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Beurer WL30 Wake-Up Light

  1. Wake up light alarm clock that awakes you gently with the simulation of a natural sunrise
  2. Functions for sunrise, sunset, snooze and goodnight
  3. Choice of radio, alarm or the 4 natural sounds (Birds, frogs, rain and wind)
  4. LCD brightness and light intensity is adjustable
  5. Light display can be changed to either blue or orange

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SKU: 10445


Wake up at the crack of dawn… but at a more reasonable hour of your choice!

We’ve all said it, “I want to wake up at the crack of dawn and watch the sunrise”, and how many of us have actually done it? We’re not implying that we can deliver the actual sunrise, but we’ve got something that’s pretty close.

Beurer WL30 Wake Up LightFor most of us, the alarm goes off and wakes you with a jump, you give the alarm clock a punch to snooze for as long as you possibly can before you finally have to drag yourself out of bed, eyes still closed, and fumble your way to the bathroom – not the best way to start your day! The Beurer WL30 is a dawn simulator; replicating nature’s sunrise with its naturally increasing bright light and optional nature noises to wake you from your slumber naturally. Leave the sluggish start behind and rise and shine for a positive start to your day

The Beurer WL30 wake up light dawn simulator has an array of sounds to choose as your call to wake; you can wake up to the sound of the breeze that blows or the beautiful harmonious birdsong; or if you wish, you can wake up listening to your favourite radio station or to silence and just let the simulated sunrise penetrate your eyelids for a gentle awakening. Whichever you prefer, it’s your routine. The Beurer WL30 can also be set to help you relax and fall into a peaceful sleep. Select the sunset and you can fall into slumber to the natural melody of frogs croaking or the pitter-patter of the rain. Falling to sleep in such a state of relaxation is sure to give you a good night’s rest..

Beurer’s brand stands for high-quality; thoroughly tested products for all applications in the areas of health and wellbeing. Celebrated as the brand of the century, Beurer manufacture and create exceptional products with authentic German design, distributing only the most remarkable products to benefit your health and wellbeing.

The Beurer WL30 dawn simulator is designed to wake you from your sleep in a gentle and natural way. Gradually, the light becomes brighter like the rising sun, so you can slowly become accustom to the light and gently prepare your body and your eyes for waking up. The brightness of the light can also be altered to your preference.

Beurer WL30 Wake Up To Your Favourite Colour

Using the Beurer WL30 wake up light has a number of benefits; light has a significant effect on cortisol levels and aids in increasing these. Cortisol is an important hormone in the body which is involved in proper glucose metabolism, regulation of blood pressure and immune function to name a few. Cortisol levels should have a regular routine; reaching their highest in the morning and gradually reducing throughout the day. If you find that you are groggy in the morning, this could mean that your cortisol levels are low. Using the WL30 can support the morning cortisol peak allowing you to get into a healthy cortisol routine.

Not only does the Beurer WL30 light alarm clock aid in cortisol levels, it also controls melatonin hormone levels. Unlike cortisol levels working at their highest in the morning, melatonin works at its highest in the evening. Altering the light exposure on your device can help balance the melatonin levels powerfully, without resorting to melatonin supplements.

Beurer WL30 wake up light and dawn simulator will gracefully send you to sleep and wake you up in the seventh heaven. But we can’t promise that you will leave your bed – that’s down to you!

Beurer Brand of The Century

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SKU / Product Code 10445

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Great Review by Rizza
Product Rating
Chunky design, I am very happy with this purchase and I especially like the orange numerals. (Posted on 4 February 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Great - would recommend Review by Shirley
Product Rating
Was given this alarm clock after I had asked for a light alarm clock for my birthday. .
My main requirement/brief was to be woken gently by the light - simulating natural dawn. The variable sounds are not important to me, the light was the priority. because when the alarm sounds I'm actually already awake by the light .
As with anything like it it is trial and error, finding the settings and right combination, took a few days but I have it set to my needs now - All OK! (Posted on 26 January 2015)
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Great for early risers Review by Soho
Product Rating
I work shifts and got this for the early stint that quite frankly leaves me fumbling and struggling in the dark. Was recommended this by a work colleague and I found it easy to set up and change for my different shift patterns. Waking seems a lot easier more gentle and actually invigorating so I am very pleased with it. (Posted on 31 January 2015)
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Tries too hard to be multifunctional. Fails! Review by Early Riser
Product Rating
Warm, yellow, mellow light. Quite pretty, but not what you really want when you need to wake up.

Setting of the alarm requires a lot of fiddly steps and times out if you take too long, it's also remarkably easy to accidentally unset the alarm that you think you just set correctly.

The 'natural sounds' are pretty terrible quality and are very short, very synthetic and broadcast through cheap, tinny speakers.

Does light up, does have a working (though poor sound quality) radio and does function as an alarm. Hence 2 stars, but worth £45? No danger! (Posted on 25 October 2015)
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