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Beurer BF 800 Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale


In Stock - Despatched From The United Kingdom

  1. Beurer diagnostic scales monitor weight, fat, water, muscle ratio, bone mass & metabolic rate
  2. Body fat scales connect to your smartphone, tablet or PC with Bluetooth technology
  3. Diagnostic scales are compatible with the free Beurer HealthManager software/app
  4. Storage for 8 different users (perfect for family use!)
  5. Elegant, stylish and modern design

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Monitor with body fat scales and keep your weight at an optimal level with the Beurer BF800 and track your progress with the Beurer HealthManager

Do you want to shape up and shed a couple of lbs? Using ordinary scales can often leave you feeling blue and confused as to why you haven’t lost any weight – you’ve been to the gym every day this week?! Ensuring you have the right equipment will be beneficial for helping you to reach your goals, and what's more important - to keep you motivated too! The Beurer BF800 diagnostic scales breakdown what you weigh by displaying your body weight as a whole then, body fat, body water, muscle ratio, bone mass and basic and active metabolic rate. By doing this you have a clear overview on what you actually weigh – remember muscle weighs more than fat – so don’t be disheartened if you haven’t shifted any weight, it may be water or muscle!

These fantastic diagnostic scales can alter its weighing setting to your choice; kg/lb/st. It also has 8 user spaces so you and your family can begin to track and monitor your weight together, the Beurer BF800 automatically identifies the user stepping on the scales by displaying the user’s initials – monitoring your fitness doesn’t have to be so dreary; you and the family can get into the sentiment of getting fit and healthy together!

It's like having your own 'guardian angel' helping you maintain a healthy weight

Beurer BF800 White Close Up

Unlike your ordinary floor scales, Beurer’s BF800 have built in Bluetooth technology – why would anyone need Bluetooth diagnostic scales? Well, with the Beurer BF800 comes with the Beurer HealthManager software or app for you to download for free on your PC, tablet and smart phone. The BF800 and HealthManager work side by side in managing your health, transmitting your weight from the diagnostic scales to the software on your phone. Here, you can access a clear overview of your progress whether you’re at home or on the move.

The UK and USA are leading countries with nearly half of the population suffering with obesity; with the Beurer BF800 and the FREE HealthManager PC software and/or app, you are able to reach your optimal weight by monitoring your development, and of course you can monitor your family as well for a real 'team' effort!

The Beurer HealthManager has been created so you can see your progress before your eyes; we all know that we don’t see results straight away on the outside, but having an overview of your improvement can really be beneficial for you if you are losing motivation. So when you’re having a bad week trying to shift a couple of lbs, have a look at your data; you’ll be surprised at your results.

Get back into the swing of controlling yours and your family’s health with the BF800 and Beurer HealthManager.

Working with the Beurer HealthManager

Beurer Health Manager

The Beurer HealthManager is a software that you can download onto your smartphone, pc or tablet completely free; its job is exactly what it says – it helps to manage your health. It monitors and collects data from your Beurer BF800 to construct tables and charts that will then display a clear record of your improvement, aiding you to be confident in your lifestyle and most importantly to keep you motivated.

The HealthManager doesn’t just keep track of your weight; Beurer have created a variety of products that are compatible with the Beurer HealthManager so you can regulate yours and your family’s overall health and wellbeing. Along with the Beurer BF800, you can also purchase heart, blood pressure and activity monitors, that all work hand in hand – or separately – so you can take a holistic view to your lifestyle changes.

Shaping up to improve your health and taking more personal responsibility of your health (both for you and your family) is now more important than ever. It is an exciting lifestyle change that you and your family should enjoy and even more so, with the Beurer HealthManager.

* Beurer HealthManager Software can be downloaded here: *

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SKU / Product Code 10390
Brand Beurer
Can be used with Beurer HealthManager App
Included Contents BF800 Diagnostic Scale, Quick Install Guide, 3 x 1.5 V AAA Batteries, 4 x Additional Feet For Carpet, Instruction Manual
Power 3 x 1.5 V AAA Batteries (Included)
Guarantee 5 Year Guarantee
User Manual View and/or Download the Beurer BF 800 User Manual
CE Approved Yes
Colour Black or White
Function Switch-On Technology: Quick-Start | User Memory Spaces: 8 | Calories: AMR/BMR | Graduation: 100g | Load-Bearing Capacity: 180kg | Transfer Using: Bluetooth® Smart technology
Size 32.4cm x 32.4cm x 2.5cm (12.96 Inches x 12.96 Inches x 1 Inch)
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Good and bad! Review by Sal
Product Rating
Setting this up was more complex than I expected. If you follow the instructions for pairing, you activate the Bluetooth on the smartphone (in my case iPhone 5) pressed against the bottom of the scale (the "pairing " button) and wait until the connection to the app is made. This step took 6 times through, because the devices always connected the app did not want to go to the next stage. After entering my data (size, age, activity level etc) the pairing and scale worked properly.
+ Cheap alternative, identical to and almost twice as expensive the "Runtastic Libra" scale.
+ Easy to read display
+ Easy to Clean
+ Calorie requirement display
+ Automatic user recognition
- As described I found the pairing annoying to say the last
- No buttons on the device itself
- If other people want to use the scale, you have to create an account on the app and go through pairing again.
- Only the weight is displayed - even though all other body values are measured

Tips for Pairing:

1. Activate app open and Bluetooth
2. Press the pairing button on the bottom of the scale
3. Put the scale on the floor immediately
4. Select the device in the app
5. Wait until the display goes out
6. Turn on scales (best barefoot with moistened soles) (Posted on 6 February 2015)
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thoroughly sound product. Review by Peter F
Product Rating
The diagnostic scale has a great modern design and reflects quality commensurate with its price.

You have to step on it to activate it - this could have been better thought out. but it has a pleasant large, backlit LCD display, which has a two-line display. It is easy to read even in rather poor light conditions (sunny day). The weighing platform is larger than most and batteries. Weighing is accurate enough.
Apart from the inconvenience of activation this is a thoroughly sound product. (Posted on 5 March 2015)
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