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At StressNoMore we’re dedicated to discovering natural, original and unique products that really make a difference to your health and happiness and help to take the stress out of daily life.

We offer numerous natural pain-relief therapies and products to alleviate symptoms of long-term illnesses.  We aim to tackle those embarrassing health secrets; conditions people are too scared to talk about such as prostate problems, incontinence, haemorrhoids and impotence, and we’re dedicated to finding truly innovative products to relieve and cure them. We also scour the globe for natural beauty products and for clever gadgets and gizmos that make life a bit easier, make you feel more comfortable in your home and improve your general well-being. And, we can deliver all this to you swiftly, discreetly and with excellent customer service.

It’s important that people have access to honest and accurate information about everything to do with their health. We regularly update our blog with health news and advice that’s relevant to you so that you can understand your body and do everything you can to keep it in perfect condition.

Our reputation is built on providing quality products, tastefully and with ultimate discretion. Our dedicated team pride themselves on providing reliable customer service and, of course, a friendly and welcoming approach - ensuring each and every customer makes purchases that are right for them.

Our customers can buy over the phone, via our brochure and of course, through the power of the World Wide Web.

So go ahead, enjoy!

Stephanie Taylor
Founder and Managing Director of StressNoMore

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We're very passionate about helping our customers. We can help answer questions, place or track orders or simply give you our opinion on any one of our vast and varied library of products.

Based in sunny East Yorkshire, the StressNoMore team are always on hand to help you during office hours, which are 8:00am – 6:00pm GMT, Monday to Friday and 9:00am-5:00pm GMT, Saturday:

You might like to email us: [email protected]

Rather have a chat? Call: +00 44 (0)1482 496932 (Calls charged at normal UK rates)

Maybe you prefer to fax? Fax: +00 44 (0)1482 873570 (Calls charged at normal UK rates)

Our postal address is:

StressNoMore, Savantini House, Foster Street, Stoneferry Road, Hull, HU8 8BT

Website & Technical Problems

If you are experiencing any technical difficulties with the StressNoMore website, please get in touch and we can help take your order or resolve the issues as quickly as possible so you can get back to the fun stuff - shopping at StressNoMore.

Email: [email protected]
Call: +00 44 (0)1482 496932 (Calls charged at normal UK rates)

Complaints process

On what we would like to think is the rare occasion that you may have a complaint about StressNoMore services, get in touch using your preferred choice of contact from our contact details shown above.
We then promise to do all we can to resolve your problems as quickly and efficiently as possible, offering an update or solution within no more than 5 days of receiving your complaint.