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WIN a Femmecup Time of The Month Hamper Worth £80!

Cramps, back ache, headaches… Feeling over the moon and then bursting into tears… An unbearable urge to eat 3 bars of chocolate on the trot… Then there’s the risk of being caught short without a tampon, the worry of leaks and generally feeling a bit icky...

femmecupPeriods can really make us feel lousy. It’s certainly not the time of the month that we tend to look forward to but we all have ways of coping and making ourselves feel a little better; a long soak in the bath, snuggling up with a hot water bottle or eating ice cream in front of a soppy rom-com. It’s the indulgent treats that help us to unwind and feel better.

And to help, the lovely people at Femmecup have been kind enough to give us a Time Of The Month Hamper to ease the period blues of one lucky winner!

Worth over £80, this hamper is brimming with gorgeous goodies including sumptuous toiletries to help you unwind, naughty chocolate treats to ease your cravings and a range of Femmecup goodies to make your period a little more comfortable.

Femmecup is an eco-friendly, reusable menstrual cup which is kind to the environment, your purse and most importantly your body. It poses no risk of toxic shock syndrome and reduces the chance of developing bacterial vaginosis, plus it doesn’t contain any nasty bleach or toxins like lots of sanitary products do. More and more women are turning to menstrual cups and love how much more free and confident they feel knowing they can have up to 12 hours protection without leaks or worries.

To be in with a chance of winning a Femmecup and all the extra goodies in this hamper, we want you to share your Period Survival Tips with us.

Maybe you’ve got some advice on the best way to ease cramps? Perhaps you’ve perfected the recipe of the perfect chocolate brownies which make your period a breeze. Or maybe you’ve got a special activity or hobby that never fails to cheer you up from the PMS gloom. We’d love to hear about it!

Simply comment below with your top tip and we’ll choose our favourite one as the winner! Good luck!femmecup hamper

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76 thoughts on “WIN a Femmecup Time of The Month Hamper Worth £80!”

  • kim plant

    to ease cramps theres two ways firstly do some mild exercises lie down flat on your back and bring knees up to your chest do about 5 every hour and secondly a nice bath or hot water bottle really helps please try xx

  • Maxime Goodwin
    Maxime Goodwin 03/07/2013 at 17:17

    I recommend a nice warm bubbly bath face mask & a glass of wine!!

  • carole maciver
    carole maciver 03/07/2013 at 17:36

    yes for sure a long hot soak in the bath helps somewhat

  • Deana Dmonte
    Deana Dmonte 03/07/2013 at 17:51

    I try to get all heavy chores and running around done beforehand so I'm not as stressed that week or as physically busy and I try to get my teens out of the house doing activities so I get a bit of time for r&r.

  • ang dunne

    a large mug of hot tea and lots of chocolate

  • Sarah

    Relax with a big bar of choccy, hot water bottle and your favorite film, ooh and a nice hot bubbly bath does the trick too :)

  • Sarah Mac

    The best way for me to get through the time of the month is have a big dairy milk and nuts chocolate bar, then take my dog for a walk to the park for a bit of exercise so I don't feel so bad about the chocs! :)
    I love to have a hot shower and my back plays up a lot during time of the month, so getting that warmth from the shower is amazing.
    This hamper sounds like the perfect survival pack though, and I've been planning to try femmecup for a very long time!

  • Sharon

    A warm hot water bottle, plenty of fluids, and try not to give in the choc/carbs craving and eat healthily for the duration

  • Andy Eyles
    Andy Eyles 03/07/2013 at 19:09

    From a mans point of view :-) Light candles and give her fine wine and chocolates.

  • Emma Ferguson
    Emma Ferguson 03/07/2013 at 19:24

    A hot water bottle will help sooth the pain.

  • Christine Johnson
    Christine Johnson 03/07/2013 at 19:32

    Hot water bottle and a cup of tea

  • Jill thorne
    Jill thorne 03/07/2013 at 20:40

    Some yoga stretching and slow breathing and plan to spoil yourself for the first day of your period - a glass of bubbly, a bar of favourite chocolate, a big hot bubbly bath, watching your favourite movie curled up on the sofa -

  • Hazel Rea

    Cramps are often caused by an excess of prostaglandins. There are lots of foods which can help reduce prostoglandins. Celery, for example, is a natural anti-inflammatory and eating a stick of celery every day throughout the month can considerably reduce cramping. Almonds also have a beneficial effect. There is a lot of information on the internet about which foods help most and it is really worth experimenting.

  • kim jones

    I like to ease my period cramps with a cup of tean a BIG bar of chocolate, a hot water bottle, a blanket or duvet to snuggle up and watch a good film

  • Samantha Margetts
    Samantha Margetts 03/07/2013 at 21:13

    My time of the month survival is a lavender scented bear which you heat in the microwave. It soothes the pain and the lavender is relaxing


    En lo personal cuando tengo cólicos insoportables, hago algo así como un ritual y en verdad que me siento mucho mejor, lo trato de hacer de la manera más natural posible, me preparo un té calientito de sedron, pongo a calentar una bolsa de gel para dolores musculares, pongo mi música favorita suavemente y finalmente tomo un caballito de tequila y en verdad que me relajo increíblemente :) lo recomiendo 100% :)

    <em>Personally, when I have bad period pains, there's something I do almost as a ritual and it makes me feel much better. I try to live in the most natural way possible, I drink cedron tea, I heat up a gel pack for muscular pain, I put my favourite music on then I have a shot of tequila, and that really relaxes me, I recommend it 100% :)

    ROCIO ROSALES 03/07/2013 at 22:00


    <em>What works for me for period pains is drinking camomile tea sweetened with honey, and putting a hot water bottle on my stomach. For cramps, it's good to eat tomato-based foods because they contain lots of potassium, of course accompanied by some exercise too.

  • Alison Bruce
    Alison Bruce 03/07/2013 at 22:09

    Taking Evening Primrose really helps to ease stomach cramps and makes me feel calmer as well.

  • yaredh marín
    yaredh marín 03/07/2013 at 22:10

    Los dolores y/o cólicos menstruales son resultado de varios factores.
    Primero tienen que ver con el desprendimiento de la sangre de las paredes uterinas, sin embargo esto no debe ser necesariamente doloroso. Por tanto para aliviarlos no basta un paliativo, sino con tomar el problema desde la raíz, Son tres los aspectos que debemos cuidar: el físico, el alimenticio y el emocional. Aquí los enumero y dejo al final unos remedios para tratar los cólicos.
    El físico: Es necesario tener una vida activa, hacer caminata, correr, hacer yoga, bailar, etcétera. Actividades que fortalezcan y mejoren nuestro cuerpo y calidad de vida. Incluso en los días de menstruación es necesario activar nuestro cuerpo, aun más si tienes cólicos.
    El alimenticio: una dieta rica en grasas, azucares, harinas, refrescos, alcohol y cigarros, deteriora nuestro cuerpo. Los alimentos enlatados, las golosinas y botanas industriales, contienen altas cantidades de químicos que intervienen en nuestro flujo menstrual. La carne (pollo, res, pescado) criada con hormonas lo creamos o no, afecta nuestro sistema endocrino. Lo mejor es elevar nuestro consumo de frutas, verduras, agua, comer carne en pequeñas porciones. No siempre se puede comer tan sano, pero las pequeñas acciones se verén reflejadas en la disminución de cólicos.

    Por último, conocer nuestras emociones y expresarlas de manera sana es fundamental. Pues nuestro cuerpo se queda conteniendo toda esa fuerza si no la canalizamos de manera adecuada. Estamos [email protected] de pies a cabeza y por tanto no podemos olvidar que nuestras emociones también tienen contacto con uno de nuestros centro energéticos más importantes el útero.
    Y por último dejaré acá un remedio:
    1- cataplasmas de agua caliente: con una bolsa para agua, poner sobre el vientre durante algunos minutos.
    2- Fajar la zona del vientre para evitar espasmos muy dolorosos.
    3- Tomar una infusión de Ruta graveolens, Menta y manzanilla, que tienen propiedades antiespasmodicas y relajantes.

    <em>Pains and menstural cramps are caused by several things.
    Firstly it's to do with the the blood being released from the uterine walls, however this doesn't necessarily have to be painful. To alleviate this pain, painkillers aren't enough, you have to treat the root of the problem. There are 3 things that we need to look after: physical things, food and emotions. Here I will explain them and at the end are some remedies to treat period pain.
    Physical things: it's important to lead an active life: go for works, run, do yoga, dance etc. Activities that strengthen our body and quality of life, even during the days of your period it's important to do exercise, even if you've got aches and pains.
    Food: A diet high in fat, sugar, wheat, fizzy drinks, alcohol and cigarettes damages our body. Ready meals, sweets and snacks contain high quantities of chemicals that interrupt our menstrual flow. Meat (chicken, beef, lamb, fish) that's grown with added hormones affects our endocrine system. The best thing to do is to increase our intake of fruit, vegetables and water, and eat small amounts of meat. It's not always possible to eat so healthily, but small changes will lead to less pain.
    Finally, to understand our emotions and express them in a healthy way is fundamental. Our body bottles up all of these emotions if we don't channel them correctly. We are connected from head to toe, and so we can't forget that our emotions are linked to one of our body's most important centres of energy - the uterus.
    Finally, below is my remedy for period pain:
    1 - Hot water poultices: put a hot water bottle on your stomach for a few minutes.
    2 - Wrap up your stomach to avoid very painful spasms.
    3 - Drink an infusion of graveolens, mint and chamomile, which have antispasmodic and relaxing properties.

  • Alma Butron

    Hello Femmecup Mexico .... to start I must say that the glass has been my best remedy for colic, started four months ago and disappeared almost completely, I just have a bit of swelling and fluid retention ... Sleeping accommodation pillow in the small of my back to lift this area and relieve the pressure, also when strong I take a glass of liquor of my choice and of course, hot cloth on the abdomen and ready: D important not to take anything cold beer I noticed that the pain increases.

  • Blanca

    Para aliviar los cólicos te de jengibre con hinojo.

    <em>To ease stomach cramps, try ginger and fennel tea.

  • Gaviotra

    Pues yo aplico varias estrategias: la primera es en torno a la alimentación. Tomo (cuando menos) los dos primeros días para hacer un cambio en la forma de comer, en vez de tres comidas 5 o 6 pequeñas comidas con mucha fruta, verduras crudas, panecillos y muchos jugos y líquidos en general (excepto café). La segunda estrategia es hacer un poquito de yoga suave, sobre todo el primer día. Y la tercera es tener una calceta vieja rellena con medio kilo de arroz, esta calceta la caliento en el microondas por dos o tres minutos y la aplico en el vientre bajo para calmar el dolor espero les sirvan.

    <em>I try several things: the first is with regards food. During the first two days of my period, I eat differently. Instead of 3 meals, I eat 5 or 6 small meals with lots of fruit, raw vegetables, bread and lots of juice and drinks in general (except coffee). The second thing is to do a bit of yoga, especially on the first day. And the third things is to have an old sock filled with half a kilo of rice. I put this in the microwave for 2 or 3 minutes then put it on the bottom of my stomach to ease the pain - I hope this helps.

  • Blanca

    Para los cólicos te de jengibre con hinojo

    <em>To ease stomach cramps, try ginger and fennel tea.

  • Lucía Ibarburu
    Lucía Ibarburu 03/07/2013 at 22:22

    Eating chocolate and a warm vanilla scented heating pad on my back....really helps

  • Caroline Kelly
    Caroline Kelly 03/07/2013 at 22:24

    a gentle back massage from my husband always helps

  • Lorraine S
    Lorraine S 03/07/2013 at 22:30

    My survival tip is to have your tough days as 'me' days. Take time out from housework etc. and do something for you like watch a film you've been meaning see or do your nails. A mug of something chocolatey does wonders too!

    MIRIAM KAHAN 03/07/2013 at 22:40

    I carry one of my cats on my lower stomach... they start to "masagge" the area and then they lye down and rithmicaly purr.... nothing better!!!

  • claire dimmer
    claire dimmer 03/07/2013 at 23:44

    i always take iron in the form of spa-tone,it makes me feel less icky xxx

  • Maggie Moon
    Maggie Moon 03/07/2013 at 23:53

    Hi girls, this advice is for relieving cramps. Once you are rolling on the floor in pain (that "magic" moment when you want to die), you proceed to swallow your pill(s), then you heat up a compress in the microwave, just for some seconds, and put it on your abdomen just where it hurts. Now the fun part :P you prepare a chamomile tea and you add a shot of anise, anisette (liquor) since it's a very hot beverage it can help you feel way much better. In addition I like to feel tight (I'm sorry if I don't explain myself very well, English isn't my mother tongue) so I have my mom or boyfriend tie my abdomen with a scarf and then I try to get as much pampered as I can. The important point here is to drink something hot, if anisette doesn't work for you try another liquor. DON'T drink coffee it makes it worst.

  • Marisol

    Mis cólicos son menos, meditando, tomando un té de orégano, nutriéndome con una buena lectura, descansando y apapachandome como diosa, muchas veces me han recomendado que tome pastillas, sin embargo como ando entrando en el mundo orgánico, pastillas están descartadísimas.

    <em>I find that I have less pain if I meditate, drink oregano tea, eat a good and nutritious diet, relax and and pamper myself like a goddess. It's been recommended to me many times that I take tablets, however, as I try to live as organically as possible, tablets are out of the question.

  • alondra kari
    alondra kari 04/07/2013 at 00:34

    hola femecup pues yo para aliviar los calambres de cada mes debo desir q no ay nada mejor q las compresas de agua ya que no solo calman el dolor si no tambien ayuda a desinflamar y es super efectivo y para las q no tienen tienpo cuando se vayan a vañar aganlo con el agua lo mas caliente q pueda da los mismos resultados y recueden q en esos dias ay q estar super relajadas espero les sirva esta receta

    <em>Hi Femmecup - To ease the cramps every month, I think there's nothing better than hot water bottles, which not only ease the pain but also ease inflammation, and it's really effective for those who don't have time to take a hot bath which gives the same results. Remember that it's important to relax - I hope this advice helps.

  • erika marlene martinez gonzalez

    el tener una vida sexual activa a ayudado muchisimo o mas bien el tener un orgasmo un dia antes y el primer dia de la regla.. ayuda a q se desprenda sin dolor los cuajos de sangre q es por lo q dan los colicos... antes tomaba platano y jugo de tomate me ayudaba con el potasio a aminorar dolores y calambres.. pero desde q tengo vida sexual activa me he aliviado del todo...

    <em>I find that having an active sex life helps a lot, or even better, having an orgasm a day before and on the first day of your period. It helps the blood to leave the body painlessly, which is normally what causes cramps. Before I used to eat banana and drink tomato juice to help my potassium levels and reduce pain and cramps, but since I've had an active sex life, it's eased everything.

  • Olimpia Vazquez
    Olimpia Vazquez 04/07/2013 at 01:31

    To relieve the discomforts of my period, like cramps, headache or back ache, first I do is exercise, then I take a bath,drink a chamomile tea and try to relax a little. if I can get some sleep, when I wake up I feel much better.

  • Guadalupe Navarro García

    Comes to rest in those days, pamper and feel you, learn to feel your body. The best home remedy is before going to sleep to take at night a cup of cinnamon tea very warm and get you to your bed to rest. Do not see your period as a "punishment" is a blessing, it is part of the MAGIC... being a creative woman ;)

  • Tracey claxton
    Tracey claxton 04/07/2013 at 01:35

    I find keeping a diary about how I feel on the days leading up to my period helps because I can identify patterns and try to avoid stressful events or situations next time round... :)

  • sam henderson
    sam henderson 04/07/2013 at 08:38

    could suredo with one of these

  • Lydia Niziblian

    For those horrible hormonal rages, find one of the adverts of someone rollerblading in skin-tight white trousers having a 'happy period', and use a biro to deface it in as creative a manner as possible.
    If you do it whilst clutching a hot water bottle, some ibuprofen and eating something crunchy/salty/sweet*, get bonus 'feel a bit better' points.
    I have had less cramps since using Femmecup, and it is loads more convenient when out and about. It all helps.

    *delete as applicable, or combine the three.

  • christy beckett
    christy beckett 04/07/2013 at 10:09

    I make sure my goodie cupboard is full of chocolate especially the week before, I tend to get chocolate cravings. During my period I like to go for a walk and continue gentle exercises, stretching etc. I also swap coffee for Raspberry leaf tea and use my herbal heat pad to help ease the cramps. But above all I warn my partner and children to keep away for a few days till I recover.

  • claire mcevoy
    claire mcevoy 04/07/2013 at 10:46

    Have a hot bath for the cramps, and pamper yourself - wash your hair, stick a face mask on, scrub, cleanse, tone - I think it's very easy for us women to feel a bit gross and down on ourselves during 'that time of the month' - so do whatever you can to make yourself feel good and positive about yourself, you'll be glowing for all the right reasons!

  • rhiannon seed
    rhiannon seed 04/07/2013 at 12:44

    Get yourself a bar of your favourite chocolate. Make a good healthy meal for dinner and a glass of wine (or beer if you're like me!). Menstrual cups have decreased my cramps signicantly as well as making my periods shorter and my cycles much more regular. They are magic!
    Oh and don't forget 'gentle' exercise is good for cramps... so is having a 'relief' ;) ... ahem.

  • aj

    I find eating less salt a few days before my period helps stops the bloating.

    SUZANNE DRUMMOND 04/07/2013 at 16:58

    ibrufen, hot chocolate and a big bar of galaxy

  • Georgette Camberos de Alba

    One of the best things you can do in these days is to sit with your pet (cat or dog) in your belly, they will provide warm and a relaxing time, you and your pet will feel better. (Sorry for my english :P).

  • katherine grieve
    katherine grieve 04/07/2013 at 19:04

    Get some of those microwavable hand warmers, wrap them in a hanky or tea towel and massage your stomach in circular motions. The warmth and massage will soon ease them, eating some chocolate while you do it wont hurt either!

  • lark kari

    hello femecup for l to relieve cramps every month l must say the hot compresses are super effective because not only relieve pain and also helps desimflamar for those without wing tiempo can aserlo vañarse prays to water it hotter than they can because it gives the same results and remember in those days super relaxed riding to and hope they serve this recipe

  • Patricia Edwards
    Patricia Edwards 05/07/2013 at 10:29

    Feminax tablets, stop all bad symptoms instantly

  • Laura Pritchard
    Laura Pritchard 05/07/2013 at 18:41

    Locking my husband in the shed!

  • Liane

    Go for a gentle walk

  • E Murphy

    playing an acoustic guitar across your belly helps soothe away cramps

  • Sarah

    My top tip for period pain when you don't have a hot water bottle is make a cup of tea ( preferably in a cup with a lid ) and rest it on your stomach! Works just like a hot water bottle easing the cramps and you can drink it perfect at work!

  • Kirsty

    A bit of yoga works wonders when feeling a bit snappy and irritated. It can also help with cramps if you do a few gentle poses. My number one tip is to listen to your body and if you need to take it easy then that's exactly what you should do!

  • Sarah Andrews
    Sarah Andrews 09/07/2013 at 19:26

    Chocolate inside the stomach and heat outside the stomach! I also drink ginger tea as it has anti-inflamatory properties.

  • Christina Curtis
    Christina Curtis 10/07/2013 at 10:52

    I find light exercise can help, so walking the dog or even abit of Wii. I also enjoy a nice bubble bath to help ease pain.

  • Hannah

    I always know when my period is coming so I have learnt to be prepared.
    My tips are:
    1. Keep a constant supply of chocolate nearby
    2. Get your partner to give you a back massage
    3. Tell your boss it's 'ladytime' and he'll avoid/go easy on you for the week
    4. Remember this isn't your actual weight - you'll be skinnier after
    5. Tell those you love you're not always this mean
    6. Ballet is great for relaxing
    7. Cry over a great but sad film - it's very releasing!
    8. Make homemade smoothies - good for health
    9. Organise a fab night with your girlfriends
    10. Use a Femmecup and forget on you're on your period!!!

    Love xxxx

  • Rita King Davies
    Rita King Davies 15/07/2013 at 02:49

    A hot water bottle, lots of chocolate & a good movie to take your mind off stomach cramps.

  • Alison Bruce
    Alison Bruce 16/07/2013 at 07:23

    Increase your iron by taking a supplement, rest on the couch with a hot water bottle and a box of chocolates.

  • Angela Kelly
    Angela Kelly 19/07/2013 at 17:09

    Ibruprofen, chocolate and a long lie-in!

  • Emma Kershaw
    Emma Kershaw 20/07/2013 at 19:32

    I used to take paracetamol and ibuprofen, get a herbal pillow you heat up in the microwave and a nice hot cup of tea. Things have changed since recently changing my sanitary products. Now I use a femmecup I hardly ever get a menstrual cramp, and when I do it lasts minutes! I have long heavy periods and used to use thousands of tampons, I am convinced these are the main cause of menstrual cramps. Really wish someone had told me about these sooner!!

  • Olena

    I drink tea with organic blackstrap molasses. I also do yoga.

  • claire griffiths
    claire griffiths 24/07/2013 at 21:48

    a nice long soap in a warm bath with a bath bomb in followed by a mug of seet tea and parecetamol

  • Sahara

    Just be nice to yourself during your period. I know I have a couple of days when I cant/don't want to do anything, so I treat myself to a lovely bunch of flowers, lovely bubble bath, a good book, goodies to eat, some painkillers and of course towels/tampons and take it easy on the days that I can and know it will pass.

  • Melanie Chambers
    Melanie Chambers 28/07/2013 at 15:34

    My best tip is 'Be Honest' . I met my hubby when I was 17 and decided from the start that I needed to be straight with him. Within a couple of weeks of starting dating I'd informed him 'I'm due on my period, this makes me emotional but it only lasts for a couple of days and I'm pretty stable the rest of the time' 20-odd years later we're still together and he's still understanding.

    I took the same tactic with my two (now in their 20s) sons, from a very early age I told them the basics and explained that there were 2 or 3 days a month when the slightest thing could make me burst into tears. My oldest son's girlfriend has actually thanked me for this as he is far more understanding than her previous boyfriends. They've never made judgemental 'time of month' comments, they just give me a hug if they see me getting upset over something silly.

  • ellen mckernan
    ellen mckernan 28/07/2013 at 21:31

    i try to exercise/ walk more as it helps with the cramps

  • Rosanna Porter
    Rosanna Porter 29/07/2013 at 15:33

    A massage pillow for when the cramps set in always helps me, and failing that a hot water bottle. Accompanied by some aromatherapy oils, especially lavender oil because there's much evidence that it relieves pain as well as anxiety.

  • Emma Wolski
    Emma Wolski 29/07/2013 at 19:30

    I have a hot water bottle handy for tummy cramps and also take yasmin contraceptive pill. I rarely have to use a water bottle to be fair!!!

  • Gill Trott
    Gill Trott 29/07/2013 at 23:12

    chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate

  • Sue Warr

    Chocolate is the answer to everything - but it's also good to walk!!

  • Kim Gourlay
    Kim Gourlay 30/07/2013 at 22:36

    hot water bottles, chocolate and LOTS of mugs of tea! If it's really severe, which it often is for the first 2-3 days :( , I take Mefanamic Acid, an anti-inflammatory painkiller which is AMAZING for cramp (paracetamol/ibuprofen hardly help my pain at all when it's at its most severe).

  • n

    Chocolate, cup of tea and a good book x

  • Lorraine Polley
    Lorraine Polley 31/07/2013 at 09:40

    hot water bottle and aspirin to ease the pain, chocolate and rose wine to put you in a better mood, and the best tip is to send hubby away for a few days, that way he cant wind you up!

  • Emma Price
    Emma Price 31/07/2013 at 15:42

    Even though you probably don't feel like it i've always found that exercise helps to clear some of the cramps. The stretches especially are good and the 'feel good' hormones rush around you afterwards. If all else fails though then a nice cup of hot chocolate, a warm bath and a cuddle up on the sofa watching a feel good film.

  • Janine Atkin
    Janine Atkin 31/07/2013 at 16:16

    hot water bottle and blanket on the sofa!

  • Francesca Harrod
    Francesca Harrod 31/07/2013 at 16:17

    Symptoms aside, the most important thing I've found over the years is never ever EVER get involved in sorting out any major issues, domestic or otherwise, just before or during that time of the month. I write a list of stuff down that I feel I need to talk (argue!) about, like money or housework, and then after I'm back to normal guess what...the need to have that discussion (arguement!) has usually passed too, equalling a much happier household :)

  • helena

    oh hot water bottle definitely and my lovely bf to cheer me up from the cramps, or should i say be my slave haha :)

  • clare davies
    clare davies 31/07/2013 at 23:27

    a hot water bottle, pain killers and duvet day with some chick flicks! x

  • Ellie Scott
    Ellie Scott 01/08/2013 at 08:49

    Thanks all for entering, there are some fab suggestions! The competition is now closed and we will announce the winner later on today. Good luck! x