat yourself to a Beurer MG155 Massage Cover? It will strap to your seat and plug into your cigarette lighter for massage on the go. The journey to and from work will be so much more pleasant in the company of your very own massage therapist! Add to the luxury experience with a Naeo Clea Car Vent Clip-On to add aromatherapy to your journey. No more stinky car fumes or artificial trees for you! Inhale the scent of your favourite essential oil to revitalise your morning!


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