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Beurer IL30 Infrared Lamp

  1. Infrared heat lamp to speed up the healing process
  2. Non-invasive, drug-free pain relief without medication
  3. Can adjust to four different angles
  4. 150w Infrared Heat Lamp
  5. Adjustable time from 2 – 12 minutes increments

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The Beurer IL30 Infrared Heat Lamp provides effective pain relief – drug-free!

We are all susceptible to colds, flu and tiresome aches and pains; but sometimes medication doesn’t suffice and we need that little bit extra to initiate the healing process. When we’re feeling a little under the weather, it is more often than not - the little amount of infrared heat around us that causes us to feel unwell. The Beurer IL30 Infrared Lamp is the marvel of heat lamps; promoting healthy blood circulation to naturally speed up your recovery.

How does the Beurer IL30 transfer effective, natural, drug-free pain relief?

Beurer IL30 Lifestyle

So, how do winter athletes or those who participate in winter sports such as skiing not freeze? That’s because skiers are wrapped in the sun’s rays which contain infrared; so even in the extremities of the cold, they are protected by the sun. Regardless of what the temperatures of the surroundings are, infrared heat can penetrate surface of your skin and release heat.

We all know that stretching our muscles before and after a workout is essential because it promotes blood flow to the muscles; doing this before and after a strenuous run boosts the delivery of oxygen, aids in removing waste products and prevents injuries.

Using the Beurer IL30 infrared lamp on targeted areas, opens up your capillaries to improve blood circulation and enhances a natural process to eliminate any toxins that are in your body; this then encourages the damage tissue to heal. Penetrating deep heat to your muscles automatically relaxes them to reduce any stiff or tension and aids in your joints’ flexibility.

The Beurer IL30 infrared heat lamp reduces pain and avoids inflammation to affected joints by producing a fast healing process. Your blood flow can increase by 400% in just half an hour of infrared heating treatment.

Why the Beurer IL30 Infrared Lamp is perfect for you

Beurer IL30

Beurer are the celebrated health and wellbeing brand of the century, delivering products that are designed with phenomenal German technology; providing you with devices that are successful in creating all round healthier you.

The IL30 Infrared lamp has a 150W bulb that distributes penetrative infrared heat to increase blood flow in areas that are sore. It is a tremendous, drug-free device to allow you to feel more relaxed in your own home.

The four different adjustable angles let you adjust the devices, directing infrared heat to the injured area with ease.

The IL30 infrared lamp is designed with supreme glass and a non-slip base, so it can radiate infrared heat safely. The lamp also has an automatic timer starting from 2 – 12 minutes increments, after the selected treatment period the lamp will automatically turn off.

Directions for use

Ensure that the surface is even and there are no items that can easily melt are near the lamp such as plastic, carpets, table cloths etc.

The timer will protect you from overheating yourself, but if you suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, have a chat with you GP about how long you should expose your skin to infrared light.

When in use, simply distance yourself at least 80cm between the lamp and the targeted area; this too will protect you from any overheating.

You can even use the infrared lamp on your face- just keep your eyes closed and do not look directly at light that is emitted from the Beurer IL30 Infrared Heat Lamp. It’s the perfect excuse to relax!

Beurer Brand of The Century

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SKU / Product Code 10441
Brand Beurer

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Brilliant heat lamp Review by Lorrie K
Product Rating
I received the lamp today and I am extremely satisfied with the quality, the timer is an ideal way to make sure I do not over expose for too long. It features a 4 stage adjustment and the range of adjustment seems OK.
Ever household should have an infrared lamp - brilliant for rehab, aches and pains - I am an absolute convert. (Posted on 27 January 2015)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(0 of 1 people found this review helpful)
The lamp arrived broken. I am expecting a new one. Review by AJF
Product Rating
I am eagerly expecting a new lamp after it arrived broken and I had to send it back straightaway.
It is such a shame as I was very much looking forward to starting using and enjoying the benefits of the lamp.
Hopefully it will arrive very soon and I will be able to write a more useful review.
Looking forward to receiving my new lamp ;-).

Dear Alf
I am sorry your lamp had a rough journey through the delivery system. I do hope you have the replacement now and I look forward to your review on it. We are such big fans of infra red light therapy here we have an office lamp for those day-to-day aches and pains, and turn it on at the first sign of a cold too.
Here to help - looking forward to your updated review
Customer Care Team (Posted on 16 March 2016)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(0 of 2 people found this review helpful)

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Product Questions

I suffer badly from painful tension of my neck and shoulder muscles and my hubbie suffers from lower back pain and stiffness . Would this lamp help us both please ?
Is this near or far infrared lamp?
Hi I'm interested in your IL30 Infrared lamp (150w) can the bulb be replaced, if so where can I purchase. Do you ship to Northern Ireland. Thanks Mary