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What's Your Erection Strength? - Erectile Dysfunction

Your erection can tell you a lot more about your health than you think.

Erectile dysfunction can be a significant sign that your health isn't in tip top condition, so if you feel that something is wrong downstairs it could mean something is not quite right elsewhere in your body.

Erections occur when blood flow to the penis is increased so that blood vessels become engorged and the penis begins to harden. When a man struggles to get an erection it is a sign that blood flow is restricted, which could be down to a whole range of medical problems.

The most common of these problems is high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes, all of which can cause serious illness aside from erectile dysfunction, such as a stroke or heart attack. So knowing and understanding the quality of your erection could allow you to catch a serious medical problem before it's too late.Andrerectest measures the quality of yur erection

The Androerectest is a digital device which measures the quality and hardness of your erection.  If you find your erection is not a strong as it could be you can have a chat to your GP about why that could be and get advice on what you can do to improve it.

Using the Androerectest regularly allows you to get to know your body and become more in tune with what is normal and what isn't. You might be able to spot a potential problem and prevent it before it becomes too serious. Plus, if you already suffer from erectile dysfunction and are taking steps to reduce the problem, you can use the Androerectest to track an improvement of erection strength as your body becomes healthier.

The Androerectest allows you to monitor your erections from the comfort of home at any time you want and as often as you want. Erectile dysfunction can severely affect a man's confidence and happiness, but the embarrassment factor often means it gets left untreated as men feel uncomfortable talking to their GP about the issue. It's so important that the problem is solved, not only for your happiness but for your overall health, so if you are concerned do pluck up the courage to see your doctor about it.Androerectest allows you to track your erection quality over time

It's very simple to use the Androerectest, you simply press the tip of your penis firmly against the device sensor until it gently buckles. The point of buckling is the 'axial rigidity value', which will be indicated on the screen. A measure of 400g or less suggests that there is a serious problem that you should chat to your GP about as soon as possible. Persistent readings less than 1000g suggest there is room for improvement and you could talk to your doctor about how to reach your peak. Readings over 1000g mean that your erection is in perfect shape!

So what's your erection strength? Find out and help to keep your health at its very best, as well as your performance in the bedroom.