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Beper Cenerentolo Ash Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Ash vacuum for cleaning fireplaces, chimneys, BBQs, coal fires, log fires and log burners
  2. This specialised ash hoover is heat resistant so you can safely clean hot ashes!
  3. With a washable HEPA filter for unparalleled protection against harmful ash particles
  4. Clean up ash and debris safely in seconds - powerful 1000W, 15 KPA of pressure
  5. Washable HEPA filter for easy maintenance; for SAFE stress-free fires you can enjoy!

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Barbeque, fireplace, log burner and chimney cleaning is simple, safe and mess-free with this HEPA filtered ash vacuum!

A traditional fireplace is a wonderful thing to have in your home, creating a cosy atmosphere that’s impossible to beat. But what about when the fire’s gone out and you need to clean it up? To make sure that your fireplace keeps working smoothly it’s important to keep removing leftover ash. This can be easier said than done! A dustpan and brush will just make even more mess, working the ash up into the air, your carpets and your lungs. Standard vacuum cleaners are not equipped to handle ash and will soon clog and break if you try to use them on it.

So what can you do to keep your beautiful fireplace in tip top condition without any mess or fuss? A specialised ash vacuum cleaner is the answer! This unique vacuum is designed specifically for cleaning up ash. Its long, flexible metal hose is ultra-durable and makes it easy to reach into any chimney. The 1000w motor is powerful enough to suck up any and all debris in seconds. It contains a HEPA filter – the world standard for air filtration, to keep you and your family safe from the toxic effect ash has on your lungs. The vacuum is also heat resistant meaning you can clean up hot ashes straight away without the danger of burning yourself

Sturdy metal casing makes sure the ash stays put inside the vacuum until its ready to be emptied. This is a simple process, and the washable filter means you don’t need to worry about buying replacements. This versatile vacuum is also suitable as a barbeque cleaner, or for other heavy duty cleaning that your normal vacuum can’t handle. Enjoy stress-free fires and barbeques; now you can relax and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere these add to your home without worrying about cleaning up afterwards!

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SKU / Product Code 11914
Brand Beper
Recommended For Cleaning ash from fire places
Included Contents Ash Vacuum Cleaner, Filter
Material Steel frame
Length 110cm (43") Flexible hose, 20cm (8") aluminium tube
Power 1000W, 15 KPA of Pressure
CE Approved Yes
Colour Black
Size 16L Capacity

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Brilliant Review by Older Wiser
Product Rating
Good for my log burning stove, managed to set my dyson on fire so would always recommend those with a real fire to get a special ash vacuum cleaner. I rinse the hepa filter out weekly and it does the job perfectly.
Would recommend (Posted on 7 December 2016)
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(8 of 8 people found this review helpful)

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Product Questions

Hi there.

Many of your competitors state that they have a hot ash vac but limit the ash temp to 50 or 60 deg c. Does your vacuum have the same limit or is it OK to use on glowing coals?

Regarding the Beper mangiacenere ash vacuum, what power is the motor and does it have the HEPA filter system.
Thank you.
Can this item be used in a log burning stove?
Does this item have bags or does the ash just go into the cylinder?