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Blessed Herbs Feminine Comfort Menopause Support

  1. Oral supplements that are a natural remedy for menopause
  2. Effective and organic menopause relief
  3. Restores hydration and boosts natural lubrication
  4. Helps to ease the transitioning of menopause
  5. Improves circulation to reproductive organs

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Glide through your menopause stress-free with help from the Master Herbalists at Blessed Herbs and their Organic Menopause Supplements.

Every woman is different; you may reach the average age of 50 when you start experiencing symptoms of menopause, but it can happen at the early age of 39 up to 69 years!  Whatever the age, we want to stop the clock before we’re introduced to that dreaded menopause. Along with the changes in our appearance; the wrinkles, the drooping and sagging, we have to also handle our hormones adjusting, which includes a few changes ‘down there’. The Master Herbalists have crafted supplements that are a natural remedy for menopause; using compounds that are all found in herbal plants to mimic your body’s hormones and chemicals that are missing.

Just like every woman is different, the menopause will be different too. Symptoms may be more severe than others but either way Blessed Herbs can give you the comfort that you need. The Feminine Comfort focuses on hydration and sexual vitality being restored. The menopause supplement will aid in moderating the imbalance of your hormones and control the minerals and nutrients your body requires, without harmful and unnatural therapy. The supplements are gentle, completely natural to ease and support the symptoms of feminine dryness and sexual discomfort.

Blessed Herbs

When the oestrogen levels decline in a woman, it can cause vaginal dryness resulting in sexual discomforts such as pain during and after sex, thrush and in some cases, even sitting down can be painful! Of course all women want to avoid these complications; after all it’s about making love – not war! Blessed Herbs’ unique formula promotes and restores your natural hydration and boosts natural lubrication, regenerates the delicate mucus membranes that are found within the uterus and enhance the blood circulation to the reproductive organs.

Thank the lord for Blessed Herbs and Mother Nature!

What’s inside these magical supplements?

Blessed Herbs craft of natural magic potion consist of medicinal herbs such as Red Clover, Tribulus and Black Cohosh; these all contain natural plant compounds, phytoestrogens and isoflavones to help moderate your body’s natural response to yo-yo changing hormone levels during menopause. Ingredients from the Chia Max Omega 3 and Liquorice Root help your body to respond healthily to inflammation and deliver the essential fatty acids that are important to maintain optimal body health.

Blessed Herbs Feminine Comfort Menopause Support Dandelion

Here’s a breakdown of all the ingredients that are in a single capsule:

  • Alfafa with Chia Max Omega-3 – this superfood ensures that your body responds to inflammation in a healthy manner and provides support for proper circulation
  • Shatavari – a species of asparagus found in Sri Lanka; a rejuvenating herb to cool the body whilst strengthening and nourishing tissues. It will promote natural lubrication by rejuvenating the mucus membranes within the uterus.
  • Tribulus – Improves natural lubrication and best of all does it safely; promoting healthy levels of oestrogen and DHEA within your body
  • Black Cohosh – a medicinal herb to treat the symptoms of PMS and improve the mood for women who are experiencing broken sleep from night sweats.
  • Liquorice Root – aids in natural detoxification in your liver and other surrounding organs as these play a major role in your menopausal transition.
  • Red Clover – blossoms of red clover help to promote a healthy immune system and support the health of your skin which can be affected from menopause.
  • Dandelion – promotes liver and digestive health, whilst maintain your body’s natural ability to reap the benefits of the other herbs.

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SKU / Product Code 10648

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i feel much better with these products then i did with the doctors Review by Sophia P
Product Rating
I weeded myself off bio-identical hormones from my doctor and got on your menopause vit. they are great, i feel much better with these products than I did with the doctors. My hot flashes are under control.. yeahh (Posted on 11 May 2015)
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Can I take this is I am taking HRT (following hysterectomy) - i suffer with dryness and wondered if a natural supplement wuld be better for me than HRT since all the acre stories. Thanks