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Blakoe Ring and BlakoeMax Energising Lotion Pack

  1. Blakoe Pack for male incontinence and erectile dysfunction
  2. Two Best Sellers in One! Penis ring and libido enhancer
  3. Get your Blakoe Ring and Blakoemax Energising Lotion and save £5!
  4. Everything you need to increase bladder control and prevent leaks
  5. Experience improved performance and increased sperm production

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Suffering from male urinary incontinence or erectile dysfunction? Buy a Blakoe Pack and save £5!

Your Blakoe Pack includes your Blakoe Energising Ring and your BlakoeMax Energising Lotion; both so popular with our customers, we've made them one and saved you five!

Blakoe ring mark IIIThe Blakoe Energising Ring

Medical studies show the Blakoe Ring to be the safest and most effective device ever invented for the improvement of male sexual function (impotency, reduced sex drive), or partial incontinence and has helped thousands of men over many years as a registered medical device.

Wearing the Blakoe Ring

The Blakoe Ring fits comfortably around the entire 'genital bunch'; at the base of the penis, passing behind the scrotum and testicles. The Blakoe Ring may be worn according to individual necessity. Some men find it so comfortable and easy to wear that they wear it every day. Others wear it for just a few hours each day, whilst some prefer to wear it only during intercourse.

Weighing only 32 grams, The Blakoe Ring has been scientifically designed and manufactured from very light, body safe polymers. Its unique patented design ensures that it is not only exceptionally easy to place and remove, but also is remarkably comfortable to wear. No-one need know but you.

Incontinence in men and OAB (Over-Active Bladder)

The Blakoe Ring is exceptionally impressive in the relief of incontinence, OAB and all other forms of bladder and sphincter troubles. Bladder weakness and a frequency in passing urine can be greatly alleviated due to the way the Blakoe Ring harnesses electro-dynamism to help retrain the tiring muscles responsible for incontinence.

Solution to Impotence

Poor blood supply is usually at the root of this condition and the great improvement in blood circulation induced by the Blakoe Ring initiates rapid results in the impotence sufferer.

What’s more, users who previously suffered from the all too common and intensely frustrating problem of premature ejaculation have testified to the remarkable benefits to be gained from the Blakoe Ring.

Sperm Production

Blakoe lotion

An increased production of sperm can often be enhanced by the natural cooling process of the testicles, which takes place when their distance from the body is maintained with the help of the Blakoe Ring.

Blakoemax Energising Lotion

Following his groundbreaking development of the Blakoe Ring, Dr Blakoe continued to research ways of improving its effectiveness still further. It came to light that the Blakoe Ring displayed its best effects for men during the summer months; the reason for this being increased perspiration...and so the Blakoemax Energising Lotion was born!

This genius, specially formulated, electrolytic lotion not only provides the perfect electrolytic environment for the Blakoe Ring to perform at its best, but its carefully selected ingredients are known to disperse stress, create relaxation and promote a healthy libido.

The formula is light and absorbent, taking its active ingredients via the dermis directly to the very parts of the body where it is most needed to support activation and re-energisation.



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SKU / Product Code 81993
Ingredients Blakoemax Energising Lotion: Soya, Wheatgerm, Siberian ginseng, Tincture of capsicum, Tincture of Wild Oats, Zinc, Selenium, Ginger root, Damiana, Muira Puama, Gardenia.
Brand Blakoe
Included Contents One Blakoe Ring, one Blakoemax Energising Lotion (50ml)
Material Ring - FDA Approved Plastic
Length Ring - 7.5cm (3 inch)
Adjustable Ring - yes
Colour Ring - white
Size One size fits all
Washing Instructions The cleaning procedure we recommend is that the ring is cleaned in warm soapy water with a Nailbrush, or alternatively in the dishwasher. Once cleaned re-energise the plates by polishing with ultra fine wire wool.
Width Ring - 6.4cm (2.5 inch)
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I can say that I have the control I need to live a normal active life Review by Don K
Product Rating
I read about this when I was in Australia earlier this year and decided to try one. I have had prostate surgery and this had left me with mild (but annoying) incontinence. I was going to try STIM but I was advised by my Dr not t do so until getting the all clear (contraindicated for pelvic cancers). This left me with 3 options:
* Clamps
* Pads
* Put up with it
The camp was fiddly and showed through my trousers, the pads are an absolute no no - I had to use them for a short period, but I was determined not to get used to wearing them and essentially give-up. This was a long-shot, but I am pleased with the results. There could be a placebo effect going on here I suppose, because incontinence tends to improve after surgery, but it takes up to a year (I'm 9 months on now) but I can say that I have the control I need to live a normal active life.
I would recommend this.
I am a 48 year old father of 4. Good job I got those in the bag I'm not exactly firing on all cylinders after my op. (Posted on 22 May 2014)
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not fit for purpose Review by alanwbest
Product Rating
i have tried this device over a long period and it has made the effects of incontinence worse. It either slips off and certainly when you do go to the toilet standing you have to release it and that causes a rush st of urine which wets the inside of your clothing. and if your sitting it causes the same rush over your hands.The energising lotion is no more than a diprobase cream that can be bought in any chemist for a third of their price. Further to this they will not refund you if you are not happy with the product. My advice DO NOT BUY, A WICKED WASTE OF MONEY>.

Dear Alan,
I am sorry that you did not get any benefit from using the Blakoe Ring and Blakoe Energising Lotion. I did speak with you personally on the telephone and I did say that I was very sorry that it was of no benefit for your condition. That could be for a variety of reasons and there are no guarantees that a Blakoe Ring would work for every form of incontinence. The Blakoe Energising Lotion is a cream that has a special formula that helps create an electrolytic environment, again, I am sorry that you felt no benefit from the ring or the cream. You did state that you have used it for a few months, and I did explain that we are not able to give unconditional guarantees with this product, so a money back option was not available. I said that I though for the severity of your condition a clamp such as the Dribblestop might be better for you but you did not want to try a penile clamp. I am sorry that this product has not helped your condition and you feel that your purchase it has been a waste of money. We have sold the Blakoe Ring for over 10 years now, and have, on the whole, received many favourable comments about the ring and its positive health effects for men regarding erections, ED and dribbling. This is of little consolation to you I know but I would urge you to please try a clamp.
Here to help
[email protected] (Posted on 19 April 2013)
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Great service, prompt delivery and helpful customer services! Review by Sean (Edmonton)
Product Rating
I've perhaps not been using it long enough, which is why I haven't given it a higher rating and after a few days, it's perhaps not had the desired effect for what I bought it for (i.e. PMD). Time will tell! The instructions in the actual box could be more detailed. However, this is not a reflection on Stress No More themselves as their service and delivery was prompt, their customer services took time to find out answers to several queries I had and I would happily order from them again! (Posted on 17 April 2013)
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Good Review by Don
Product Rating
i feel this has improved my post mictuartion dribble. (Posted on 5 February 2015)
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Good packaging, good product Review by Dreamheaven
Product Rating
I loved the way I received my package and the presentation. Wearing the product has been pleasant after a few days I have noticed increase energy and sexual excitement. Would recommend to all men (Posted on 24 October 2015)
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