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Beurer MG510 Wireless Tapping Massager

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  1. Powerful cordless tapping massager penetrates deep into the muscle tissue, with optional heat to improve circulation
  2. Percussive massager gives you an effective professional massage at home
  3. Perfect solution for sore and aching muscles, improved home rehabilitation
  4. Removable handle allows you to self-massage any part of your body
  5. Option to combine heat therapy with your massage for an even deeper muscle treatment

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Remove tension and discomfort from your whole body with the cordless Beurer MG510 Tapping Massager so you can use it anywhere!

How often do you get a little niggly tight spot in your back that is just out of reach? All it needs is a little care and attention and the discomfort it is causing you will just disappear but it always seems to be in a place that you just can’t get too. If only there was something that could do all the work for you and reach anywhere on your body.

Beurer have created the MG510, a powerful hand-held tapping massage machine that features a deep penetrating tapping massage to help address tight and sore muscles, leaving you feeling pain free and relaxed.

What is a tapping massager?

You may have used a handheld massager before without any real benefit but a tapping massage differs from other 'vibrational' massagers. When standard vibrating massager is placed on the body you feel very little effect unless you apply quite a bit of force, a tapping massager is much easier to use and requires a lot less effort which allows you to relax more and penetrates the deeper layers of muscle. By using this technique, as well as feeling more relaxed, the user will find that it:

  • Relieves muscle aches and pains
  • Loosens muscles and reduces stiffness
  • Increases blood circulation which brings oxygenated blood to the area speeding up recovery and preventing pain
  • Relieves tension and stress
  • Relieves fatigue and tirdness in your muscles
  • Promotes relaxation

Enjoy the benefits of Tapping Massage with the added benefit of heat!

Massaging is a vital part of good health; massaging the muscles allows them to be stretched, decreases tension and encourages restoration after exercise. Having regular massages will improve your workouts like you wouldn’t believe, more flexible muscles will improve your ability to perform better and less susceptible to muscle cramps.

The Beurer MG150 doesn’t just offer you the benefits of tapping massages but the added benefit of heat therapy as well. Heat therapy is a tried and trusted way of addressing muscle pains, everyone knows how great a hot bath is when you are feeling a bit sore. The added heat only amplifies the benefits that you receive from the massage. The heat increase blood flow even more and this boost in blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to injured, aching tissues, resulting in faster healing and it also reduces pain and inflammation.


The Beurer MG510 comes with 4 interchangeable heads to tailor your massage exactly how you want it.

The Beurer MG510 comes with 4 different massage heads that all give you a different sensation;

  • Standard massage head- perfect for an all over massage, it is extremely comfortable and relaxing
  • Heat head- the heat head gives a comfortable massage with all the benefits of heat discussed above
  • Cooling head- gives you’re a great tapping massage with a cooling sensation that can help to relive pain similar to the effect of an ice pack
  • Trigger point head- slightly less comfortable that the other heads but the pointier head allows you to really target those troublesome spots such as knots.

The MG510 has a removable handle that allows you to reach those tricky spots which you can’t reach, particularly on your back. When the long handle is detached, the easy to grip handle on the top of the massager makes it extremely easy to use to get target all the areas you want.

5 intensity settings on the tapping massager to allow you to further tailor your massage to your preference, when you just want a light relaxing massage or a deep penetrative massage to rid yourself of muscle pain.

The powerful lithium-ion battery gives you 2 hours run time, perfect if you are travelling. You will never have to go without again.


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SKU / Product Code 12136
Programmes Heat Function, Adjustable Intensity
Brand Beurer
Recommended For For those who need to relax or need a rejuvenating massage after working out. Ideal for treating painful muscles and assisting home rehabilitation giving you the very best results and faster muscle recovery.
Included Contents 4 Massage Attatchments, Power Supply, 1 Massager, Removal Handle
Diameter 45.5 x 10 x 15.5 cm
Certification CE
Power 1 x Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery (charger included)
Guarantee 3 Years
Adjustable Handle can be detatched
CE Approved Yes
Colour White
Product Weight 1.7KG
Speed Adjustable Intensity
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Cordless tapping massager Review by 10KMay
Product Rating
Really deep treatment, better than plain vibrational massage. The heat nodule is particularly effective and the egg shaped head I use for trigger point massage. Hits the spot every time.
Good choice for me as I don't need to be near the socket and reaching my lower back is easy with the long reach handle, although I usually prefer to use the shorter version.
Yes, I would recommend this tapping massager. (Posted on 12 March 2018)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)

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