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Beurer Aromaoil Water Soluble Essential Oil


In Stock - Despatched From The United Kingdom

  1. Water soluble essential oils to be used with a Beurer or other makes of Aroma diffusers
  2. Natural aromatherapy oils help determine the ambience you desire
  3. Choose from either Vitality, Relax or Harmony
  4. Choose individual fragrances for each room in your home depending on your needs
  5. 100% pure natural organic oils with no artificial additives

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Whether you need to feel fresh, relaxed or be in touch with your body’s harmony; Beurer’s Aromatherapy Oils are exactly what you need.

Beurer Aromaoil Lifestyle

It can be difficult to wind down and relax after a stressful day at work; especially if you come home to the children causing havoc! Once you finally get to put your feet up, you’re mind hasn’t caught up with your body and you still feel like you should be rushed off your feet! Aromatherapy can help you achieve the tranquillity and calmness you need; just a few drops of your favourite aromatherapy essential oils into your diffuser and you can transform what was once a hectic, non-stop, chaotic atmosphere to a soothing, calm and collected environment.

Beurer have crafted three specific aromas; perfect if you want to have a distinct ambience in each room of the home:

  • Vitality – for those who believe that waking up feeling refreshed and raring to go is simply a myth. Place a few drops of the Vitality essential oil into your diffuser at night and wake up feeling rejuvenated, strong, active and ready for the day! If you have a diffuser at work; place a few drops of Vitality to give you and your colleagues that spring in  your step. The Vitality is blended with refreshing bergamot, orange and grapefruit, a zesty breakfast to help you feel vivacious!
  • Harmony – feeling a little unbalanced? Maybe you’ve been unwell and you’re just starting to feel slightly together but not quite. The Harmony essential oil is perfect for you; with zesty fragrances of grapefruit and orange to help you feel rejuvenated, the soothing vanilla can be used as an antioxidant to help neutralise the free radicals and protect the body from wears and tears by stimulating repair. The powerful aroma will aid in balancing your mind, body and soul so you can get back in touch with your own tune.
  • Relax – it says it in the name. This aromatherapy essential oil is for those who are stressed, run down and need a little “me-time”. We have all been there. Whether it’s trouble at work, family or relationships getting on top of you; sometimes sitting back with your feet up and your eyes closed, taking in deep breaths is what you need. The blend of orange, vanilla, ylang-ylang and benzoe can help you count to ten so you feel calm. Ylang-ylang is renowned for its euphoric and sedative effect; the essential oil can help relieve anxiety, tension, shock, fear and panic – see? Your troubles aren’t so big now!

What’s more is that each of these essential oils is completely 100% natural and have no additives in them what-so-ever. Another worry vanished!

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Beurer’s Aromaoils today!

AromaOils - Not just for Beurer Aromatherapy Diffusers

We wondered why beurer produced a 'water soluble aromatherpy oil' when they launched their Aromatherapy diffuser uniits - becasue these 'oils' are not readily available. The answer is that the German makers Beurer belive that the machine will last longer and give a better diffusion of aroma with it being water-based, as opposed to it being just an 'essential oil'.

Trust the Germans to think of everything! So with this in mind, if you'd like to enjoy 'vitality', 'harmony' and 'relax' oil blends in your diffuser you are welcome to and these oils fit in well with our range of Aromatherapy diffusers

So, we'd ike to point out that these lovely oils can also be used with other Aroma diffusers!

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SKU / Product Code 10663
Brand Beurer
Recommended For Water-based essential oil to use with aromatherpy aroma diffusers of all makes.
Included Contents 1 x 10ml Glass Bottle of Beurer Aromaoil in Relax, Harmony or Vitality Fragrance - Please Select
Size 10ml
Product Rating
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Total : 3 Reviews
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Citrusy. Review by Val88
Product Rating
I bought this fragrance oil for my Beurer Aroma Diffuser Lamp because it states you can only use a water-based oil .The Beurer Aroma Oil (Harmony was the one I bought) is very citrus based - zesty grapefruit and oranges. It's a very fresh fragrance not flowery or vanillish which I detest. .
With the amount I have found I had to experiment a little, but the fragrance being water-borne does not seem to be as intense as conventional essential oils to me.

Conclusion -
A light , summery fragrance oil . It does not smell strong and is not overpowering and flowery causing me headaches. I would not necessarily describe it as "Harmony " (relaxing??) it felt more invigorating to me. (Posted on 8 May 2015)
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(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)
This oil blend is outstanding, exceptional quality. Review by Tia
Product Rating
I needed a quality `water soluble oil` for my nightime humidifier, one that would help towards a good nights sleep. I`v eonly ever used lavender oil for the relaxing benefits before but this oil is perfect, it smells divine and diffuses instantly and perfectly, very impressed, I will be using this forever! (Posted on 18 September 2017)
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(1 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Thinner oil, less glaggy resigue. Review by HaraScarletto
Product Rating
Great use these with my LA30 Aroma Diffuser, I didn't previously and the oil clogged up the unit, so I started again and this water soluble oil is lighter and not as claggy. Hopefully it will mean my diffuser will last longer. (Posted on 11 August 2017)
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