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ActiCuf Protective Absorbent Pouch


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  1. ActiCuf male incontinence pouches - 10 per pack
  2. A convenient and safe way to manage male incontinence and urine leaks
  3. Sleek design that is undetectable under clothing
  4. Quick and easy to remove and replace making public urinals a worry of the past
  5. Each pouch holds at least 15ml of fluid

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Manage male urinary incontinence simply and discreetly... you got it here first!

The ActiCuf Compression Pouch is a fantastic incontinence product from the US, now available in the UK thanks to Stress No More. The ActiCuf provides a convenient and secure way to manage male urinary incontinence or urine leakage.

Unlike pads and diapers, ActiCuf features a sleek design that is undetectable under clothing and makes using a public urinal a worry-free experience. Removing and replacing ActiCuf is fast and easy, and the pouch is so small that you can keep an extra in your shirt or coat pocket.

Many men experience loss of bladder control from disease or injury that results in involuntary urine leakage. Men who undergo surgery for prostate disease or prostate cancer or who have an enlarged prostate may experience urinary incontinence as a result of their condition. This development can be very troubling for men who wish to manage male incontinence or urinary leakage without embarrassing diapers or pads. Acticuf is the quick and easy solution to light and medium incontinence.

ActiCuf works in two ways - the soft padded closure gently applies pressure to the urethra to help prevent urinary leakage, and the absorbent pouch catches any leaks and locks them away.

Is ActiCuf suitable for me?

The ActiCuf incontinence bag is a useful aid for men suffering from light to moderate urinary leakage or incontinence and many men have found that it helps them to return to a fuller and more active lifestyle. It holds at least 15ml of fluid. The ActiCuf is also very helpful to men suffering from temporary incontinence, for example following prostate surgery. Many men find that the ActiCuf helps them to deal with this unfortunate side effect.

The ActiCuf's design is slim and discreet and no one except you will know that you are wearing it, because the unique design moulds to your body's natural shape. What's more, it's comfortable to wear too. The precise feeling is different for each man, but many men report that it feels similar to wearing a condom, and that's why many men feel that it's comfortable enough to wear on an every day basis.

How to use the ActiCuf

Hold the ActiCuf Compression Pouch in the horizontal position with your thumb and forefinger.

2 Squeeze the ActiCuf until the end is completely open and "O" in shape. Insert the penis as far as possible into the opening of the pouch. The pouch should be lying in the horizontal position

3  Release pressure so the ActiCuf fits snugly around the penis. Adjust as necessary to achieve the greatest comfort and ultimate protection from leakage. Squeezing and releasing the clamp 2-3 times will reduce tension.

To remove the ActiCuf: Squeeze the shaft of the penis to stop any urinary flow. Remove the ActiCuf to urinate. Replace the ActiCuf by repeating Steps 1-3 above.

The ActiCuf should be repositioned every 3-4 hours (removing the ActiCuf to use the bathroom is considered repositioning). The ActiCuf should not be worn while sleeping.

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SKU / Product Code 82150
Brand ActiCuf
Included Contents 10 ActiCuf Compression Pouches
User Manual View and/or Download the ActiCuf Frequently Asked Questions

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Disposable Yes
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Excellent Purchase Review by CJ
Product Rating
I suffer from Stress Incontinence so lifting a weight, breaking into a run or just coughing can put a strain on my bladder causing leakage, the ActiCuf is a great protection to have.

Its easy to put on and take off, comfortable to wear, and reassuring that any leakage can be trapped in the pouch protecting your embarrassment and your clothes.

it's ease of removal means that using a public toilet is not an issue, and its discreet size means no one knows you are wearing one.

I would have previously worn pads but find them uncomfortable for long periods as in my case they generated a good deal of warmth which was unpleasant, I have no such issues with the ActiCuf, the closure for the most part prevents any leakage into the pouch and once removed using the toilet lets the trapped urine flow freely into the toilet.

The only downside of the ActiCuf is the price which costs £2 each (approximately) compared to a regular pad costing about 36p so if the price was more competitive that would be the icing on the cake, well not suffering Stress Incontinence would really be the best but that's as it is. (Posted on 22 December 2016)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
they work Review by ron
Product Rating
THey work of a sorts but could be less cumbersome. (Posted on 8 July 2013)
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Very good Review by Neville H
Product Rating
Following prostate surgery 6 months ago I find I need this. They were recommended to me by the Nurse. They do keep me dry and there is a valuable sense of confidence with these. I am confident that they are only required for a short time as I have been assured I will regain full control of my bladder with the physiotherapy I am doing, but as a stop gap these are functional and effective. (Posted on 9 July 2013)
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Good Review by Sir Peter
Product Rating
Used these following surgery that left me temporarily incontinent. Good, did the job well and also help with dribbling that seems to have become exacerbated since my surgery. (Posted on 5 February 2015)
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Product Questions

I am using about 3 depend diapers a day for my incontinence following prostatectomy. Can the acticuf be re-used for a second day after taking it off at nighttime?