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Beurer BF700 Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale

  1. Beurer BF700 displays body weight, body fat, muscle ratio, bone mass, and BMI
  2. Diagnostic scales connect to phone, PC, tablet with Bluetooth technology
  3. Bluetooth scales have memory storage for 8 different users
  4. Stylish black diagnostic scales with white LCD illuminated digits
  5. Switch between kg/lbs/st

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Beurer BF700 Diagnostic Scales make it easy to monitor your health and fitness

Are you trying to lose weight or shape up? Sometimes stepping foot on those dreaded scales can leave you feeling confused and wondering how or why you haven’t lost any weight, or yet why you have put on weight? Using ordinary scales that just display what you weigh can often trick you to believe that your goals are far out of reach. The Beurer BF700 body composition scales can help you stay on track by displaying your body weight, fat, muscle, water, bone mass, basal metabolic rate (BMR), active metabolic rate (AMR) and BMI. This breakdown of your weight can give you an accurate overview of what you weigh and the areas you need to focus on.

Beurer BF700 Close Up

These diagnostic scales have the option of displaying readings in kg, lb or st and the Beurer BF700 can store up to 8 users that when you step foot onto the body fat scales, it automatically identifies the user by displaying their initials. This is a great and fun way to get yourself and your family into the notion of changing your health and wellbeing.

Beurer have designed the BF700 with Bluetooth technology that aid in keeping track of your measurements and body data at home and on the move; this is done by transferring the data that is collected to your Beurer HealthManager software or app, so the data can be accessed in the palm of your hands.

It’s scary to know that the UK and USA are the two famous countries in having nearly half of their citizens overweight and obese. So, let’s unite and change that - with the Beurer BF700 you can achieve optimal weight control by monitoring your health with the help of Beurer HealthManager.

The Beurer HealthManager has been created by Beurer so you can see for yourself your progress and how you are improving. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start but the HealthManager is there to keep you motivated so you can continue to work hard and reach your goal. It can often leave you feeling blue when you’ve worked hard and there are no “obvious” improvements – with the Beurer HealthManager you will see your results before your eyes and you will be surprised at what is improving!

The HealthManager is compatible with your smart phone, tablet or PC; and you can access yours and your family’s data with a touch of a button; the graphs and tables constructed by Beurer HealthManager make a clear overview for you and your family – it’s more fun and interactive!

Weigh, monitor and keep on going with your Beurer BF700 body scales and Beurer HealthManager.

How working with the Beurer HealthManager can help you reach your goal

You know when you have worked incredibly hard on getting back into shape, but the results haven’t shown on the outside? It can leave you a disheartened and think “is it all worth it?” – At that moment is where the Beurer HealthManager comes to the rescue.

Beurer Health Manager

It is a downloadable software or app that is completely free; with any device that is compatible with the Beurer HealthManager comes with the option of downloading the software to your smart phone, PC or tablet. The Beurer HealthManager provides you with a clear overview of your progress from each device – heart rate, blood pressure and activity monitors all go hand in hand, or separately to help you reach your optimal health and wellbeing.

Most importantly the HealthManager is there to keep you motivated when you need it most; proving to you before your very eyes that the hard work that you thought was worthless, has actually paid off. You may have beaten your running record that the activity monitor has tracked. Losing a couple of lbs that has lowered your blood pressure. Each of these devices can help you to reach your goal.

So what are you waiting for? Move more, monitor and have all of your data in the palm of your hand thanks to the help of the HealthManager.

* Beurer HealthManager Software can be downloaded here: *

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SKU / Product Code 10389
Brand Beurer

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Yes I would recommend! Review by Juan
Product Rating
Stylish looking
Syncs easily with my iPhone 5S
Good display that is clear to see (eyesight failing)
Good graphs to help monitor weight and BF composition etc

Yes I would recommend! (Posted on 29 December 2015)
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(2 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Doesn't work with a Mac - BOO HISS! Review by Nate
Product Rating
Had high hopes for this but the much touted Health Manager software doesn't sync with a Mac computer so I felt the extra money I spent on this wanting the software and app facility made it not worth keeping the machine.
Returned for a refund.
Shame. (Posted on 22 January 2015)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(1 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Also where's the bone mass? Review by M1dzz
Product Rating
I haven't seen any info of bone mass? And just to be this scale only for people under 100kgs?? My nephew who doesn't eat very well also jumped on the scales, he's mostly skinny, and his health level is pretty low although he is young (20) this scales is saying his bmi is great, his body fat is 11% his waters are great and his muscle is high? Yet you don't see his muscle? He's mainly thin? And it's not defined like my husbands either.... He's 5'11 same as my husband, and 72kgs.... Doesn't have the muscle build like hubby (32yrs) does, but hubby is considered obese? When hubby is full of muscle...from gym training...can you explain this? I don't want to have wasted money on scales that is not accurate?

Dear M1dzz
Yes this machine does measure bone mass and you'll find more information in the IFUs
The bone mass measurement is 100 g for body weight and bone mass, so it is as a percentage. There is no limit.
If you are measuring BMI it doesn't always reveal anything about the make-up of your body, such as how much muscle vs. fat you have. That's why these body scales use a variety of measurements to get a more accurate picture. As you have found comparing your husband to your son, conclusions based only on this number can be misleading,
Using these body scales will really help you all get an accurate picture of health using all these indices - body weight, body fat, body water, muscle ratio, bone mass, AMR/BMR and BMI.
Here to help
Customer Care Team (Posted on 14 October 2016)
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Product Questions

I also cant add any additional users. Instructions very unclear
I don't seem to be able to add another person's details. I have followed the instructions but no luck. Also the app doesn't show bone mass and it doesn't show stones and pounds weight.

Kind regards
Hi. Can you please tell me how to add three more users to the bf 700 scale? I have been able to see my details on the app but when my husband steps on, it asks me if I want to add the new measurements to my details. No way I can see to add new users. Thanks
I'm intending to buy this scale but regarding the reviews hereunder I have two questions :
Is this scale compatible with iphone 6s ?
Does anyone found a way to add more users clearly ?

Nate's review is correct, our software is not compatible with MAC. However, the app also has a web based version (compatible with MAC) which will sync when data is uploaded to the HealthManager cloud via smartphones and tablets.

I hope this helps.