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Multi-Gyn FloraPlus (Previously Bio-Fem)

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  1. Multi-Gyn is a bio-active, safe and natural treatment for vaginal thrush
  2. Treats and prevents Bacterial Vaginosis & discomfort
  3. Relieves irritating itching, burning, redness and swelling
  4. Contains pre-biotics to stimulate growth of healthy bacteria
  5. Restores the optimum pH balance of your vagina

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Maintaining a health vaginal flora is essential to treat and prevent infection

Vaginal discomforts and infections can really take over our lives. We have to cancel social appointments, can be unable to attend work – and giving your explanation can be embarrassing to say the least! For those of us who are prone to regular infection, it can be a real worry.

The vaginal flora helps to protect us from infections, and keeps the vagina clean and healthy. There are many different types of bacteria and organisms that make up a woman’s vaginal flora, including candida – a type of fungus.

Candida is natural and causes us no problem, unless it starts to increase in numbers and gets out of balance. When the good bacteria (lactobacilli) in the vagina is reduced (due to ill health, medication such as antibiotics, harsh soaps, swimming, hormonal changes, etc.) then candida can flourish, creating all sorts of unpleasant symptoms; itching, burning sensation, cottage cheese like discharge and stinging.

Conventional treatment kills off the candida but has a negative effect on the vaginal flora too, so that repeat infections are likely.

Now with Multi-Gyn FloraPlus there is a safe, natural and effective treatment for thrush that works in harmony with your body’s natural flora, not against it. FloraPlus contains 40% 2QR, which regulates the pH balance, making the vagina more acidic and creates a protective barrier against harmful microbes and bacteria. It also contains selective prebiotics, which nourish the good bacteria which release lactic acid. This helps to naturally maintain the slightly acidic pH of a healthy vagina, and prevents thrush from getting out of control again.

Regular use of Multi-Gyn FloraPlus will help create a healthy vaginal environment, where the optimum flora will be maintained in perfect balance.

Multi-Gyn FloraPlus comes in 5 convenient single use tubes, and can be used as an intensive 5 day course for thrush or used every 3-5 days as a preventative treatment to keep your vaginal flora in perfect balance. There is no risk of building up a resistance to FloraPlus - a common problem with antibiotics - so you can use it as much as you need, worry free.

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SKU / Product Code 81718
Ingredients BIO-FEM FloraPlus is a natural product, based on the bio-active 2QR-complex in combination with prebiotic components such as amino acids and vitamins. The unique formulation has no hormones and no ingredients from animal origin. It has no harsh chemicals
Brand Multi-Gyn
Included Contents 5 x single use tube applicators
User Manual View and/or Download the User Manual

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View and/or Download "What Every Woman Should Know"
Dosage Please read instructions
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Be careful - painful burningI Review by JM
Product Rating
I used this as some of the other creams I have used to treat thrush have stung a bit and this sounded very natural, not chemical etc. However, I used this 3 nights in a row and cried out with pain as it burnt so much. I can't face taking the final doses so I can't say if it will actually clear up the problem, but I am struggling to believe that it can be good for the delicate skin down there. I actually don't think it could have felt any worse if I had cut myself and poured vinegar on the cut. I had to apply cold yoghurt just to stop myself from crying.

StressNoMore Reply: Dear JM, thank you for taking the time to review your purchase. We are very sorry to hear that you have experienced this reaction to the MultiGyn FloraPlus - we normally find that it is very gentle on delicate intimate skin so I'm concerned to hear your experience. With this review I don't have an email so I can contact you directly, but if you could email [email protected] we would like to sort out this problem. Best wishes. (Posted on 17 May 2014)
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(19 of 23 people found this review helpful)
I have to be careful and this works well for me Review by JoJo
Product Rating
I use this flora plus after I have washed. I don't use it all the time, I only use it when I have made love, it helps to rebalance my ph levels and it stops any funky after sex smell. I used to suffer terribly with thrush and or BV (who can tell the difference) but I kow that my levels were not right, and it seemed to be set of by lovemaking. I opted for an organic lubricant, so it couldn't be that, and now the only wash I use is this Multi Gyn Femiwash and the flor plus to restore and all seems OK. It has been 9 months now since my last outbreak and I was getting an outbreak every few weeks. So I have to be careful and this works well for me - btw I also take a good Vitamin D3 because this has been proven to help prevent recurring bouts of BV. (Posted on 3 May 2013)
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(12 of 14 people found this review helpful)
Burns!! Review by Claire Louise
Product Rating
I bought this product hoping it would help with the recurrent bv that I keep getting, but when I used it for the first time it really burned so much I had to use cold water to wash it out with, so I tried it again the next morning to see if it had the same affect and it happens again! Bit unsure why it burned so much I expected a tingling sensation but nothing like that.

Dear Claire Louise,
I am sorry that you had this reaction to Multi-Gyn FloraPlus, I am most surprised because ti one of our top sellers and best rated products. Please contact our Customer Care Team so that that resolve this for you. I would have contacted you directly but we don't have a contact e mail address for you as you logged in as a guest to post your review.
Customer Care Team (Posted on 14 September 2014)
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(8 of 8 people found this review helpful)
Can't live without this Review by HF
Product Rating
I could not have a sex life without this. I always use it before sex and after if I think its needed. I use all the Multi-Gyn products and have never had a problem reaction - I do have problems with all other products and discovering this has made such a difference. I think JM must have other things going on. If thrush gets a hold the delicate skin can split and this is painful whatever you use. After menopause it is a balancing act to keep in condition for sex and I could not do so without these products. The little tubes are convenient and if you use them as per instructions (dont let go of tube after squeezing) then I have found no problem. The cost is well worth it. A good silicone lubricant is well worth the investment too. (Posted on 20 August 2014)
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(7 of 7 people found this review helpful)
Love this product Review by AM
Product Rating
I've suffered thrush on and off for years. Got to the point where I was having an attack each month (doc verified thrush so nothing else!) I've been on fluconaze but I didn't like the idea of my body getting used to an antifungal. I've been using this for 3 months and no thrush attack so far.....bliss! The only down side is the heavy discharge in the morning, but I suppose what goes up must come down so to speak. This is my new preventative :-) (Posted on 23 September 2016)
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(6 of 8 people found this review helpful)
Burns Like Crazy - ouch Review by Daisy
Product Rating
Hi I've just been using this product for the first time - I have used it for 3
nights in a row but wow it burns so much (makes me want to cry out and grab ice cubes!). Will try one more night because the above reviews are so positive so I'm still hoping it might help, but truthfully not sure whether it's actually helping or making matters worse. (Posted on 3 March 2016)
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(5 of 6 people found this review helpful)
burnnnssss Review by nj
Product Rating
just started using this gel after a pharmacist recommended it instead of pills for bv..the first time i applied it, was alright no such burns but the second time it felt like someone dumped twelve gallons of Tabasco sauce all up in there and then set it on fire. it lasted for at least 5 long minutes. i don't know if i should continue using it.

A burning sensation could mean that your vagina is reacting to the multi gyn rebalancing the pH levels of your vagina. IT is usually a sign of irritation or infection. Please finish the course if you are happy to do so or refer back the pharmacist or GP.
Thank you for your review
Customer Care Team (Posted on 21 January 2017)
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(5 of 5 people found this review helpful)
Adds moisture, feels natural and pleasant to use. Review by Maddie Cox
Product Rating
Have tried Rephresh and this and I prefer the consistency of this, although not the small tubes. Wish it was available in one big tube, but sadly not. Good for popping into a travel bag though, but a tube would be more realistic for everyday use.
Doesn't stain.
Feels nice to use. (Posted on 3 May 2013)
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(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Product Rating
Love this...never had this awful thrush/BV horrible thing before but....but seem to be getting it a lot working in boiling hot care homes!!! I am a very clean person and I have linked the b.v to very hot enviroments!!! anyway I got multigyn actigel yesterday and what a relief!!!...I was a little worried about applying it to my sensitive bits but tested this on my arm before hand tingles a little but is so cooling and 99 per cent relieves and I am hoping I won't need antibiotics??....keep you all posted (Posted on 18 December 2015)
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(3 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Definitely worth a try Review by Kat
Product Rating
I have been using Flora Plus for a while now.I have had problems with chronic thrush and all the symptoms that come with it. I am much better now.I use Flora Plus preventatively and when I feel my symptoms are coming back.It hasn't cured the problem yet but has helped a lot.Highly recommended. (Posted on 13 August 2013)
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(2 of 4 people found this review helpful)

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You're reviewing: Multi-Gyn FloraPlus (Previously Bio-Fem)

Product Questions

I am 4 weeks pregnant and I have thrush, can I use multi gym flora plus. I have been using multi gym actively which helps but doesn't take the itch away completely.

I have also been taking a probiotic for women only for a couple of days but I need something to help with the discomfort.

Can I try this multi gym flora plus

I am trying to conceive and i have recurrent yeast infection. I am using flora plus to control the yeast infection.
The product claimed that it is not advice to use it BEFORE and AFTER 6 hours of intercourse if trying to get pregnant.
can you please clarify that it is advice to use it BEFORE 6 hours or how many days to be avoided to use this product?
Hi I have suffered from thrush a lot I went to my local boots and asked about this product they recommend it I used it last nite for the first time when I first applied this product it really stung and I wounder if this was normal after a couple of mins the stinging stop.
Hi! I am 62 yrs old and post menopause. I was miserable with chronic BV and then discovered Actigel. It made a difference, but what finally kicked it was actigel + a probotic specifically for the female urinary and genital tract. MUCH relief. Now, I am seeing the prebiotics here. Do you think I should use this in addition, would there be benefit??

Can i have intercorse while being under the 5 day treatment of Multi-Gyn Floraplus? Would it affect the partner's health? I am not trying to conceive.
I have been suffering from yeast infections often, mostly after making love. My husband and I are working on a pregnancy so it has been a dillema for me what to use when I start to feel itching, burning, iritation. I've heard about Actigel and bought it as a relief for yeast infection since iy says it's safe to use im case of pregnancy and I was trying to avoid traditional Candida treatment. I have been usong Actigel for 3 days now and it's helping with the symptoms. My question is: should I start to use Flors plus instead, and how safe would that be if I am pregnant.