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Beurer TL55 Day and Night Wellness Lamp

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  1. 2-in-1 Day and Night light to improve your body’s natural biorhythm
  2. Bright light feature to combat seasonal affective disorder
  3. Red light feature to mimic a sunset to put your body in a state perfect for sleep
  4. Emits a powerful 10,000 LUX
  5. Integrated rechargeable battery and stand make it perfect to take wherever you need it

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Yes, the winter blues really are a thing

Ever noticed how during the summer months, on those bright and sunny mornings you wake up with a spring in your step ready to take on the world yet during winter when it is still dark on the commute to work you just feel a lot more drained? Well there is actually an explanation for this. Sunlight is essential for life and has a direct effect upon the human body. Sunlight indirectly controls the production of melatonin, the hormone which regulates our sleep and shows us when to sleep, melatonin is only passed into the blood when it is dark. Therefore, in months when there is less sunlight your body produces more melatonin making you feel more tired no matter how much you rest.

As well as an increase in melatonin product, lack of light also prevents the production of serotonin or the ‘happy hormone’ which is believed to significantly improve your overall well-being. The consequences of lack of light is that many of the bodies functions have powered down which leads to the ‘winter blues’, they are really a thing, and can present symptoms such as;

  • A need for more sleep
  • Loss of appetite
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • A drop in your mood/feeling down
  • Imbalance
  • Generally feeling under the weather

Use bright light therapy to mimic the power of the sun

The application of light yields changes to hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain that have an effect on our activity levels, our feelings and our well-being. To compensate for such a hormonal imbalance. A bright light such as the Beurer TL55 emits a powerful amount of light that creates a suitable replacement or natural sunlight.

The lights in your office have an illuminance levels of just around 500 lux, although it may seem bright whilst you are working away it is nowhere near the level of natural sunlight, however the 10,000 lux produced by the Beurer TL55 is, which will help you to combat those winter blues.

Not only does the Beurer TL55 have you covered in the morning, but it’s got you at night too!

A complete and restorative night’s sleep is essential for our physical and mental well-being, there are so many vital processes happening whilst we sleep. However, many of us struggle to get to sleep when we need too, we can all relate to the situation of lying in bed tossing and turning, counting sheep and doing literally anything else to get some shut eye.

The TL55 includes a red light that will help you achieve just that. The wave lengths of red light act on your retina and nervous system and in doing so calm your body and mind. The red light has an integrated 30 minute timer that gradually dims the red light, recreating the natural setting of the evening sun which promotes relaxation and recuperation to help you fall asleep and sleep through the night. 

Take the TL55 with you wherever you go

Although the ideal time to use a bright light is first thing in the morning, that isn’t always ideal, most of us don’t have a spare 30 minutes to sit in front of a bright light. The powerful chargeable battery of the TL55 makes it perfect for you to take to work and enjoy with your first coffee, it also includes a stand which makes it easy to just place on your desk and enjoy as you work. The storage back you receive gives you piece of mind to know your bright light won’t get damaged.

The Beurer TL55 Day and Night Bright Light has the powerful 10,000 lux light to start the day full of energy and a red light to help you sleep for longer and easier on a night. This double function means that the bright light actively supports your natural biorhythm and ensures the gentle regulation between day and night.

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SKU / Product Code 12133
Programmes LED Timer, 10, 20 & 30 Minutes
Brand Beurer
Recommended For Those in need of more sleep, Lack of energy, Loss of appetite, Difficulty concentrating
Included Contents 1 Phototherapy Unit & Mains adapter, Protective storage cover, Battery
Diameter 26 x 17 x 2.4cm
Certification CE
Guarantee 3 Years
Adjustable Plastic stand
Author Beurer
CE Approved Yes
Colour White
Overall Diameter 26 x 17 x 2.4cm
Product Weight Approx 1.2 Kilogram
Quantity 1
Waterproof No
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