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Beurer BM70 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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  1. WHO classified medical device to help you monitor your blood pressure easily at home
  2. Fully automatic upper arm measurement for accurate readings always
  3. Works with Beurer's FREE HealthManager software on smartphone, PC and tablet
  4. Patented resting indicator for accurate readings, 2 x 60 memory spaces
  5. Automatic switch off when reading has been taken, battery level indicator.

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Measure your blood pressure with the BM70 from Beurer

The Beurer BM70 takes your blood pressure automatically, and is classified by the World Health Organisation as a medical device, so no more worrying about if your results are accurate!

You can connect your BM70 to the Beurer HealthManager software via USB, to easily track your readings.

Should you and your loved ones monitor your blood pressure at home?

Yes! If you want to take a proactive approach in your healthcare it is recommended!

High blood pressure , also known as HBP or hypertension is running at record levels, and many sufferers are keen to take a proactive approach to managing their high blood pressure rather than taking statins or other prescribed medications. Your Doctor may recommend that you keep an eye your blood pressure at home for the following reasons:

  • If you have been diagnosed with pre-hypertension (systolic with a top number between 120 and 139 mm Hg OR diastolic the bottom number between 80 and 89 mm Hg)
  • If you have been diagnosed with hypertension
  • If you have any of the following high risk factors of high blood pressure such as a genetic predisposition to high blood pressure, lack of physical activity, poor diet with too much salt consumption, overweight, obesity, too much alcohol, stress, smoking, sleep apnea, gender related (more men after 45 suffer than women).
  • Patients starting HBP treatment or medication to determine its effectiveness
  • Patients requiring closer monitoring especially those with coronary heart disease, diabetes and/or kidney disease
  • Pregnant women because pre-eclampsia or pregnancy-induced hypertension can develop rapidly
  • People who have some high blood pressure readings at the doctor's office, to confirm true HBP
  • Elderly patients, because the 'white-coat effect' increases with age
  • People suspected of having masked hypertension

By monitoring your blood pressure at home you can help your healthcare provider determine if your treatments are working (if you have been prescribed medication), or if you are 'going it alone' and trying to improve your lifestyle it is a great way to help you to get fit and monitor your progress and help to keep you focussed on achieving your goals.

* Beurer HealthManager Software can be downloaded here: *

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SKU / Product Code 10450

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