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Hay Fever Horror: Get A 10% Discount on Air Purifiers

If you're one of the 1 in 5 people in the UK who suffer from hay fever you may want to brace yourself for a particularly bad year; experts are saying that our late spring will mean unusually high pollen levels.

It was bad enough that we were still wrapping up against the snow and hail in March, but we'll continue to feel the effects of the extra-long winter as the plant world tries to catch up with the arrival of warmer weather. Trees tend to pollenate from late March until May, then there's a little recovery time for hay fever sufferers before grass begins to pollenate from late May until July. However, since the warm weather didn't reach us until April, the trees started pollenating later and will continue to do so until early June. This means there will be an overlap between high tree pollen and grass pollen levels. For people who allergic to both types of pollen it's likely that their hay fever symptoms will be worse this year than ever before.

Hay fever occurs when the body overreacts when it comes into contact with pollen since it sees it as a threat, like a virus. The immune system responds by putting up barriers which stop the spread of 'infection'. Symptoms include sneezing, itchiness, runny eyes, headaches and swelling in the face, all of which can make you unable to concentrate, have difficulty sleeping and generally feel exhausted.

Since there is due to be such a high pollen count this year its worth planning ahead and preparing for hay fever season so you can alleviate your symptoms, which is why we've got a fantastic 10% discount on all Heaven Fresh air purifiers right through this year's hay fever season!

Get 10% off Heaven Fresh products at StressNoMoreAir purifiers are brilliant for keeping the atmosphere clean and fresh in your home. They work by drawing in polluted air and filtering out harmful particles such as dust, germs and, most importantly for this time of year, pollens.

HF758 Ionic Air Pureifier at StressNoMore can alleviate hay fever symptoms at nightHaving an air purifier in your bedroom at night will help you to sleep more soundly during the spring and summer months. Choose a unit that's super-quiet, such as the HF758 which is a sleek digital air purifier with the ability to spray cool or warm mist. This allows it to maintain healthy humidity levels in the room which is ideal on hot summer nights.

If you tend to do a lot of driving and find yourself with streaming, itchy eyes and tingling nose behind the wheel, you'll love the HF60 Car Air Purifier. It is powered when plugged into your car's cigarette lighter and removes all the harmful airborne particles in your car. So, not only will it help to get rid of those irritating pollens, it can also filter out vehicle emissions, petrol fumes and dust which are commonly found in cars.

Heaven Fresh HF86 Personal Ionic Air Purifier helps alleviate hay feverIt's all well and good having air purifiers in your home and car, but what about outside where pollen levels are at their highest? There's no need to deprive yourself of the sunshine; the HF86 Personal Air Purifier is a small, lightweight and portable unit you can hang round your neck and wear out and about. It draws in polluted air then emits filtered air upwards so that each breath you take is clean and fresh. Whether you're sat in the garden or walking in the park, it will help to keep those irritating hay fever symptoms. Plus it's great to use on public transport or aeroplanes where air can become dry and polluted, so it's a valuable investment if you're planning a holiday this summer.

So with a 10% discount on all Heaven Fresh products from now until 31st July, why not take a look at all their products and find an air purifier that is right for you? Just enter HF2013 in the discount code box at the checkout. Have a happy, hay fever free summer!