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Alva High Performance Pelvic Floor Trainer


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  1. Uses vibrations to tone & strengthen
  2. Combats weak pelvic floor in just 5 minutes per day
  3. Ideal for Stress Incontinence
  4. Better results than resistance training

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New and innovative, the only pelvic exerciser we offer that combines the power of vibrations with traditional pelvic toning contractions!

The amazing ALVA High Performance Pelvic Floor Trainer features a stylish, modern design and features a number of programmes to offer faster progression in muscle strength, increase vaginal tone, reduce urge and stress incontinence and heighten sexual response. ALVA creator, Dr. Med Gunnar Leivseth believes that using vibrations when pelvic exercising creates faster and better results, as the vibrations stimulate the neuromuscular system to recruit muscle fibres.

The ALVA is developed in close cooperation with medical and technical expertise, resulting in a highly effective and easy to use pelvic exercise device. It combines traditional strength training with vibration, thereby increasing the activity in the neuromuscular system of your pelvic floor. Dr. Leivseth's study shows that when using a vibrating toner like ALVA, 95-100% of muscle fibres are being recruited compared to 40-80% in traditional strength training. Impressive eh!! Be part of the revolution, with the ALVA High Performance Pelvic Floor Trainer.

FAQ's about the ALVA

Q. Is it safe to use ALVA pelvic exercise machine?

A. Yes, it is completely safe. The vaginal probe applies mechanical forces at low frequencies and will not harm your body in any way. However you should not use your ALVA 

During the menstrual period
If you suffer from any urinary or vaginal infection
If pregnant
If using a pacemaker
If you suffer from any heart disease, contact your medical adviser before use.

Q. What conditions can ALVA pelvic exercise machine be used to treat?

 A. The ALVA should primarily be used to treat a weak pelvic floor and stress incontinence. Other conditions of urinary incontinence can also be treated.

Q.I’ve been training for several weeks. How should my progress be?
The development of pelvic floor muscle strength varies from individual to individual, so there would be no “normal” progress. Follow our recommendations and be patient. If you still feel that you lack progress, contact your medical adviser.

Q.I’m feeling fully trained, what do I do now?
That’s great! Maintain your strength by training once a day, 2-3 days a week.

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SKU / Product Code 81019
Brand Alva

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Big probe, vibrates - not for me! Review by Amanda Fields
Product Rating
I bought this to help with stress incontinence. It has a touch screen and whilst I;'m not very technically minded I thought that I would be able to follow it ok. however the 'touch' screen is not as sensitive as my iPhone - you actually have to press the screen down which feels rather old-fashioned. It vibrates, rather than making my pelvic floor muscle contract, and I misunderstood that when I initially made the purchase, I felt that when I used it it promoted an outbreak of interstitial cystitis. I have suffered for a number of years and the vibration against my bladder was more of an irritant than anything. The screen looks cheap and the probe is far too chunky to say the least. I asked my Physio about the benefits of this type of exercise and she was sceptical she said she prefers to use biofeedback and electronic muscle stimulation and pointed me instead towards a Kegal 8 ultra. I made a mistake with this purchase but I did not buy it from here, I bought it on Amazon and when I complained the supplier gave me a refund minus the cost of a new probe, which meant I could come here and buy the unit I should have got in the first place. I also saved the vat by purchasing here which I didn't do when I purchased from Amazon.
No, I would not recommend this product at all and would give it 0 but have to give it 1 star to register a review. (Posted on 21 May 2013)
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