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Blessed Herbs Internal Cleansing Kit


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  1. Detox that ncludes the world famous Colon Cleansing Kit!
  2. Easy to follow 21 day full body cleansing programme
  3. 13 formulas to rejuvenate the body made from 100% natural herbal ingredients
  4. Eliminates parasites and toxins to refresh and protect you
  5. Increases energy and strengthens the body’s defences

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This detox cleanse will give your body the treatment it deserves

Getting your recommended 8-10 glasses of water a day but still suffering with problematic skin? Feel generally sluggish and unwell during the course of the day? Well, we all know that enjoying the odd glass of wine here and there and indulging in too many carbs can put unwanted toxins in our bodies. But what you didn’t know, perhaps, is that toxins can make it into our blood stream simply through the air that we breathe. If you’re not feeling 100% recently, you’re more irritable than usual, or everything just seems to be a real headache, it could be that there are too many toxins in your body, and that they are wreaking havoc on your health. The Blessed Herbs Internal Cleansing Kit is designed to rid the body of these unwanted toxins and have you feeling rejuvenated and healthy in as little as a month.

This full body cleansing programme has been specifically developed to cleanse the major organs responsible for eliminating toxins from our bodies. This includes the lungs, kidneys, liver, colon and gallbladder. Formulated using more than 90 high quality herbs and distributed across 13 powerful herbal remedies, this detox kit provides everything required for a full and complete detoxification. You’ll even find shaker jars and mixing glasses included.

Not only does this detox plan rid the body of toxins, it also removes parasites, eliminates waste, strengthens the body’s natural defences and encourages the growth of healthy bacteria. More than just a standard cleanse, it is a naturopathic doctor-formulated kit that revitalises your digestive system and is proven to work. There’s even a Blessed Herbs Colon Cleansing Kit included, which provides a deep, intense cleanse for the colon itself.


In order to achieve optimum results from your internal cleanse, it is vital to undergo a pre-cleanse first. Each day of this process, you will take Digestive Stimulator capsules, the number of which is determined depending upon how regular you are. This will ensure that you have three bowel movements the next day. At this time you will also begin taking the Toxin Absorber once daily. The purpose of which is to aid your body in removing toxins for the duration of your cleanse.

Refreshing Green Tea Blend

Enjoy a relaxing cup of green tea for an extra boost on days where you feel more sluggish and tired than usual. It can be enjoyed at any point during your cleanse for added support at times when you feel you need it. Enjoy!

Week 1: toxin elimination

The first step of your cleanse works to rid the liver and gallbladder of toxins. The liver is an incredibly important organ with the primary function of filtering waste and toxins from our body. It is additionally responsible for processing digested food from blood and fats. In fact, it has over 500 different metabolic functions in total. The gallbladder is also exceptionally important when it comes to our digestion. It produces bile, which breaks down fats so that we can absorb them. So, if the liver and gallbladder themselves are clogged up with toxins, how can we expect them to perform these roles effectively?

Liver & Gallbladder Rejuvenator

The Liver & Gallbladder Rejuvenator is an innovatively blended herbal remedy designed to reinvigorate two of the body’s most vital organs. Taken three times daily, it will eliminate toxins in the liver, help to release bile, and support overall liver and gallbladder health. The active ingredients ensure the correct functioning of the liver and gallbladder, while releasing and subsequently expelling harmful toxins from the body.

Parasite Cleansers

The intention this week is also to rebalance the intestinal organisms. Three formulas have been developed, each with the key purpose of eliminating unwanted parasites, while a fourth, the Friendly Bacteria Replenisher, is designed to restore the probiotics in your intestinal tract. Probiotics are the essential good bacteria that keep our bodies healthy.

Para-organisms/parasites can cause us digestive distress and make us feel generally unwell. Often microscopic, they have the ability to live inside us and feed on our essential nutrients completely undetected, for years. Despite the fact that many of us are completely unaware of their existence, it is thought that up to 90% of the population will be accommodating at least one of them. Detrimental for our health, they could rob us of necessary nutrients and cause unexplained fatigue.

Evicting these uninvited guests and replacing them with healthy bacteria is a vital step in your cleanse.

Toxin Neutralizer

The Toxin Neutralizer is taken once a day for the duration of week one, and in fact throughout the whole cleansing process. The antioxidant formula is designed to neutralise the toxins within your system and prevent them for causing damage to healthy cells.

Week 2: organ health

Week two of the cleanse focuses on the kidneys and lungs. At this time, two new formulas are added to the regimen you started in week one. They will be taken three times daily, but only for the duration of week two.

Kidney & Bladder Rejuvenator

Our kidneys perform the vital role of removing toxins and excess water from our bloodstream. Processing approximately 250 gallons of blood each and every day, they

themselves need to be free from toxins in order to perform this job effectively. When toxins build up in the kidneys, it affects the entire balance of our body, making us feel generally unwell and tired. The Kidney & Bladder Rejuvenator will ensure that they are free from unwanted toxins and able to function efficiently.

Lung Rejuvenator

The lungs are responsible for getting oxygen into the bloodstream in order for it to be transported to every cell within the body. It is also their job to extract and expel carbon dioxide, which is a by-product of the body’s energy production. Pollution from the city, cars and industrial areas permeate our air with carbon monoxide and other toxic substances. Breathing this in causes our bronchial tubes to constrict in order to trap the harmful particles. Although this protects us from harm, the constriction reduces the amount of oxygen we can take in, damaging our health and the way our body performs. The Lung Rejuvenator will rid the lungs and bronchial tubes of toxins to ensure that our body can perform efficiently.

Week 3: blood & skin

The third week of the cleanse is designed to eliminate toxins from the blood and lymph systems. For three times a day, during the third week only, you will take the Blood & Skin Rejuvenator and the Lymph Rejuvenator in order to do so.

Blood has the vital role of delivering oxygen, food and other essential substances to cells around the body. It also transports carbon dioxide and waste to the organs responsible for expulsion. If the liver or kidneys are not performing as they should, for whatever reason, it could result in a build up of toxins within the bloodstream. In some cases, this can result in the toxins trying to ‘push’ their way out of the body, causing rashes, spots and other problems for your skin.

Lymph is a watery liquid that is contained within the lymphatic vessels. It acts as a drainage system for the body, flowing alongside the blood vessels. When this lymphatic system is overly toxic, you are left with unprocessed waste inside the body. Consequences can include a weak immune system, frequent colds, and an overall weighted feeling throughout the body.

Continue to take any remaining Digestive Stimulator capsules until you have completely used up your bottle.

Which Toxin Absorber is for me?

gingerChoose Ginger if any if the following applies to you:

- If you are cold most of the time, or warm only in the afternoon or evening (night sweats)

- If you prefer being warm to cold, except when experiencing a hot spell

- If you have cold extremities

- CAUTION: those with hiatus hernia should choose ginger because peppermint may cause more acid reflux.


Choose Peppermint if any if the following applies to you:

- If you feel warm most of the time

- If you prefer being cold to warm

- If you experience a burning sensation in your stomach at times

- CAUTION: if you are taking anticoagulant/antiplatelet drugs, or aspirin, opt for peppermint because ginger may increase the blood-thinning effect of these medications.

Meet the master herbalists

This innovative and highly effective range of products from Blessed Herbs is cleverly crafted from the finest quality natural ingredients to rejuvenate your body from the inside out. Developed by master herbalists, with over 30 years of experience, Blessed Herbs is renowned globally for superior quality and proven efficacy.

Amanda McQuade Crawford is a medical herbalist, author, educator and advocate for natural health. She earned her phytotherapy (herbal medicine) degree from Britain’s College of Phytotherapy, and is pursuing her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Amanda specialises in the field of menopause and herbal remedies that help women.

Jim Sullivan, ND, has been a pioneer of herbalist and naturopathy for the past 30 years. He is extremely well renowned and respected in his field. Achieving his degree from Kansas Newman College and his doctorate from the National College of Natural Medicine, Jim integrates his knowledge of ancient healing practices with modern medical science. He works as the research and development technical advisor for new products at Blessed Herbs.

For the full range, click on the brand below.

Love for Blessed Herbs

I definitely feel lighter, not only because I lost five lbs, but also because my energy is good, I feel sharp and attuned both mentally and physically...Thank you for a good detox!Dr. C. L., ND husband did very well on the cleanse and we have seen great improvement in his overall health...I will be encouraging clients to do this cleanse... Dr. A. K., ND, California

I am so excited and I am feeling really well. Just six days left and I should be on top of this world!D. M., HP, New Hampshire

Included Contents: Toxin Absorber (14 packets in ginger or peppermint), Digestive Stimulator (90 vegetarian capsules), Liver & Gallbladder Rejuvenator (90 vegetarian capsules), Large Para Cleanser 1 & 2 (2 fl oz liquid extracts), Friendly Bacteria Replenisher (49 vegetarian capsules), Kidney & Bladder Rejuvenator, Lung Rejuvenator, Blood & Skin Rejuvenator, Toxin Neutraliser (75 vegetarian capsules), Refreshing Green Tea Blend (16 tea bags), Glass Shaker Jar with Lid, Travel Vials x 4, Mixing Glass, Dosage Calendar (printed booklet) and User Guide.

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SKU / Product Code 82296
Ingredients Please see download below.
Brand Blessed Herbs
Included Contents Internal Cleansing Pack and Colon Cleansing Pack - for full details, see description.
User Manual View and/or Download the Blessed Herbs Internal Cleansing Kit Dosage Calendar

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I'm a convert to detox cleansing with Blessed herbs Review by Bobby
Product Rating
This is my second time doing this kit - it is a serious piece of cleansing kit. The Full Body Internal Cleansing Kit is a marvellous way to detox it cleanses the body inside out and the mind too - so you have to give your body time to help the herbs work. . The instructions are easy to follow and as it is such a world leader in the cleansing circles - these guys obliviously know their stuff, and how to use the herbs to their best ability and efficacy. .For me giving up caffeine was hard - the side effects ere awful but clarity amazing after the 3 day mark! I didn't have a problem with sugar and alcohol. I aim to do this once a year with a smaller 5 day cleanse every 3 - 4 months. To be successful I think you need to plan carefully and give yourself the time needed to perfom this cleanse properly - your body deserves it! (Posted on 5 February 2015)
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(10 of 10 people found this review helpful)
Fantastic! Review by Spaghetti Hair
Product Rating
I loved the internal cleansing kit!
Throughout the process I felt my energy levels rising and could visually see evidence if toxins and rubbish being eliminated from my system. The kit made me feel rejuvenated from within!
The fact it comes with travel bottles which enable you to make up all the potions in the morning and take everything with you through the day wherever you go is great, makes the cleanse really convenient.
I'd definitely recommend this to anyone! (Posted on 1 August 2016)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Changed my life Review by Teresa
Product Rating
This kit has really changed my life! I had no energy and everyday was a struggle after getting glandular fever 2 1/2 years ago. My body is now coming back to life! Worth every penny!! (Posted on 7 August 2017)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
Truly Amazing Review by Cassiana
Product Rating
I am still doing the colon cleanse and I have had amazing results already. I am grateful by this system and I wish the whole wide world would give this a go. Tomorrow I finish my colon cleanse and I wish I could just continue but will follow the protocol and start the internal cleanse as recommended. Infinite gratitude to Blessed Herbs and StressNoMore. Peace. (Posted on 16 February 2018)
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Hello can I just double check this includes the colon cleansing kit and the internal cleansing kit? Your ‘included contents’ section only lists the contents of the internal cleansing kit.