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Beurer LR200 Compact Air Purifier

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  1. 3-Level filter system for 99.5% cleaner air
  2. Prefilter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter
  3. Suitable for rooms up to 15m²
  4. Night mode has quiet operation for a better nights sleep
  5. 3 fan level settings

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Beurer LR 200- For healthier air in your room

statsAir pollution is increasing all the time. As our reliance on things such as cars and electronics increases, the level of pollution increases with many cities and towns suffering from a constant dangerous level of smog – thought to be the cause of approximately 40,000 deaths a year due to the health problems it causes. This is not necessarily negated by being inside either, as air from the outside gets trapped in and recirculated. There are also the issues of contaminants that are produced inside the home such as mould, pollen, tobacco smoke, cleaning products and animal dander. Modern life has evolved in such a way now that a large number of us spend up to 90% of our day inside, whether that be at home or work. Because you spend so much time indoors surround by these dangerous pollutants you need a way to clean the air.

Air cleaning by a three-layer filter system

There are many air filters out there that use varying methods to clean the air in your room, all of which have partial effect as they can only destroy particles of a certain size. In order to combat this the Beurer LR 300 uses a fantastically effective combination of purifying methods that will leave the air as clean and odourless as possible. It utilises of 4 different filters which are medically proven to destroy 99.5% of pollutants. The 3 filters are;

  • Pre-filter- the air is first sucked through the pre-filter which removes any larger particles in the air such as pet dander, dust and small insects, these can often be carrying smaller particles that cause allergies to be triggered
  • Activated carbon filter- the air then passes through an activated carbon filter which can remove much smaller and more dangerous particles such as harmful gases, odours, and heavy metals.
  • HEPA filter- the third filter cleans up anything that has been missed by the others such as bacteria, viruses, mites, and pollen
  • Ionisation- if you need an added boost in performance then the LR 200 it also has an ionisation feature which sends negative ions into the air which then bind themselves to the finest of particles. When these ions bind to the particles they then become too heavy and fall out of the air.

Filter system

The fresh, clean air, which is free from 99.5% of pollutants, is then blown back into the room to help you breathe easy.

For healthy ambient air whilst sleeping

sleeplineThe Beurer LR 200 is part of the Beurer Sleep Line as quality of the air in your bedroom can have a huge effect on the quality of your sleep, pollutants such as mould, pollen and dust can impact on your breathing which will mean you struggle to sleep properly. Using the LR 200 air purifier will ensure you are breathing in clean air so that you have a peaceful night’s sleep. So that the air purifier doesn’t disturb your sleep it has a night mode which quietens the fan and dims the lights. It also has a timer feature that means you can set it to run for as long as you want whilst you sleep.

We spend close to 90% of our lives indoors. Healthy air makes breathing easier, reduces dust, improves your ability to concentrate and the quality of your sleep, using the Beurer LR 200 will give you all of that!

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SKU / Product Code 12125
Programmes 3 Fan levels and night mode
Brand Beurer
Recommended For Air Purifier removes pollutants from the air to improve your health
Included Contents Air purifier
Power 60 Watt
Guarantee 3 Year Guarantee
CE Approved Yes
Colour White
Size 17.5cm x 27.3cm x 30cm (6.9" x 10.7" x 11.8")
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