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Beurer MC3000 HCT Shiatsu Massage Home Chair


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  1. Shiatsu massage chair with innovative design that sits perfectly in your home
  2. Beurer MC3000 delivers penetrating 3D back massage along your spine
  3. Vibrations along the seat and foot area provide relaxing comfort
  4. 3 different programs and adjustable intensities
  5. Rotates 360˚, removable back cushion and can be folded away

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SKU: 10509


Luxurious Shiatsu massage chair with penetrating 3D massage inside the chair - its an amazing home massage treatment!

Just when you thought Beurer had it all; providing you with ultimate comfort and relaxation just by placing a Shiatsu massage cover over your favourite comfortable chair. Well they’ve transcended even further. Instead of a chair cover they have designed and built a luxurious Shiatsu massage chair that has penetrating 3D back massage INSIDE the chair; not only will the chair untie those tight knots in your back, the chair also delivers a relaxing vibration along the seat and foot area, so you can really lose yourself in relaxing luxury.

The Beurer MC3000 has a rotating, 3D rocking motion, back massage technology that delivers an intense and penetrative Shiatsu massage along your spine; this deeply invigorating bodywork can be extremely effective in restoring mental and physical health by alleviating stress, aches and contributing to your overall well-being. You no longer will have to spend time or money to visit the masseuse; you can just sit back, recline and relax in the comfort of your own living room. Fancy that – you’re very own masseuse and whenever you need it most.

You can adjust the seat to suit your liking; it reclines, adjustable back and foot rest, it turns 360˚, removable back cushion and if you want some more living area space, the Beurer MC3000 Shiatsu massage chair even folds away for storage.

Does it get any better? The answer would be yes, yes it does. The Shiatsu massage chair also has 3 individual programs that provide different intensities that you can choose from along with changing the intensity of the vibrations on the seat and foot rest. If you wish to do so, you can switch on the light and heat settings for a more penetrative, deep massage that can help in promoting blood circulation around the whole of your back.

Fall in love and into your perfect Beurer MC3000 Shiatsu massage chair.

Shiatsu Massage Technique

What is a Shiatsu massage?

It is the most popular massage therapy; it is Japanese for “finger pressure” that combines techniques of finger and palm pressure. This type of massage promotes circulation, increases energy levels, bringing your body back to perfect balance to make you feel completely rejuvenated; the Beurer MC3000 has been specially designed to adopt all these techniques so you can reap the benefits of a Shiatsu massage in your own home.

The ideology of a Shiatsu massage is that we are made up of energy called qi (this is pronounced chee); when this energy is blocked by either stress, aches or pains it causes suffering. A Shiatsu massage alleviates you from this discomfort by removing blockages and realigning the meridian points. By doing this it balances the body and mind providing you with relaxation and restoring the vital qi energy that was lost; then this is where the healing process begins. The immune and nervous system are rejuvenated by the pressure that is applied to the meridians, promoting relief for your body and mind.

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SKU / Product Code 10509
Brand Beurer

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a good purchase. Review by Tom & Joan
Product Rating
The massage functions of the chair are very good, I prefer to use with the back-pad so it is not as strong. I particularly enjoy the vibrating function it is pleasant to use, and very relaxing.
Sitting on the chair is very comfortable, you can adjust the backrest quite far back for added comfort and the legs are well supported. My husband wanted to purchase this and I was a little dubious about adding another piece of furniture, but we both like it and it is a good purchase. (Posted on 20 March 2015)
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hi i would like to buy this chair but i want to know if you can deliver this in pakistan.
As i need this for my mother. And she lives in pakistan.
So if you can tell me if you can deliver this to my home in pakistan. And how much in total will this cost. I will buy it then. Also how long would this take to deliver in pakistan.

Waiting for ur reply