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Beurer MG800 Fascia Releazer

  1. Beurer MG 800: developed by physiotherapists, clinically proven
  2. Myofascial release via deep vibration massage to release muscle tension
  3. Rejuvenates and regenerates muscle fasciae tissue
  4. Increases hydration and blood flow to muscles for fast repair
  5. Includes instructional DVD

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Myofascial massage will relieve your body’s important connective fasciae

If you’re serious about fitness you’ll often find that you feel sore or stiff as your muscles repair themselves and grow. Many people go to physiotherapists or massage therapists to get relief for their muscles, but this can be very expensive and time consuming. The Fascia Releazer allows you to treat all of your soreness and tension at home in a way that’s easy and highly effective. Its unique design improves upon over fascia release tools to more effectively relieve tension not just in your muscles but in the interconnected fibres of your fascia as well.


What are fasciae?

Fasciae are the connective tissue fibres that surround all of your muscles, bones, organs and nerve cells. They keep everything in place and ensure that your body parts all work together smoothly when you move. Your fasciae link your muscle fibres together, storing up energy between your tendons and bones. If they’re not exercised on a regular basis they can stick together and thicken, losing elasticity and causing tears, inflammation and discomfort.


How does the Fascia Releazer work?

You can regain the suppleness and elasticity of your muscles and fascia tissue by alternately applying pressure and tension. The Fascia Releazer allows you to do this by yourself, without massage therapists or physios. Its patented design allows you to effectively reach and relieve fascia in all areas of your body for a deeply effective massage that will make you feel reinvigorated and add new life to your training. Multiple studies have shown that it speeds up tissue regeneration, boosts blood supply and helps your body to increase the elasticity and resilience of your muscles. The vibration will also relax your muscle fibres and reduce stiffness, allowing for smoother more comfortable movement.

Beurer MG 800

How can I use my Fascia Releazer?

The Fascia Releazer is powered via USB and provides 11 hours of myofascial release massage between charges. It can be used either with or without massage oil depending on your preferences. Without oil it provides a gentle surface massage, with oil it will penetrate deep into the tissue for a more intense and therapeutic experience. The included dvd and quick start leaflet show you the most effective ways to use your massager.

There are suggestions for three different areas:

  • Lower body: lower leg, thighs, shin, calves
  • Mid body: lower back and bottom
  • Upper body: neck, upper and lower arms

Beurer recommend using it for 15 minutes on each area three times a week for the best results. The Fascia Releazer is designed to provide four different treatment surfaces – two convex ones for lighter massage and two edges for deep treatment. You can also choose from two different types of application, depending on your needs:

  • Static: Press down evenly on a spot that is bothering you 3 times in succession. This will loosen particularly tense areas.
  • Dynamic: Move the massage backwards and forwards to smooth out your fasciae and muscle fibres – quickly for a surface massage and more slowly to penetrate deeper into the muscle.

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SKU / Product Code 11057
Brand Beurer

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Very different from anything else out there, but my goodness. Bloody amazing. Review by Baz H
Product Rating
I have for several years suffered with pain throughout my body namely herniated discs in the lumbar spine, tension in the cervical spine, shoulder-arm syndrome, tennis elbow, pain in both feet. Regularly I have to resort to taking strong painkillers which I would prefer not to do as they cause constipation and fogginess.
By accident I discovered a blog about myofascial release massage and I decided to try it for myself. It was a revelation. Encouraged by the positive effects of this trigger point treatment I also decided to try this wood lightsaber. I like the wood design (there was a plastic alternative but it was very plasticy and I returned that one)
The rod vibrates and is not intrusive noise wise. One charge usually lasts me about 15 minutes per charge I treat one part of my body, and after cooling reuse for another 15 mins.
Be careful intially otherwise you'll suffer really unsightly bruising! I do tend to bruise easily but I know not to apply too much pressure. Wrongly I assumed that pressing down and rolling the muscles and tissue hard would garner the best results. WRONG! Take it steady, and build up over time. Definitely do not apply too much pressure, the motto No Pain No Gain - is certainly not valid here!

I am convinced about the efficacy of the device for my needs. I have not used painkillers for weeks and my body feels lighter and more 'fluid'. Very different from anything else out there, but my goodness. Bloody amazing. (Posted on 10 March 2016)
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