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Beurer FS50 Facial Sauna with Steam Inhaler

  1. Beurer FS50 Facial Sauna System with Steam Inhaler is an amazing 2 in 1 home use wonder
  2. Face care attachment for a deep clean steam-facial beauty treatment at home with salon style results
  3. Treat spots and acne and prevent further outbreaks
  4. Steam inhaler with mask for those with asthma, rhinitis or other respiratory conditions
  5. Use with medicinal or relaxing aromatherapy oils and herbs

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This relaxing facial sauna comes with a steam inhaler function for clearer breathing!

The Beurer FS50 Facial Sauna provides intensive skin care and aromatherapy inhalation. Perfect for cleaning blocked pores in the skin and improving skin radiance, but also delivers essential steam therapy for sufferers of asthma or other respiratory conditions, cold and flu viruses or more frequent sinus complaints.

The cosmetic face care attachment of the Beurer Facial Sauna is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably around your face. Using the variable steam output, your skin circulation is increased, your pores opened and impurities removed on a deeper level than possible with just the use of cleansing products.

With regular use, the Beurer Facial Sauna cleans your skin deep and keeps it clean to prevent spots and outbreaks of acne or other skin conditions.

beurer facial sauna Why is a facial sauna so vital for a home facial?

Many beauty salons will begin a facial treatment with steam therapy. The reason for this is the effect of any products applied to steamed skin; cleansers, moisturisers, face masks; are far more effective when the pores are open and circulation is enhanced.

Increased circulation in your skin gives the face a radiant glow, keeping it plump and having an anti-ageing visual effect.

Remove the Facial Sauna steam mask from the base unit of the Beurer FS50 and replace with the nose and mouth mask and your Facial Sauna becomes a steam inhaler for the health and well-being of you and your family; ideal treatment for asthma, colds, congestion, rhinitis, and other sinus and respiratory conditions.

The design of the Steam Inhaler mask localises the steam to focus on your respiratory system through your mouth and nose; clearing your airways in a comfortable, relaxing fashion.

Congestion, cold or breathing problems? Try steam!

The Beurer FS50 Facial Sauna also comes with an aromatherapy attachment which allows you to add medicinal herbs and oils and other relaxing aromatic substances intended for use with steamed water.

Simply place 3-7 drops of essential oil into the inhale. We'd recommend you consider using the following essential oils: Eucalyptus sp. (either E. globulus or E. radiata), Thyme ct. linalol (Thymus vulgaris), Lemon (Citrus limon), and Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia).  Breathe the infused air deep into your body vis your mouth and nose for the best effect.

Steam inhalations are indicated for:

  • Congestion in upper respiratory tract (ie cold or flu)
  • Sinusitis, Sinus infection or rhinitis
  • Enhancing respiratory function

The Beurer Facial Sauna requires just 50 ml of water making it easy to use and easy to clean.

This really is a device to take care of your health, well-being and beauty needs - a perfect and vital addition to help you to keep looking and feeling wonderful!

Beurer Brand of The Century

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SKU / Product Code 82474
Brand Beurer
Recommended For Facial sauna for deep cleansing and beauty treatments and steam inhalation machine to help with colds, respiratory and breathing problems.
Can be used with Essential oils of your choice
Included Contents Steam Unit, Facial Sauna Mask, Inhalator Mask, Water Measuring Cup, Aroma Attachment
Power UK Mains
Guarantee 3 Year Guarantee
User Manual View and/or Download the User Manual
Adjustable Adjustable steam release function
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Facial Sauna Review Review by Josie G
Product Rating
Neat, simple and easy to use. I am on a mission to look after myself after hitting the BIG 5 - 0 and this really cleanses my pores. I feel that by deep cleansing and opening the pores it helps more active ingredients from my creams be absorbed - I am not sure if that is true in science, but it makes a difference to how my skin looks.
I haven't used the steam inhaler so I am unable to comment on that but it is there come the winter time to use with olbas oil should I need it! (Posted on 14 August 2013)
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(5 of 7 people found this review helpful)
Improvement Review by SHz98
Product Rating
I think this has improved my skin, it has made it less greasy and it feels smoother. I use a skin scrub and then steam my face 3 times a week. I have noticed an improvement in less oily patches and less spots. My mum also used it with olbas oil when she had a cold and blocked sinuses. (Posted on 8 March 2013)
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(4 of 5 people found this review helpful)
Deep treatment gets skin really clean without being harsh and resulting in greasy patches. Review by One of my favourites - that and Touche Eclat!
Product Rating
Very pleased with this purchase, it really cleanses deep into my pores, without too much exfoliation. I find if I exfoliate too much my skin feels good, but it gets very greasy as a result, so this tends to be gentler by lifting the dirt. (Don't know if that is the exact science behind it, but it works well for me) I use it as a deep treatment once a week. (Posted on 1 August 2013)
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(4 of 6 people found this review helpful)
Good little steamer Review by Bartlebe
Product Rating
I use this for my asthma, it's a good little steamer heats the water up quickly to the right temperature. Easy to use - no complaints. (Posted on 16 October 2013)
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(4 of 5 people found this review helpful)
I highly recommend it. Review by Tilly
Product Rating
Great. 2 for 1 on this one so I use the face for facial treatments, and the smaller inhaler one for family use for colds, olbas oil etc. when we have a cold. Really good for opening up the pores and doing a home facial, I highly recommend it. (Posted on 26 March 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Great with essential oils for asthma Review by Zoe
Product Rating
I have one of these and I use it all the time. Firstly for an effective home facial treatment getting rid of dirt and grim (I live in the grimy city of London and boy do I mean GRIMY!) I also use it because I suffer with asthma. I like to buy organic essential oils from Neals Yard in Covent Garden and I use s few drop to help with my breathing and also relaxation (for relaxation I will sometimes ass chamomile) these inhalers are really good and I feel beneficial to someone like me who will only use their inhaler when she has to and that really is in desperate occasions, if I can manage my asthma I feel better about having it! (Posted on 13 January 2015)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
I think for the price it is a great device - Highly recommended !!! Review by Simona
Product Rating
The Beurer Facial Sauna is really great, heats up quickly and if you put the machine on level 2 to heat up and then at level 1 is it really effective for cleansing
I have only used it for facial cleansing, not for inhaling so I do not know what the other use is like so I am unable to comment. I presume I could fill with salt, herbs or aromatherapy oils.
They don't say how to accurately apply the facial sauna or how to use the small mask so I was not sure how to use it.
I think for the price it is a great device - Highly recommended !!! (Posted on 14 January 2015)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Good service and helpful staff. Review by Rhoda
Product Rating
Really like this I find it very effective to clear my sinuses and combat the effects of a cold. I also use the facial part for deep cleansing too and I find this useful. The smaller inhaler unit can be used with the device, but I tend to just use the facial bit, it gets a better concentration of steam.
I am surprised that they have not put a timer with this, so that the user can have a timed treatment whether for respiratory reasons or facial cleaning.
The face part is a good fit.
I came to buy this from here because I did purchase one initially from Amazon about 2 weeks ago and it arrived with German instructions and a german 2 pin plug :( I got a full refund but decided to get a UK one instead.
Good service and helpful staff. (Posted on 20 April 2015)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Excellent - Four Stars! Review by Shirley
Product Rating
Excellent, helps with my hay fever and my skin is looking better than it has for years! (Posted on 10 July 2015)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Satisfied Review by mohoyoyo
Product Rating
I am overall satisfied with the product, it is a good value for money. The only down side is the small water tank, although you can live with it it could have been a bit bigger (Posted on 19 October 2015)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)

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