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Beurer BG64 Mid-Level Diagnostic Scale


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  1. Beurer diagnostic scale measures and monitors body weight, fat, water and muscle ratio
  2. Beurer BG64 USB Diagnostic Scale are ideal for long term fitness monitoring and shows you your ideal weight
  3. Body fat scales are compatible with Beurer HealthManager and Beurer Connect with USB cable
  4. Removable large double spaced LCD display
  5. 10 user memories for you and your family

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SKU: 10388


It’s not just about your body weight; measure and monitor all your body’s vital readings with the Beurer BG64 Diagnostic Scale

We all know that muscle weighs more than fat; so sometimes it can be a little disheartening if you are watching what you eat and exercising every day that you haven’t shifted a pound or two. When stepping on regular scales the only reading you will get is your overall body weight so how do you know if you have lost any body fat? With the Beurer BG64 Diagnostic Scale, you can measure your weight, body fat, body water and muscle ratio along with your ideal weight. Breaking down your weight this way can give you a precise overview of what you weigh and which area you need to pay close attention too.

Using the Beurer diagnostic scale, you no longer have to beat yourself up for not losing them pounds ; you may have converted what was your body fat into muscle or even just drank more water than usual! With the Beurer BG64 you will get to know your body from the inside, out.

Did you know the two leading countries for obesity are the UK and USA? Nearly half of our population are overweight and obese! What’s even more shocking is that 1 in 3 children are overweight and obese in the UK! Let’s band together to change these statistics, with the Beurer BG64 you can reach your ideal weight and monitor your health and your family’s.

These body fat scales are an ideal gadget for monitoring fitness and health goals for the whole family; with 10 user memories the Beurer BG64 can store everyone’s information (age, height, etc) so when you step foot on the scales it is ready for you to use. The Beurer diagnostic scale is also compatible with Beurer Connect and Beurer HealthManager so you can get a clear overview on how you are progressing.

Every home needs one of these intelligent body fat scales; unlike ordinary “classic” diagnostic scales, the Beurer BG64 can switch to KG, lbs and stone. The incredibly stylish, contemporary stainless steel scale can hold up to a maximum of 150kg and has a large double spaced LCD display that can be removed off the scales if you’re eyes aren’t quite as good as they should be! A bathroom essential every family needs in their home!

The Beurer HealthManager is the guardian angel of health and fitness!

The Beurer HealthManager is an app/software that you can access through PC, smartphone or iPad/tablet and is completely free of charge; this fantastic piece of software is brilliant in helping you kick start your fitness regime and more importantly it helps you keep motivated.

The HealthManager is exactly what it says on the tin; the app manages your health by displaying a breakdown of your progress with information in graphs and charts; this data helps you to keep motivated by showing you how you are improving and what you need to focus on; it’s like you’re very own personal trainer in the palm of your hand!

You can access yours and your family’s data whenever you want, wherever you are; these helpful tables, charts and graphs can be your fun and interactive way of getting you and your family fitter!

What have you got to lose? Manage yours and your family’s weight with the Beurer BG64 Mid-Level Diagnostic Scale and the HealthManager.

* Beurer HealthManager Software can be downloaded here: *

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SKU / Product Code 10388
Brand Beurer

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Very Good Review by Nick
Product Rating
The main reason for purchasing this scale was that it has a separate display that can be placed at eye level. The weight, body fat, muscle mass, etc is good to keep an eye on more than just weight, which as most of us know is vitally important (rather than weight alone - muscle weighs more than fat!!)
Don't use the PC facility so unable to comment on that. (Posted on 16 February 2015)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Very good Review by Rhodes Royce
Product Rating
We always wanted to see our weight on a table or graph, and with this scale it is possible and easy. It can record and save the weight of several people (up to 10) and compared to other body scales the weight values seem ​​fairly accurate. I can not judge whether the body fat or muscle % measurements are correct, but certainly it has given us good pointers on areas we want to work on rather than just weight alone.
We are very happy with this purchase, good customer service too! (Posted on 30 January 2015)
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Is this scale safe for pregnant women and children?
Do these scales weigh in stones and pounds or in stones and decimal pounds. ie 12 stone 7 pounds or 12.5 stones?