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Beurer EM25 Glute Toner


In Stock - Despatched From The United Kingdom

  1. EMS device that is a gluteal trainer and bottom toner
  2. Builds and tones muscles in the gluteal area
  3. 15 levels of adjustable intensity
  4. Device is soft, flexible, safe and comfortable to use
  5. Available in a great value bundle with replacement pads

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Beurer EM25 will help you achieve the derrière you’ve always wanted.

We get it – trying to sculpt and strengthen your bottom is by far, easier said than done. Sometimes you get to a point where you feel like nothing is changing and especially when you are trying to shave a few inches off those difficult areas, it can seem impossible.

The Beurer EM25 is an electrical muscle stimulation device that is used as a bottom toner. Ladies – we’ve been there and we’ve done that; trying to shift those “holiday” inches you’ve gained can be strenuous, especially when these inches are placed (it seems) concretely on your buttocks.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is an acknowledged method of sports medicine and rehabilitation. It works by delivering electrical currents over the skin; these currents are used as a strengthening tool or a tool for rehabilitation.

Even though the Beurer EM25 bottom toner can aid in giving you the buns you have always longed for; having the perfect heinie is a lot more important than its appearance. This does not mean we’re saying having buns of steel is not attractive; but the gluteal muscles are one of the strongest and biggest group of muscles in the entirety of your body.

Remember your signature strut that took so long to crack? You should thank your glutes for that. Your gluteal muscles play a vital role in pelvic and spinal stabilisation – without these muscles, the hips would be unstable and you wouldn’t have a functional leg alignment.

Beurer EM25 Glute Toner

The gluteus maximus is the biggest muscle in the entire body (the word ‘maximus’ may have given it away), allowing us to maintain an upright position when we’re walking, running, sprinting, climbing the stairs, sitting down etc. Due to our sedentary lifestyle we have inhibited over centuries, our glute muscles have gradually lost tone and weakened as a result of our inactive muscles, which are now almost always asleep because of our chair-laden lives.

Frequently using and training your buttocks can aid in reviving your gluteal muscles that will help to support your core stability, improve your pelvic floor muscles, avoid injuries to the lower body, and in all, improve your overall health.

The Beurer EM25 can help restore and revitalise your gluteal muscles – giving your usual exercise routine a real boost! With an all-round healthy diet and lifestyle, this bottom toner from Beurer can give you the shape and strength you’ve always dreamed of.

Beurer are the leading brand in health and wellbeing; the brand have celebrated this title for over a century, designing, manufacturing and dispatching products of exceptional German technology around the world, in order to help a healthier looking and feeling you.

Your bottom, no matter what shape it is, can modify – at whatever age. The bottom you had when you was 20 will not be what it is when your 50, due to hormonal changes. However, using the Beurer EM25 bottom toner can help you train, strengthen and tone your bottom so that even when you are 50+, you can still achieve a perfectly healthy derrière at any age.

Start training with the Beurer EM25 bottom toner; after using this you won’t ever want to sit down again!

Keep toning for longer with our great value replacement pad bundle

The gel pads on your glute toner will need replacing every so often in order to ensure that you are getting the best results possible. Be prepared by ordering your EM25 with a pack of replacement pads; you can save money and make sure that your toning routine is never interrupted!


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SKU / Product Code 10400
Brand Beurer
Included Contents Glute Toner, 2 x AAA Batteries, 4 x Self-Adhesive Gel Pads, Instruction Manual
Power 2 x AAA Batteries (Included)
Guarantee 3 Year Guarantee
User Manual View and/or Download the Beurer EM25 Glute Toner User Manual
CE Approved Yes
Size 42.9cm x 12.5xm x 2.1cm (17.2 Inches x 5 Inches x 0.84 Inches)
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I'll give it five stars because it just feels good Review by WelshSpringer
Product Rating
I ordered this because I've always found glute or bum muscle training difficult (if not impossible). I enjoy using this at home because I just can't get out to the gym because of family/work commitments, childcare blah blah, the usual repertoire of a busy mum! When it arrived I read the user manual diligently and applied the glute toner. Working the control that's stuck on your bum is a bit difficult at first, but you soon get used to controlling it. I then use the middle button then press left on the + sign. At level four, I start to feel the 'pulse' or electrical stimulation, at stage nine I feel it is both comfortable and effective.The pulses change at intervals. some are pleasant and some are prickly - apparently designed to give the best exercise treatment. After 20 minutes it shuts off by itself.
I found that after I had used it about 10x I had problems with starting it, it constantly beeped and wouldn't pulse or work my muscles. It was the batteries as I had suspected and I had thought that they would have lasted longer. However I carefully cleaned the pads with a little water and it worked perfectly again - so it was connection with my skin, rather than power. I know a little about electrode pads because my brother used TENS pads when he had a motorbike accident, and they have to be fixed properly or you get 'hot spots' and the machine cuts out, which is exactly what this was doing..

After almost four weeks, I can say that the my muscles certainly feel more toned and shapely, I don;t think I would ever get a Kim Kardashian bum (IS THAT THING REAL???) but I like the improvement in tone and it isn't showing the sagging signs it was! When I use it rather than walk around I sit on it, I feel that this gives me better connectivity and that it gets into the muscles more. I'll give it five stars because it just feels good and I feel that I am doing something really positive, even though I am at home!. (Posted on 16 April 2015)
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(18 of 25 people found this review helpful)
Will report back after a couple of weeks! Review by Rod
Product Rating
Amazing. Lots of different muscle stimulation styles. Really intense, buttocks feel firmer after use, I am looking forward to reporting back to further improvements.
Will report back after a couple of weeks! (Posted on 3 March 2015)
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(9 of 10 people found this review helpful)
fantastic product Review by Pen
Product Rating
Helps a 50 something posterior feel and look amazing really tones and shapes (Posted on 14 June 2015)
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(9 of 11 people found this review helpful)
Booty builder - we'll see Review by Beth
Product Rating
much bigger than it looks in the picture, but you can feel an intense work out with this. I was amazed at the ache I got after the first few times of using it. I like this and i will report back when I have used it for 4 weeks to see if the tone has improved. (Posted on 22 February 2015)
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(8 of 9 people found this review helpful)
Amazing results ***** Review by Sxistephanie
Product Rating
Bought this being using it for 30days
Every day for 1hr
30 mins each on two different parts of my bum
and the results are amazing (Posted on 19 January 2018)
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great buy Review by kappk8
Product Rating
I had been struggling to activate my left glute and so i read up on tens, i realised it could help solve my problem. I looked at some products online and found out most muscle stimulators are costly. With a bunch of inconvenient wires so when i found the Beurer glute toner EM25 it exited me, it is a great price and very easy to use with 3 minutes mindfulness an a press of a button its battery operated. So it is great as you can where it under loose clothing around the house so you do not have to take out time to do it in the buff arwk ... the product has worked great for me and has instantly helped engage my glutes i would say stock up on more electrode pads because they become less sticky after repeatedly pulling them to and from the skin when your trying to position the device and check out your fantastic results .
Thanks for reading x (Posted on 27 January 2018)
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Product Questions


Where can I buy the replacement electrode pads for this glut toner

Thank you

I'm thinking of purchasing one how do you use it? And does it really work I want to tone my ass and make it a small bit bigger
hi is this product eligible for VAT relief pls? I think I may qualify but not sure how to check. thanks
I've recently bought the beurer glute toner em25, it says it has 15 levels but how do u know what level it's on when it has no screen
How many times can I use the trainer before I need to buy new gel pads. How should I care for them. Warm water and ordinary dishwashing soap, and then lay to dry? Im confused, as mine dont stick to my skin at all. And it feels better/deeper when it sticks and the "connection" is correct.
I recently purchased your ab and glute toner love both these products . I use then both on a daily basis . The glute toner has stopped working , I checked the battery didn't fix the problem what could it be ?