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Beurer IPL9000 SalonPro Permanent Hair Removal System

  1. Clinically proven to reduce hair count by 50% within 3 to 4 weeks
  2. Built-in skin type sensor and skin contact sensor for safety
  3. Can deliver full body treatment including the fac in 26 minutes
  4. Salon quality treatment in the comfort of your own home
  5. Applicator cartridge provides 100,000 flashes

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Salon quality IPL hair removal treatment you can use at home and on your face too!

Beurer’s latest contribution to the beauty world marks a revolution in home hair removal. Using professional technology and advanced, clinically proven safety features, the Beurer IPL 9000+ SalonPro System will change the way you manage your unwanted hair.

What is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, and is a technology that has been used for over 14 years to permanently reduce hair count. IPL hair removal devices work by applying focused, broad-spectrum light to the surface of the skin. The intense light travels through the skin until it reaches hair roots.

As it strikes the root, the light is converted to heat energy and the root is vaporized. The hair shaft will later shed from the skin. Papilla, the cells responsible for producing hair, is also destroyed in the process, so that the hair is permanently removed.How does The Beurer IPL hair removal system work?

Why should I choose the Beurer IPL 9000+ SalonPro System?

Beurer IPL 9000+ SalonPro System has been designed to make IPL hair removal treatment as quick and effective as possible. With IPL 9000+, one treatment of your entire body takes just 26 minutes.

This is down to the extra-large light surface of the applicator; at 7cm² it is the largest on the market, allowing for bigger areas of skin to be treated at one time.

Another brilliant time saving feature of the IPL 9000+ is the ‘flash-glide function’. Many other IPL treatments require you to hold the light directly over one area for a few seconds before moving on. With IPL 9000 there’s no need to do this, you just continue to glide the light cartridge over the skin whilst it flashes, making treatment quick and simple.

Beurer IPL SalonPro Hair Removal Systems are clinically proven to be safe for home use

Is Beurer IPL 9000+ SalonPro hair removal safe?

Yes, it has been clinically tested to be completely safe for use at home.

IPL hair removal was originally intended for only qualified dermatologists to undertake, and it is only in more recent years that home treatments have been developed. For a complete beginner, the idea of home IPL treatment can seem daunting. To give you confidence and to keep you safe, Beurer has incorporated state of the art, professional safety features into their IPL SalonPro Systems.

The Beurer IPL 9000+ features a 2 in 1 skin sensor, which can detect skin contact as well as skin type. IPL hair removal treatment is not suitable for dark skin types or tanned skin and can cause pigmentation problems if used. The integrated skin colour sensor in the IPL9000+’s applicator detects when skin is too dark for effective treatment, and prevents the light cartridge from flashing in order to protect against pigmentation.

Similarly, the sensor can detect when the applicator loses contact with the skin. IPL treatment light is incredibly bright and can be damaging to the eyes, so with this safety feature you can feel confident that the Beurer IPL 9000+ will not cause any harm. The applicator also has built-in UV protection, which blocks potentially harmful UV radiation.

Where can I use the Beurer IPL 9000+ SalonPro System?

Since IPL 9000 has been designed for optimum safety, it is suitable to use almost anywhere on the body, including the underarms, bikini line and face. The only areas to avoid are particularly intimate or sensitive areas such as the nipples or genitals.Beurer IPL SalonPro Hair Removal Systems can remove hair all over the body

What kind of results will I see with the IPL 9000+?

In clinical trials the Beurer IPL 9000+ SalonPro System was proven to reduce hair count by up to 50% after just 3 to 4 treatments. However for the best results you should follow the recommended treatment plan detailed in the user manual. Results will become more impressive over a number of weeks and months.

Hair follicles go through growth cycles which last between 18 and 24 months; they do not continuously grow, but lay dormant for some periods. IPL only works on active hair follicles, and as a result it is necessary for continuous sessions over a number of months to gradually blitz hair from active follicles.

For this reason IPL is referred to as a permanent hair reduction treatment, rather than a complete removal treatment. Although some hair may remain, the hair count will be dramatically reduced and the appearance of hair will be much finer. The need to shave or use hair lightening creams will be reduced too.

When the light hits the root of the hair, it is the pigment melanin which it reacts to in order to generate heat and destroy the root. Hair with higher levels of melanin pigment is more likely to respond to IPL treatment, i.e. the darker the hair, the better the results. People with very light blonde, grey or white hair may not see results as quickly as those with dark hair, so may require more treatments.

Should I choose the Beurer IPL 9000+ or the Beurer IPL 10000+?

Both Beurer IPL SalonPro Systems are identical in quality, technology and safety. The only difference is the quantity of flashes available on the light cartridges.

The IPL 9000+’s light cartridge provides 100,000 flashes. This will provide regular treatment for 2 to 4 years, after which time the cartridge will need replacing.

The IPL 10000’s light cartridge provides 250,000 flashes, which is regarded as enough to last a lifetime; the cartridge will not need replacing and provides regular treatment for 20 to 40 years.

Please note: Beurer IPL SalonPro System is NOT suitable for dark skin types. It should NOT be used on tattooed areas. It is NOT suitable for people with diabetes, blood clotting disorders, epilepsy, light sensitivity conditions, or dermatological conditions such as psoriasis.

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SKU / Product Code 93171
Brand Beurer

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This would have been a 5 star review Review by ShyWell
Product Rating
I was fed up of shaving and smelly creams so looked into IPL technology. Patience is required, you must realise the results are not overnight, but after a few months and as I am 5 months down this road I can report back with my experience. The IPL only works when hair on hair in the growth phase you have to shave, then do a treatment. I found the laser pulse on continuous was the best way - you can 'fire' the laser individually but this gets too time consuming. I wanted to do my legs, underarms, top lip and bikini line. The laser head treats an area at a time, I was very cautious at first, however when I had done a patch test, and realised it wasn't going to burn or frazzle me, I did it on continuous, and more slowly. I suppose they have to say be cautious in the instructions, but realistically you just want the job done.
Top lip good - watch the laser on your face keep away from eyes and don't look into it. I was getting a few stray top lip hairs, I didn't shave these, I just trimmed it down - I didn't want to 'shave' my face in case it made it worse and the downy hair came back with a vengeance.
Underarm, can be awkward to get skin contact but has worked well
Legs - Great - really impressive, ankles take time as you have to get the laser tight to the skin and you have to get around the ankle bone, but it is no big deal.
Bikini Line - Fab - love it, Also stopped those pesky ingrowing hairs that I always got when I shaved my bikini line, the red rash and 'spots' were always very embarrassing and unsightly.

The IPL is easy to set up quickly - I've used it once a month now the results are evident I am really very impressed! The cartridge has a capacity of 15,000 light pulses and can be replaced (my bf wants it after me so I am happy to recycle she'll have to buy the new laser though - they have them here £50 ish)
This would have been a 5 star review, but I knocked 1 star off because of the patience required, maybe we are all part of the McDonald's culture where we want instant treatments, it takes time, but it is well worth it, I am delighted. 5 years ago I was quoted £1200 from a laser clinic for my legs - this is fast and easy and no appointments! (Posted on 13 April 2015)
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