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Airfree P150 Air Purifier

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  1. Sleek black home air purifier that removes 98% of mould, bacteria and fungus from the air
  2. Air cleaner with unique Thermodynamic Sterilising System technology that uses no fans, filters or ozone!
  3. Completely silent with an optional night light; perfect for bedrooms
  4. Purifies up to 60 square metres of air in record time, filtering thousands of litres an hour!
  5. The AirFree P150 is highly energy efficient, using only 52w; less than a standard light bulb!

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This completely silent air purifier offers and amazing 60 square metres of coverage with no need for noisy fans or filters

airfree p150With the amount of pollution outside these days, you would think that you are safer staying indoors, but this isn’t the case! The Environmental Protection Agency has found that the air indoors can be up to 100x more contaminated than it is outside. This can lead to the development of conditions like asthma, fungal infections, irritated sinuses and headaches, with possible long term damage to your health. Air purifiers prevent this by cleaning the air in your home for you.

Using an air purifier has the following benefits:

  • Destroys mould spores, bacteria and viruses
  • Reduces allergens, easing conditions like asthma, hayfever and pet allergies
  • Reduces dust mites by destroying their food source
  • Stops mould and mildew from forming
  • Reduces odours like tobacco smoke
  • Helps food to stay fresh for longer

The P150 air sanitizer uses patented technology for unparalleled performance

The AirFree P150 cleans and purifies air for distances of up to 60 metres square (196 sq ft) – about the size of a two-bedroom flat. It doesn’t need fans or filters due to AirFree’s patented TSS technology. This stands for Thermodynamic Sterilising System – it works by drawing in contaminated air via convection (heat transfer) to heat air to over 200 degrees centigrade which instantly sterilises it, much like when you boil water. The P150 then cools the purified air off and returns it to the room, filling your home up and creating a fresh, clean environment. It can treat thousands of litres of air an hour!

The super powered P150 measures only 21.5 x 26.5 cm (8.5 x 10.5 inches) and weighs just 1.5 kg (3.3 lb). It will easily fit on shelves, counter tops or tables and can be transported easily for use in any room in the house. Its sleek black design also features a soothing blue night light, perfect for bedrooms.

The INETI laboratory in Portugal have found AirFree to be effective in removing 97% of mould particles and 98% of bacteria, making it one of the most effective purifiers on the market. There are over 20 other studies with similarly dazzling results, proving why AirFree is an excellent choice!

airfree how it works


Why choose an AirFree purifier?

With so many different air purifiers on the market it can be difficult to know which brand to choose. AirFree purifiers are hugely popular around the world for the following reasons:

  • Proven to be highly effective: The effectiveness of Airfree air purifiers at reducing the amount of microorganisms and harmful substances from the air has been proven by several scientific studies. Airfree air purifiers are effective against bacteria, viruses, mildew, mould, dust mite allergens, pet allergens, pollen and tobacco odours.
  • Exclusive patented technology: AirFree purifiers use Thermodynamic Sterilising System technology, patented and sold in over 50 countries worldwide.
  • No maintenance: No need to change filters or moving parts! Unlike most purifiers, AirFree is maintenance-free for your convenience, also making it environmentally friendly.
  • Completely silent: The fantastic TSS technology that powers Airfree air purifiers is completely silent as it uses no fans or turbines.
  • Low energy consumption: The Airfree P150 uses only 52w of energy, less than most light bulbs!
  • Small and portable: Despite its power, the Airfree P150 weighs only 1.5kg (3.3 lb) and is only 26.5 cm (10.5 inches) high, making it really easy to transport and place anywhere.
  • No ozone or ion emissions: Many purifiers rely on ozone, which has been proven to be dangerous for your health. The Airfree air purifier emits no ions and is the only purifier on the market proven to reduce the concentration of harmful ozone in the atmosphere

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SKU / Product Code 10615
Brand AirFree
Recommended For Cleaning and purifying the air by removing mould, bacteria and odours
Power 52w / 220-240v / mains power
User Manual View and/or Download the User Manual
Clinical References View and/or Download a Summary of Scientific Studies on AirFree
Colour Black
Function Range of up to 60 metres square (197 sq ft)
Size 21.5 x 26.5 cm (8.5 x 10.5 inches)

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