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Balance Activ BV Vaginal Pessaries

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  1. Balance Activ Vaginal Pessaries
  2. Treats and prevents Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and Gardnerella Vaginalis
  3. Restores natural pH levels and balance of healthy bacteria
  4. Convenient, mess-free treatment
  5. Contains complete 7-day treatment

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If you’ve noticed some changes down there that make you feel uncomfortable you could be suffering from Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and Gardnerella Vaginalis

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and Gardnerella Vaginalis is a really common condition where the vagina’s natural pH levels are unbalanced and cause discomfort, odour, discharge and dryness. The vagina is normally quite acidic to protect it from infection but sometimes, as a result of hormone changes or even things like shower gels and lubricants, the pH levels rise and cause BV.

Balance Activ Vaginal Pessaries contain lactic acid to increase the acidity and restore natural pH levels. These small, bullet-shaped tablets are inserted into the vagina just like tampons, and gently melt with your body heat. You should use one daily for a week to relieve your BV, but if you’re prone to the condition you can use Balance Activ regularly to maintain the perfect balance.

You can find out more about BV, its long-term effects, what causes it and how to avoid it by reading our blog.

 Balance Activ was featured in Woman & Home magazine in April 2013

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SKU / Product Code 92322
Ingredients Lactic Acid, Glycogen, Polyethylene Glycol, Sodium Hydroxide, pH3.8
Brand Balance Activ
Recommended For For Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and Gardnerella Vaginalis Treatment
Included Contents 7 x Balance Activ Pessaries
Product Weight 0.026 kg
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What Review by Lil
Product Rating
Dont not insert this. You might aswell put a wasps nests up your vagina it stings so bad. (Posted on 14 June 2016)
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(24 of 29 people found this review helpful)
Literally makes so happy! Review by Happy
Product Rating
I personally haven't had any sort of stinging sensation at all??
I've suffered with BV for years but been too embarrassed to go to the doctors. Having intercourse has always been a huge dread for me as I always worry what my partner would think of me. However after day one I literally couldn't believe that the embarrassing odour had gone. I mean I genuinely don't believe it. I will continue to use them as instructed and should anything change I will write an updated review but for me these little things have given me all my confidence back that I've lost over the years. (Posted on 8 October 2016)
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(14 of 15 people found this review helpful)
never to be used again pessaries Review by the bee
Product Rating
I had used balance active gel and that was wonderful, easy to use and effective. I have tried the pessaries, and found them a nightmare. it was difficult enough to get them out of the silver paper, and then when inserted, they just made me sting. In fact I was uncomfortable for a few hours after. Would not use them again!!

StressNoMore Reply: Hello, I'm very sorry to hear that you have not got on with Balance Activ Pessaries - it is the same product as is in the gel. If you would like to get in touch with our Customer Services about this, then we will be happy to rectify this issue for you. [email protected] (Posted on 10 November 2013)
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(9 of 9 people found this review helpful)
Awful Review by Mazzy
Product Rating
I have been suffering for years with BV. Thought I'd try the pessaries this time instead of the gel. Have persevered for 5 nights, but given up - the pain within seconds of inserting is quite unbearable and the stinging keeps me awake.

Won't be using again. (Posted on 11 May 2016)
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(9 of 11 people found this review helpful)
Causing Blistering! Review by Blistering B
Product Rating
Wrapper & insertion okay - but after 3 days use found blistering on labia and surrounding area caused quite a bit of pain - first time I've used them not sure if I can continue for the full 7 days! Used pads with them not sure if this was the cause of the blistering as the contact with pad & labia perhaps this was too close but you really couldn't do without a pad! (Posted on 26 January 2015)
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(8 of 9 people found this review helpful)
Hurts Review by Mara
Product Rating
It stings so bad. No idea how people can use this (Posted on 2 August 2016)
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(8 of 9 people found this review helpful)
Works for me ... Review by Pippi
Product Rating
I tried the gel formula and found it didn't work for me. I decided to try these, and although they *are* a little fiddly to remove from the silver packaging, that is a minor detail.
Although as you say, the formula is the same as the gel, I found them to work far more effectively AND speedily.
There IS a bit on the accompanying leaflet which says they may sting slightly (and to be fair, I find they do a little), but says that this is normal. It's certainly not uncomfortable enough to stop me from using them, compared to the benefits they provide, and the personal confidence.
I suppose it's a case of "horses for courses", but I would recommend them. Thanks :-) (Posted on 5 March 2014)
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(5 of 6 people found this review helpful)
terrible Review by trish
Product Rating
Unbearable stinging pain.used 2 but couldn't take the pain anymore.Will not use again (Posted on 29 July 2016)
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(5 of 6 people found this review helpful)
I wish i had known about them sooner. Review by Honey
Product Rating
I have suffered since my full hysterectomy and have had Antibiotics on several occasions but symptoms always returned. i happened to find the treatment in a local store and can honestly say i haven't looked back since. Highly recommend. (Posted on 15 May 2014)
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Stingy but works Review by Dani
Product Rating
Stings so bad, honestly it got almost unbearable however it does work. So stinging for an hour is possibly worth it.
The leakage is a little uncomfortable too but not a bad product. Does the job! (Posted on 30 March 2016)
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)

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Product Questions

I used balance activ for the first time and it really stings why is this
I've used pessaries for 2 nights but find they cause period like pains which are keeping me awake. I've not had a period since 2009 so this is an unusual pain for me. i also feel very bloated. I don't recall this issue with the gel. Should I stop using the pessaries? Thanks.
Do u do them in tablet form if so can l bye some
Do u do tablet form
I experienced a lot of pain and stinging is this normal?
A applicator for the price would be great,as provided for thrush pessaries.A must
I've been using the pessarys for 5 days. My symptoms have gone so I'm feeling hopeful for day 7. No stinging. But woke up this morning to slight bleeding (not period) is this normal?