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Beurer EM20 EMS Neck & Shoulder Massager

  1. Relaxing shoulder and neck massage using Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)
  2. Stick on neck massager, soft and flexible with self adhesive, reusable pads
  3. Automatic switch-off after a relaxingly therapeutic massage
  4. Includes battery and reusable self-adhesive gel film set
  5. Variable massage intensity featuring 15 levels

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Hit the right spot perfectly with targeted massage from Beurer EM20 EMS Pad for your Neck and Shoulders - for the most relaxing massage you will ever have!

Do you find yourself rubbing the back of your neck?

Rolling your shoulders and trying to get some mobility back into cramped and frozen shoulders?

We all know the feeling. Maybe you have been hunched over your computer working hard, or did an extra set at the gym this week. That niggling pain, like a dull ache, just radiates from the tip of your spine up your neck and through your shoulders and your hand just can’t seem to rub it away. With the Beurer EM20 Neck and Shoulder massager, you can relax in bliss as the Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) targets the specific muscles in your neck and shoulders. No more stiffness, no more distracting pain keeping you from your work. Just the perfect friend who knows how to hit the right spot.

The innovative and unique shape of the Beurer EM20 Neck and shoulder massager sits perfectly and comfortably at the top of your back, with its adhesive electrode pads easily positioned for optimum exposure to the neck and shoulder muscles. The adhesive pads are reusable for at least 20 times, so a powerful targeted massage is guaranteed when you need it where you need it!

Here's what you get with the EM20 Neck and Shoulder Massager which incidentally is soft and really easy to use:

  • Self adhesive EMS massager that attaches directly to your skin over tense muscles and problem areas for deeply effective massage
  • Automatic switch off function at the end of your massage, built in safety function too..
  • The central button is easy to use, and offers an adjustable massage intensity over 15 levels.
  • The Beurer EM20 Neck Neck and shoulder massager is powered by battery and attaches easily using the self-adhesive gel film set.
  • A battery and gel film set is included with every purchase of the EM20 Neck & Shoulder EMS Pad Massager.
  • Replacements are also available from us here at
  • It is approx. 278mm x 87 mm x 13mm.

Beurer Brand of The Century

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SKU / Product Code 10166
Programmes 15 Massage intensities
Brand Beurer
Recommended For EMS - Electrical Muscle Stimulation, toning, exercise, relaxation etc. for the neck and shoulders
Included Contents EM20 Adhesive and reusable Neck pad, 1 battery, 1 self-adhesive gel film set
Power 1 CR2032 button battery
Guarantee 3 Year Guarantee
User Manual View and/or Download the Beurer EM 20 Neck User Manual
Size 278mm x 87mm x 13mm

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significant impact on my improvement. Review by Marj
Product Rating
THis is a great massager and for its size I was amazed at the level of intensity it offered. Initially I found positioning it not too easy, but I soon found the best way to do it, and repositioning is easy. The sticky pad sticks well, and to re-stick it is not a problem, it;s not a use once and throw away jobbie.
If anything the button isn't always good to get to, but after a while I got into the hand of it and I swear it has improved my shoulder stiffness. I was finding that due to stress my shoulders were lifting up and up right into my neck, my neck and shoulder area was cold which I was told is tension and a lack of circulation so I was keen to do something about it.
I have used this for about 6 weeks now and am still on my original sticky film that fits on the pads, this still works OK. My shoulders aren't cold anymore so I suspect that this massager has helped to get the circulation going again and miraculously the stiffness has completely gone. Obviously I have been more conscious about my shoulders and I have tried to adopt a better position at my computer but I am sure that this has had a significant impact on my improvement. (Posted on 6 May 2015)
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Product Questions

Hi have you a product like the Em 20 neck and shoulder massager but has got pads built into the product meaning that the pads dont have to be replaced ?
Can you buy replacement pads or do you have to replace the whole thing when they no longer stick?
how do you switch on the em.20

if it constantly beeps what is it doing.

can you email instructions please
Where is this shop