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Blessed Herbs Toxin Absorber

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  1. A gentle supplement to remove toxins from the body
  2. Toxin absorber helps clean digestive tract, remove built-up waste and strip accumulated mucoid plaque
  3. Rejuvenates and promotes healthier digestive system
  4. Naturally expel unhealthy toxins
  5. 100% Natural Ingredients

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Blessed Herbs Toxin Absorber will ensure your detox is safe, powerful and highly effective

Feeling the need for a big detox? Do you often treat yourself to a glass (or two!) of wine or some junk food at the weekend? Maybe you’ve come back from a holiday and you have over-indulged in the sunshine and cocktails. After you have luxuriated yourself in these “treats” you can often feel constipated or bloated from the toxins that have accumulated in your body. We’ve all been there and sometimes a natural detox isn’t enough; you may need a little assistance to help remove toxins from your body.

It might not be constipation or feeling bloated that are the “call-out-for-help” signals for a detox; if your mood has been temperamental, feeling exhausted or find that skin isn’t as clear as it should be; these can all be signals that you are having digestion problems and Blessed Herbs Toxin Absorber can be the blessed remedy for your guts.

Sometimes the food you eat may not digest properly; it can leave you with that pesky bloated and constipated feeling or poor looking skin – typically happens before a special event (ladies - you know what we mean). We need a healthy functioning digestive system in order to function properly. The digestive system’s responsibility is to break down food and drink into tiny molecules for our body to absorb the nutrients that are provided. For this to happen perfectly, the lining of the intestine needs to be at its best health, be clean and completely intact.

But it doesn’t stop there, what we put into our bodies, eventually needs to be expelled. So not only do we need to feed our bodies with the correct food, nutrients and vitamins, it is vital that we remove toxins from the body efficiently. Toxins in the body can be built up from what we drink, eat, chemicals and even the air we breathe which can have an effect on our hormones, bacteria, organs so we can function correctly and prevent autointoxication.

The Blessed Herbs Toxin Absorber will aid in cleaning the digestive tract and removing all built up waste and gets rid of any accumulated mucoid plaque from the walls of your intestine. The Toxin Absorber works to clean your colon walls to improve digestion and nutritional uptake; flushing any built up toxins you carry from your body. Blessed Herbs will help promote a healthier digestive system so you can feel at your ultimate best; with no worries about the way you look for that upcoming event.

Give your body the blessing it deserves with Blessed Herbs Toxin Absorber.

100% natural from Blessed Herbs - Why your body is crying out for this Toxin Absorber

Firstly, all the ingredients that are blended in this recipe are 100% natural; that’s Blessed Herbs oath to you. Secondly, these all-natural ingredients aid to bind the contents of your stomach to help you feel unblocked and cleansed from unwanted excess. The herbal ingredients are extremely high in fibre that will help to clean your colon walls of toxins and poisons detrimental to your body. This will improve your digestion and eliminate all the accumulated toxic waste that has been built up inside.

In the Toxin Absorber formula are three vital herbal ingredients to promote healthier digestion; Psyllium seed husks, bentonite and apple pectin. These ingredients all improve your digestion as a whole, but each of them has their own unique advantage to remove toxins from the body.

  • Psyllium seed husks are a bulking and lubricating agent that provides assistance to digestion; the soluble dietary fibre will relieve you from constipation, diarrhoea and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Bentonite is medicinal powdered clay that is incredibly effective in detoxing and aiding digestion and regularity; it absorbs toxins and delivers mineral nutrients to the body.
  • Apple pectin is a compound found in (wait for it…) apples! It is rich in dietary fibre and aids to regulate bowel movements, helping people who suffer with constipation but it also helps those who are experiencing diarrhoea as the apple pectin helps to firm stools and reduce inflammation.

So which Toxin Absorber is for right for you?

Ginger helps to settle the stomach by promoting healthy inflammatory response; choose the ginger ingredients if you are:


- Mostly cold

- Warm occasionally, but usually in the afternoon or evening, or if you often experience night sweats

- One who prefers to be warm than cold, apart from experiencing hot spells

- If you have cold extremities

- Experiencing cold extremities

- CAUTION: if you have hiatus hernia, choose ginger because peppermint can cause more acid reflux

peppermint Peppermint Leaf also helps digestion and increases the flow of bile, which has a gentle effect on the colon; choose peppermint leaf if the following applies to you:

- If you find that you are warm most of the time

- Prefer being cold instead of warm

- Experience a burning sensation in your stomach

- CAUTION: if you are taking anticoagulant/antiplatelet medication or aspirin, choose peppermint as ginger could increase blood-thinning

Choose the Toxin Absorber today and free your body from toxins the natural, blessed way.

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SKU / Product Code 10465
Ingredients Organic Psyllium Husk Powder (6000mg), Bentonite Montmorillonite Powder (2000mg), Organic Ginger Root Powder (1000mg in Organic Ginger Root flavour) Organic Peppermint (1000mg), Apple Pectin (1000mg)
Brand Blessed Herbs
Included Contents 14 (10g) Sachet Packets

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Toxin Absorber is awesome! Review by Karen
Product Rating
The Blessed Herbs Toxin Absorber is the best thing I have ever ordered online. My husband has been doing this cleanse for about a month and has lost over 16lbs without any effort. Most importantly he is feeling better than he has ever felt. I recommend this product for anyone who wants to feel better in themselves and at the same maybe lose a little weight. (Posted on 16 March 2015)
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(6 of 6 people found this review helpful)
Awesome cleanse Review by EllieD56
Product Rating
I bought extra with my recent intestinal cleanse so that I could so an additional 7 days. Very successful detox, would recommend it, feel so clean afterwards with great clarity and focus. Quite awesome. (Posted on 12 January 2016)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Excellent Review by Teresa
Product Rating
This stuff tastes great and makes your body feel great too after you have completed the programme. A life changing body improvement product.
Thank you (Posted on 9 August 2017)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Blessed herbs toxin absorber Review by Tiggy
Product Rating
The best I have used yet. Gentle yet effective. I feel more energetic after two weeks of use. I would definitely recommend. (Posted on 26 February 2018)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
Works really well Review by Becks
Product Rating
I have been using this product for the last year and find it works really well. (Posted on 29 April 2018)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No

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